Popups make me want to cry

July 24th, 2008 // 45 Comments

We’re very aware of the popup problem and we’re doing our best to figure out where the hell they’re coming from. We’ve got a set of detectives sleuthing around so hopefully we’ll get this figured out soon. Trust us, nobody hates popups more than we do. If we wanted to annoy you guys to death, we would’ve just gone with Plan A: calling you up and telling you we slept with your mom.


  1. linds

    i don’t get any in mozilla :D

  2. Mcfeely Smackup

    popups? people still get those? How about everyone use a web browser that allows you to just turn that shit off. I haven’t seen a popup in years.

  3. the q

    hmm, and I thought pop ups only were from massive amounts of porn. wait a minute, what kind of site are you running here?! must be from all the ‘stars’

  4. Paola

    Yeah I have pop up blocker but that thing kept telling me I had pop ups like 50 times if I would’ve seen those pop ups I would’ve thrown my computer out the window.

  5. Raindrops

    I always use Explorer to go on that website, i never ever got any ONE popup.

  6. SimonJester

    Exactly what I was thinking, Mcfeely Smackup.

  7. The pop up as a result of malicious code embedded in the creative you are running. I emailed the Geekologie about working with our network instead of the gaudy stuff you’re running (on CPC, or probably low CPMs).. you’re a) not gonna make too much b) going to look like crap with zwinky ads and c) get malicious code embebed in the ads by bogus/fake clients.

    Check out our site and call us if you want this stopped asap!

  8. havoc




  9. If they were popups of some naked women I would be ok with it.
    By the way, my mom is available saturday night for the writer of this blog only.

  10. KC

    It’s the loud, autoplay of some lame rap song that kills me.

  11. p0nk

    get rid of the eleventy brazillion ads on this page and problem solved. Did your sleuths not tell you that?

  12. kingofbeer

    Ads look at the Ads!!! Specially the rotational ads. This would explain why it doesn’t happen everytime.

  13. jesse

    Hey, you guys need to do something about the pop-ups.

  14. 2fuf

    try: Firefox + AdBlock plugin = no more ads popus or other crap

  15. Please don’t call my mom.
    It would be the third similar phone call today and i don’t know if i can take anymore.

    BTW: No pop-ups on Firefox. I did, however, popped one looking at “Ms. Nips” Sophie Monk’s recent pics.

  16. lulu

    I haven’t once got a pop-up coming to this site and I probably visit about 3 times a day. But then again, I use Firefox.

  17. lulu

    EXACTLY #14 —that’s what I have and it works amazingly! EVERYBODY GO GET IT…FIREFOX KICKS IE’S ASS ANYWAY

  18. Oh yeah…..

  19. It’s OK. Pop-ups are just ads that come alive, kind of like the wax Amy Winehouse that goes on a nightly hunt for wax crack, which she could find in her wax crack if she just looked down and checked, or Ben Stiller as Larry Daley being chased around by his wacky Jewish nightmares in Night At The Holocaust Museum.

    The New York Times raves, “Ben Stiller makes The Holocaust fun again!”

    Roger Ebert calls Night At The Holocaust Museum, “a rollicking comedy the whole family can enjoy!”

    Get ready for an adventure we must never forget! Night At The Holocaust Museum!

  20. Julian

    no pop-ups with Safari.

    @15. I’m sorry I keep calling about your mom. She was just THAT good.

  21. BigJim

    Pop up are the work of Satan.

    Either that, or they are the work of the BUTTPAD guy.

  22. Deacon Jones

    It’s not the popups, its all the other shit that is loading on the same page. Next time you click on comments look at the bottom left or your screen, there’a million fucking websites addresses flying by and then the whole fucking screen blurs if you try to pane down before they load.

  23. dan

    You where hack!?

  24. britt

    where is that fucking music coming from? i’m at work and my volume was up and that bullshit nearly blew the roof off the place!

  25. noneyobeezwax

    i don’t know, i think you guys are being awfully hard on the pop ups. they’re just doing what pop ups do. can’t we all just get along? have you ever thought of maybe paying the pop ups some attention every once in awhile? who knows, you may discover something special.

  26. No problem in Safari. I think its all the AFRO-engineering in shiternet exploder thats allowing you PC weenies to get them.

  27. @ #26: Hugh, you’re right of course. It’s a TNB World out there.

  28. Rod

    My guess is that #7 is behind it all. What a dick.

  29. Mcfeely Smackup

    HAH!!! I read #11 and was like “WTF is he talking about, what bazillion ads???”.

    Then I realized I’ve been using Adblock so long I don’t even think about it. For grins I shut it off and reloaded….oh man, how do you people even deal with life like this? It took 2 minutes for this page to load, rap music soundtrack, 6 popups, ads everywhere constantly reformatting the page.

    Here’s a lesson for web programmers everywhere. Load up so much shit that people cant stand it, they’ll block everything and you don’t get paid…or they don’t go to your site, and you don’t get paid.

    Either way, adblock is back on now and I’m again blissfully unaware of the web hell you people live in.

  30. krystina

    #7 isn’t totally off base, you might want to consider going with a different network to rep your site. Bashing another company might not be the way I’d do it, but hey. To each their own, I guess.

    He’s from 24/7 Real Media, and they’re pretty good; Gorilla Nation does a great job selling inventory on sites like this one… from an agency standpoint, the reps are awesome there too.

  31. rustingrabbit

    I wanna know where the damn music is coming from…Jesus that is loud…

  32. Joe C

    One more reason to use Firefox with the free NoScript plugin. It will keep any malicious or annoying code from running on your browser.

  33. Joe C

    BTW, #14 is right. AdBlock plus is useful. I use it in addition to NoScript. AdBlock lets me block out some of the fucked up pictures that get posted on this site.

  34. JoeCool




    I just did the work for you… you can thank me by paypal payment of $500.

  35. KELLY


  36. KELLY


  37. PopTart

    I have firefox, adblock , popup blocker, etc. and I still get the pop-ups and crappy rap songs.

  38. madu

    Yeh, im another firefox user, and iv never noticed popups, didnt even know the site had any, lol..

  39. Lester

    I use Firefox + AdBlocker + AVG and I was getting the autoplay rap crap. I have not had the problem this week, though.

  40. that’s what dumbasses get for having a PC instead of a Mac.
    I’m a Mac guy, and I haven’t seen a popup since I fucked my sister (13 years ago)

  41. Steven

    I’ve never had one popup here–I use IE and FF.

  42. kelly

    In addition to a bunch of popups I am also getting this virus which has been caught by my trusty antivirus software. It is called Mal_Hifrm2.


  43. kelly

    In addition to a bunch of popups I am also getting this virus which has been caught by my trusty antivirus software. It is called Mal_Hifrm2.

    Thanks for the virus guys!

  44. Too Soon....?

    Well – I guess we know it was not the spam king.

  45. kimK

    Some kind of pop ups aren’t blocked by pop up blockers, how about the really annoying one on hotmail messenger just run your cursor over it and the damn thing starts. I FUCKN hate those ones!

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