Popups And Such

Has anybody gotten any popups when visiting the site? We’ve gotten a single complaint and want to know if anybody else has been experiencing the same thing. We haven’t approved any such ads and never will, so if you ever see a pop up, please let us know so we can figure out what’s going on and deal with it. Seriously, pop ups make us want to kill things just as much as you.

*UPDATE: The popups appear to be coming from Imageshack, as most people are getting them when they click the pictures. Looks like they finally found a way to make money off of their free service. Anyways, let us know how much the popups bother you. Ideally, we’d love to keep using Imageshack but if the popups are too annoying, then we’ll try to figure something out.

**UPDATE: We highly recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer to help avoid the popups. Netscape and Mozilla Firefox are among some alternatives that bypass the popup scripts.