UPDATE: Heath Ledger’s death might be drug related

January 23rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Police found a rolled up $20 bill with “narcotic residue” on it in the apartment where Heath Ledger was found dead yesterday, according to CBS News:

Sources add they also found several drug packets containing an unknown substance. CBS 2 has learned these items were all listed on the official police report from the scene.
To be clear, it’s still unknown whether these items belonged to Ledger or whether he even actually ingested them.

The drugs could turn out not to be Heath Ledger’s. From what I hear they’re probably his. No one will know for 10 days until a more thorough autopsy is complete. But it gives eerie resonance to Jack Nicholson’s cryptic remark last night of “I warned him.”

UPDATE: The NYPD is saying there was no visible residue on the rolled-up $20 bill, according to the AP.


  1. theShizaan

    like Rick James says: “Cocaine’s a helluva drug!”

    I think some of you haters need to go off and chase a bag of coke with a bottle of Ambien, cause you can never judge a man till you walk in his birkenstocks.

  2. PunkA

    My only complaint is that the drugs took him, and have not been able to snuff out Brit, Lohan, Paris, Kim Kardashian, Tara Reid or Mischa Barton yet.

    Where is the justice in that? Imagine the day of world rejoicing if they all went down at once.

  3. script

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Holy dog shit! Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don’t look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?
    Cowboy: Sir, no sir!
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Are you a peter puffer?
    Cowboy: Sir, no sir!
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: I’ll bet you’re the kinda guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you.

  4. Rita

    You know, I have more to add too.

    1.) I can’t find a reliable source that says he had a bad drug habit. Where are you getting your information? Tabloids? Gossip columns? I’m not saying he didn’t have one, but people seem to be doing a lot of assuming.

    2.) He was not an absentee dad. How would you even know that? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t have any idea. And for your information, he wasn’t. I’m sure when his daughter is of age she would STILL rather have a father than a fortune. Most children would, but, who knows, maybe not? After all, she IS an evil celebrity baby!

    3.) YOU are the ones who pay to see Hollywood movies, who pay to watch television, who read the gossip sites, etc. You make Hollywood rich, and Hollywood gives you exactly what you want. Now you’re blaming famous people for being famous? Um… what? And is it a sin to want to act and be in movies? Last time I checked that was still a legitimate goal to have. I mean, everyone hates the writer’s strike, but when it comes to spewing hatred you act like you want to shut down Hollywood. I’d like to see you live without it, you boring-ass people. Face it: you’ve got nothing better to do.

    4.) You people are stupid-ass homophobes. Welcome to the 21st century. Maybe you’re just bitter because your lot (homo imbecilus) will soon die out. Sorry boutcha, but you won’t be missed.

    5.) You STILL don’t know any more about Heath Ledger than anyone else. I guess you know him waaaay better than the “simpering” crybabies who actually really don’t know anything about him. You’ve got his type pegged: handsome, successful, oh, no wait, I see one a flaw! He’s not human because he’s a celebrity, which means he’s a coked-up douchebag who deserves no respect. Terrible logic, by the way.

    6.) The fact still remains, you all love the gossip and you know you want more. Dish dish. What would your day be like without it? Utterly boring. So don’t even pretend you hate it.

  5. Doomhammer

    Hey 52, I hea ya.

    I mean Stevie Ray Vaghn and Buddy Holly go down and die, and we cant get fucking Jon Bon Jovi on a fucking helicopter. Where is the justice????

    John Leno gets shot 50 fucking times, and Yoko standing next to him doesnt catch ONE SINGLE BULLET? Where is the justice I ask?

  6. me

    54- thank you.

  7. Doomhammer

    Dear #54,

    Lighten up Francis.

  8. My dearest Rita, the ATM specialist

    “The fact still remains, you all love the gossip and you know you want more. Dish dish. What would your day be like without it? Utterly boring. So don’t even pretend you hate it.”

    True. The gossip. We love it.

    You? We hate you. You’re…what was it?…”utterly boring.”

  9. RENEE...

    Fuckin drugs, they are the devil. Here everyones been on death watch for Britney and other obviously screwed up celebs… and instead death comes out of left field & snatches one of the good ones from us! Bastard! Only the good die young?

  10. keller1974

    Well said, Rita (#54), well said.

    I’d also like to know where everyone is getting the info that he had a past drug habit. I wasn’t aware of it, so I’m curious to read if it is really true.

    (#55…..John Leno…..Is that Jay’s brother?!) ha ha

    The point remains that no one really knows why he died. (Accidental OD, narcotics, pre-existing heart condition….etc.) Let’s just wait until the autopsy results in 10 days before casting more stones.

    And for the homophobes – if it really bothers you that much, don’t watch the damn movies! Geesh!

  11. Dr. Phil, spoken while licking Oprah's gorilla butthole


    Wait is this thing on? Ok, so here’s how I know that Oprah and I have accomplished our mission:

    “So shove it, its life we all have issues! We are all human.” (#47)

    Empty psychobabble in lieu of thinking, with a side of teentardation-speak. Just like you ordered.

  12. #13 Yeah, DOUCHE, we have kids dying right here in America as well, why does it always have to be Iraq? Still has nothing to do with Britney Spears, which is what this post is ABOUT, ya idiot!!!

  13. visitor

    You realize you’re all sick, don’t you? This bunch of vultures around a dead body, each one fighting to show whose life is more pathetic by making the most supposedly witty remark. I think I’m going to puke.

    Ah, yes, and get a life (one of your own, if possible)!

  14. ipanema_girl_turned_schuyler

    FRIST? THIS post is about Britney Spears? Really? hmmmm.

  15. keller1974

    And then how are you any different, “visitor” (#63)? Getting your own life by swarming around the dead body, just as you say that we are doing? Couldn’t wait to get your two cents in, huh? If you’d actually read some of the posts, you’d see that there are a few people who are not judging, not gossiping; just asking questions. Don’t be so quick to lump all Superficial readers into one giant category.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    There is no such thing as “a more thorough autopsy.” There is ONE autopsy and it is done as quickly as possible after death. The wait is for a toxicology examination, and that can take weeks. And that will definitely tell you if there were drugs in his body, what kind, how much, and if they played a role in his death.

    And since sleeping pills ARE drugs, if this was the cause of death -accidental, intentional, whatever – then (*duh*) the death is “drug-related.” A more succinct headline would read “Ledger’s death might be related to OTHER drugs” or “ILLEGAL drugs” or “not sleeping pill drugs.”

    Guess the writers’ strike is still on…..

  17. RosiesVaginaSap

    #63 Go ahead and puke, no one gives a shit. Excuse me if I don’t get all weepy over someone I never met. Good people die every day in Iraq (and not from drugs either). Good people die every day from totally random shit. What the fuck makes him so special? Keep your holy than thou bullshit to yourself next time fuckstick.

  18. Sam

    Wait – it was an autopsy? I thought it was an investigation of Heath’s sexuality (“inconclusive”).

  19. FCS

    Well so much for “Brokeback Mountian 2: The Reckoning”

  20. kate

    he’s been doing heroin the past three years. he fucked up and couldn’t get off the dope. now he’s dead.

  21. kate

    he’s been doing heroin the past three years. he fucked up and couldn’t get off the dope. now he’s dead.

  22. Ralph

    Addicted to both heroin and crack (well, Jake’s, at least). Sad.

  23. #64 I was joking..

  24. actual info

    The acclaimed actor was found naked and unconscious in his $26,000-a-month Manhattan apartment, surrounded by prescription anti-anxiety and sleeping pills.

    Ledger, 28, reportedly spent several days at a drug rehabilitation clinic, battling an addiction to heroin, after his split from fiancee Michelle Williams in September.

    After the split, Ledger moved into a luxury Soho loft boasting a private lift. But neighbours said the apartment was only partly furnished and his bed was just a mattress on the floor.

    Police said they found prescription anti-anxiety and sleeping pills in the bedroom, including generic forms of Valium and Xanax.

    They could not confirm reports Ledger had pneumonia.

    Ledger lived in Brooklyn with Williams and Matilda until the couple split in September.

    He spent Christmas with his family in Perth, where he was romantically linked to Aussie model Gemma Ward.

    Other reports said he was in a relationship with American party girl Lindsay Lohan.

    But sources close to the star – who played a heroin addict in the 2006 Australian movie Candy . said he was desperately battling drugs, alcohol and depression.

    “To tell you the truth . . . we saw it coming,” one friend told a US website.

  25. blizzy

    Some of you people try too hard to be funny. No one will discover your “amazing” talents here…

    It’s sad he killed himself, but that’s a coward’s way to go so my sympathy is limited. I would’ve never known he was in that Brokeback Mountain movie if the news hadn’t said so – you couldn’t pay me to watch it.

    Oh and #69 that was funny as hell. I’m still laughing.

  26. PunkA

    Hey #54, got any comments now?

  27. Rita

    #74, what’s the source of your information? Is it reliable? You know, I really doubt it.

    #58, ok, you hate me. Whatever. But I’m still right.

    #57, who is Francis?

  28. Dr. Rosenpenis

    Shocking, cause I mean he looks so healthy and vibrant in all the pictures I have seen today. Christ how could anyone be surprised?

    Then again spending more than 5 minutes talkiing with Blohan would drive anyone to hard drugs.

  29. feararewishes


    FreeJose, only a douche bag of the first order cares what the denomination of the bill is that they are using to snort some dope.

    In fact, jamming a filthy bill into your beak in order to get some drug that was smuggled into this country jammed up the ass of some third world mule is probably not the sort of long range plan I can approve.

    Keith Richards once observed, “street drugs are for pussies.” I would add that they are for morons.

    Stick to prescription drugs kiddies. They are stronger and more reliable than that street crap you so enjoy from your filthy dollar bill.

    Thank you.

  30. Andrew

    “#74, what’s the source of your information? Is it reliable? You know, I really doubt it.”

    I think I hate this more than anything else. Hard to say…”It’s my opinion! Everybody is entitled to their opinion!” is a close competitor.

    Make your mind up based on god knows what, then speak like a knowledgeable skeptic, or actually like what you think one might say. But it only consists of “I don’t buy it” just like Bill O’Reilly. You thought a little, and now you’re done thinking. Just be honest and say that.

  31. FCS

    #54 feel better now that you go that all out? Great. You must be a fun date. Let me guess your a vegan too right? I haven’t been to a movie in years, so I could care less what becomes of Hollywood or celebrites. Just don’t fuck with the NFL and everything will be cool.

    #75 thanks bro I was sitting on that one all day.

  32. My dearest Rita, the ATM specialist

    As always, sweetie, you were wondering “what’s that TASTE?!?” and missed the key point: you’re boring. But thanks for commenting again and showing that you’re also reliably boring.

  33. Nice Girl

    Rest in Peace Heath Ledger. All of the rest of you guys grow a heart. This is the superficial. Not the Insensitive.

  34. Rita

    #77, there is a difference between a reliable news source and a tabloid. If it is not a major news source that names people and cites exactly where it got its information (like CNN, MSN, etc.), it is probably a tabloid. Tabloids are known for providing false or hasty information.

    Whether or not Ledger was a user, I highly doubt most of the people here have never used drugs or suffered from anxiety/depression and are all piss-poor but happy and flawless people. I don’t care how he died or what he did; my point is that no one else really has room to criticize. He was human, like everyone else, and in being human he had problems and he deserves some respect. He doesn’t deserve less just because he was a celebrity (which, by the way, you can only be if people know who you are and feel the need to know every detail of your life).

  35. PunkA


    #77, Looks like it is from The Herald Sun, the leading paper in Australia. So, yeah, reputable news. So take you moral high ground skepticism and shove it up your judgmental ass.

  36. Shallow Val

    Yep, 54 – I’m all over that. You said a mouthful and I enjoyed reading it. I feel the same way (and I include myself among the dummies because I keep coming back.)

    Gonna miss Heath. He didn’t have to die. Good ones always leave early. That’s why my 86 year old mean and nasty grandmother will still be around in ten years, cuz she was and is a horrid cunt. Yep, I said it.

  37. PunkA

    From the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne, Australia folks. Reputable news. Look it up yourself. Especially you Rita.

  38. Bad Girl

    I wonder if the skinny fuck (nice heroin skeleton) will have a full head of hair in the afterlife? Probably not, since he’s going to the special place for dad who abandon their 2-year-old daughters.

    Anyway, I just read the single best TRUE aspect of this story: his Hollywood-style tribute will be lead by Mel Gibson. That is just absolutely perfect. Sure, they had to get an Aussie, but the pressure of lying about what he truly believes will cause Mel to have a priceless slip or two. Can’t wait.

  39. Rita

    #80, I actually DO know where #74 got his/her information (because I actually DON’T have anything else to do right now), and I can safely say it came from one of several tabloids and/or gossip blogs (like this one). MSN mentions the rolled up $20 but states that no drug residue is, at this time, evident.

    And before anyone says anything, I’ve already admitted I have nothing better to do at the moment.

  40. erica.

    Most of these comments are why I have no faith in humanity. Homophobic, heartless assholes. Even if he did OD, it’s still sad. He was an amazing and BRAVE actor.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch another movie with him in it ever again.
    I’ll get sad. :/

  41. Rita

    The Herald Sun is a TABLOID. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herald_Sun

    #81, I eat meat and I watch football. (If for no other reason than I hate the Patriots, GO GIANTS.)
    #82, I don’t CARE if you (a total stranger) think I’m boring. Ok, see ya.

  42. PunkA

    People who come to the Fish come to make fun. It is what this place is, for better or worse.

    He was a real talent. I was psyched for the new Batman movie, and still am, but it will be pretty eerie now. I just feel bad that a 2-year old lost her daddy. That sucks the most.

  43. Eric

    Ewww. I just read that the rolled up 20 didn’t have drug residue, but it did have Astroglyde on it. I hope the daughter never finds daddy’s secret stash of home videos.

  44. Teacher

    “Whether or not Ledger was a user, I highly doubt most of the people here have never used drugs or suffered from anxiety/depression”

    Glossing over the main point of dispute after being challenged, followed by mindless generalization with no possible basis in direct knowledge, and phrased using double negatives.


  45. sanity

    “Rita” and the like: you’re complaining about people gossiping. At a gossip site. You’re a very familiar type of person from real life, and I do my best to avoid you, as do most people.

  46. Rita

    And, oh yeah, I’m judgmental? Against whom? Certainly not “fags,” drug addicts, the dead, celebrities, and people who may or may not be suffering from depression! Against people who jump to conclusions and resort to cruel jokes and petty name-calling against the dead? Ok… maybe just a little. I admit it. I’m a Nazi.

  47. Rita

    #94, No. Break it down, honey. It makes sense. As far as grammar goes, I already said I’m a different kind of Nazi.
    #95, You’re right. I get annoyed; I argue. I should stop.



  49. get a real life

    OK for all you d#ck heads saying shit about people who actually have feelings eff you. umm heath ledger happened to be a human being so try to have some f@cking respect. you know the world is shit when there is all these losers on here being a@@ holes. he was human ,he had feelings, he had a life. respect that. now all of you a@@ holes go f-your selves like you always do.

  50. Skip Smith


    >>”Well so much for “Brokeback Mountian 2: The Reckoning”"

    I actually heard the sequel was going to be titled “Brokeback 2: Electric Boogaloo”, and was going to take place in a gay cowboy disco club.

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