UPDATE: Heath Ledger’s death might be drug related

Police found a rolled up $20 bill with “narcotic residue” on it in the apartment where Heath Ledger was found dead yesterday, according to CBS News:

Sources add they also found several drug packets containing an unknown substance. CBS 2 has learned these items were all listed on the official police report from the scene.
To be clear, it’s still unknown whether these items belonged to Ledger or whether he even actually ingested them.

The drugs could turn out not to be Heath Ledger’s. From what I hear they’re probably his. No one will know for 10 days until a more thorough autopsy is complete. But it gives eerie resonance to Jack Nicholson’s cryptic remark last night of “I warned him.”

UPDATE: The NYPD is saying there was no visible residue on the rolled-up $20 bill, according to the AP.