Police: ‘Mike McQueary Never Called Us’

November 17th, 2011 // 50 Comments
Mike McQueary
Saving Face?
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“So about the other day when I let you get raped, I had this really bad heartburn…”

Earlier in the week, Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary sent out emails to friends claiming that despite what the grand jury report said, he did stop Jerry Sandusky from raping a 10-year-old boy – But not physically, mind you. – and also contacted the police along with going to Joe Paterno. Except yesterday both campus and State College police gave statements claiming McQueary never called them. CBS News reports:

Both Penn State’s campus police and the State College police department say they never received reports from a then-Penn State graduate assistant related to an allegation of child sexual abuse against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

In the email, McQueary did not specify which police department he spoke to.
But a spokesperson for Penn State’s campus police told CBS News that they never received a sex abuse report from McQueary. Separately, State College Police Chief Thomas R. King told CBS News that his department has no record of ever being contacted by McQueary regarding allged sex abuse.

While that seems damning, here’s where it gets really interesting for McQueary. According to a new report from the New York Times (Worth a read, by the way.), McQueary immediately came clean to grand jury investigators over a year ago when they deduced through Penn State Internet forums that he’d witnessed Jerry Sandusky molesting kids:

He told of a horrific scene he had stumbled upon as a graduate assistant one Friday night in March 2002: a naked boy, about 10, hands pressed against the locker room wall of the Lasch Football Building, being raped by Sandusky. McQueary was explicit and unequivocal, the people said. He had told Paterno, the team’s longtime and widely beloved head coach, about the incident the next day, but he was filled with regret that nothing had happened.
“This had been weighing on him for a very long time, and our guys felt he was relieved to get it off his chest,” one law enforcement official said. “When he had the opportunity to make it right, he told the truth.”

So at this point, who honestly knows what the fuck happened? Maybe McQueary spent years living with the guilt that he traded a child’s innocence for a promotion, eventually decided to make it right but wasn’t prepared for the backlash hence the emails. Or maybe he really did report it to both campus and State College police who swept the whole thing under the rug, I seriously wouldn’t be surprised at this point. Right now Joe Paterno’s probably dressed like Boss Hogg telling everybody them Duke boys better not find them other kids or “it’ll be your hide.”

h/t #Clt Commander for the NYT article.

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  1. rican

    Well, we DO know what the fuck happened.

  2. hmna

    So we have the possibility that the cops are covering up for JoePa. We also have the possibility that McQueary is deliberately tainting himself as a witness to protect Sandusky, while also trying to make himself look better.

    This just gets worse and worse. Next you’ll tell me there are rumors that Sandusky was pimping those kids . . .


  3. Circa 2002:

    Sting: “Who is this? You saw what? OK sicko, I don’t know why you’re calling me about this…Hey Andy, pick up the party line and listen to this nutjob…Penn State? Listen, I don’t care if you’re at Notre Dame, I don’t want to hear what goes on in your showers. Good bye.”

  4. well

    Has anyone tried asking the actual police? I mean whose fantastic idea was it to have private police forces for what are essentially businesses that rely on their reputation for safety to make money?

    • Casey

      Yeah, the press asked the actual police, who referred them to campus police. Fish mentioned it in a previous article.

      • Rooster

        the “campus police” at major universities is usually just an offshoot of the local cops, assigned to campus. I would be surprised if Penn State has rent-a-cops.

    • Some guy

      Actually, the campus police at most universities are fully accredited police departments in their own right. They are not ‘offshoots’ of the local police but are hired and paid by the university.

      • Anon

        I am not defending a man that may have benefited from this whole saga (read: McQueary), but:

        I do not believe the County or Commonwealth police have commented on his claims, and I think we can all agree the Penn St and State College police are not reliable sources.

  5. Kerri

    well – no we don’t know actually. none of us were there. I think the red headed giant is lying personally. i’m not saying that sandusky is innocent but i am saying that i don’t think Mcqueary witnessed what he said he did. no one in their right or wrong mind would walk away if they actually saw that happening. no one. and to leave the child with him after? again – no one would do that. i don’t care what any of you say – no one is built like that. and now he’s lied about what he did at the time and who he reported it to. i take more stock in the (second hand) testimony of the janitor that witnessed something. even if McQueary is telling the truth (doubtful) he’s just ruined himself as a credible witness. Mr. Superficial – I adore you but none of us know what happened exactly. we simply don’t know. how do you feel about maybe just letting it play out in court. I bet there are layers upon layers of things we don’t know and maybe we should get all the facts. just take a minute to consider that this might be another case of wrongly accused sex offender hysteria. it happens.
    and let me just say too that i am a 110lb girl and i would have cracked that guys head open if i’d witnessed anything like that. i am not afraid of anyone or anything if someone is getting hurt – especially a child, the elderly or an animal.
    ok – go ahead and everyone tell me how much they hate me : )

    • Yeah, just like no one would ignore a toddler who got smashed by a van.

      Oh wait…

    • E

      No ones built like that? Yeah just like no one is built to molest and rape kids yet it still happens.

    • a pornstar

      Kerri, Sandusky, ADMITTED to showering with kids, horse play,etc.,
      He, the man, Sandusky, admitted, on television. At the very least does this admission not give you an ‘uneasy feeling that maybe, there is something ‘unholy’ ABOUT A FUCKING OLD MAN WANTING TO SHOWER WITH LITTLE BOYS??????

      I don’t think anyone hates you, I just think it’s time you stop having casual sex with your father.

    • Some guy

      I admire your spirit but to be honest in most cases like this people do *not* interpose themselves into the middle of a shocking crime like this. You may say you are different but almost everyone says they are different but most people don’t do anything. In 2000 a janitor at PSU also saw Sandusky raping a child. This janitor was a combat vet who saw some pretty awful things in Korea – heads exploding, guts falling out, etc. He didn’t stop what was happening either. He was too shocked. He said it was the worst thing he had ever seen and he was stunned to the point of uselessness. Human psychology is what it is and whatever you’d like to say you’d do you have no idea until you are in the middle of it. I’m not excusing these guys or saying they shouldn’t have done more. Only that what they did isn’t surprising but is, in fact, sadly expected because of how *all of us* are built.

      No you can tell me how much yo hate me.

      • a pornstar

        Mr. Human Apathy, let’s hope we never meet him in the shower.

      • Maggs

        i second that!

      • anon

        I agree with you on the facts, but our analyses and real-life applications differ.. Humans are built to not respond in extreme cases such as in the shower room; it’s proven with countless psychological studies. Sometimes it’s because of simple embarrassment (“What if I’m the only one who thinks this is a big deal?”), sometimes it’s due to passing off responsibility (“Surely someone else will break this up, and better than I would have.”). Sometimes, like you said, if a human sees an absolutely shocking and grotesque act, crime against nature, etc., he will be stupefied to the point of not being able to properly react.

        BUT, once any given person becomes are of this weak point in our built-in morality, he can begin to change it. Once you become conscious of a problem or a weakness, you have to actively work against it.

        For example, you see a suspicious suitcase unattended at the airport. You look at it and wonder if it’s dangerous, but you eventually end up just half-bakedly convincing yourself that if it was really a threat, someone else would have noticed and notified the authorities. But, if you aware of the psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect, you can reason against your own reason — you can tell yourself that no, it’s not all that likely that anyone else took action on the suitcase, because they all had the same internal reasoning for lack of action that you did.

        My example goes a bit beyond this specific context, but mainly, I’m trying to address your statement of “You may say you are different but almost everyone says they are different but most people don’t do anything.” I firmly believe that once humans are aware of this reasoning/passing of responsibility that we are all wired to have, we can much more easily act against it. Too bad McQueary never took Psych 101.

      • Kerri

        don’t hate you at all!

      • Kerri

        thank you to those that responded with a well thought out answer. the rest – keep on doing what you do.
        i stand behind what i said though and i feel badly for anyone out there that is second guessing how they would react to this. i really do.
        also – i am not saying that he is innocent – far from it. i am just saying i think mcqueary is lying. and if he’s lying about how he reacted, who he told – why is it so outrageous to believe he is lying about what he actually saw. they are now saying that after witnessing this rape he participated in a golf event with sanduskey the next month and next year. ok – soooooo you see a child getting raped by this man and you go out to support his charity right after? boy you were really shook up like a snow globe…
        if this is true – he’s as messed up as sandusky is.
        that is all superficial friends.

    • Sliver

      No one is built like that, Kerri? Have you ever researched the details of the Bolshevik revolution, you fuckwit?

  6. Weirdo

    This Ginger douche bag needs to go now. I don’t understand why he wasn’t arrested for not reporting a crime. Would he do the same thing if it was one of his kids that was being raped by Sandusky?

    • Some guy

      Because only 18 states have a law requiring any adult witnessing child abuse to report the matter to police. In the state of PA his only legal requirement as to report the matter to his superior – Joe Paterno. It was Paterno’s obligation to report the matter to his superior. These are the two people (Cleary and Shultz) who are currently charged with felonies. Understand now?

  7. Venom

    Yep the word of the police department that has been covering this shit up for probably at least 2 decades, totally credible…

  8. lesw

    YEA, um we’re supposed to believe that he never talked to police? The police who report to a guy who has since stepped down and his boss who is being charged with pergery (hope i got that righ). Really?!?! Do they expect us to forget that a damn DA went missing because he was going to prosecute these guys. This cover up goes so high and deep it isn’t even funny. Stay tuned ladies and gents, I’m sure a whole lot more is yet to come.

  9. TomFrank

    I have to say, I saw “Duke boys” and the first thing I thought of was that lacrosse team. Because, y’know, colleges and rape and all. Also, two Gs in Boss Hogg.

    • TomFrank

      And before anyone responds, yeah, I know those Duke boys were exonerated and the rape claims were false.

      • a pornstar

        Sandusky, went on national television saying that he showered with little boys, just showered, he horse played too…

        He is your textbook pedophile, who happens to have a high profile job.. People can’t wrap their head around an old man raping a little boy-o.k then, he showered with them, is that not disturbing, enough…

        Pedophiles are amongst us, waiting for you to drop your kids off, at school, soccer practice, scouts, waiting, lurking to horse play with your kids. Let’s hope that when the time comes, there isn’t a McQueary, or a Spanier, or a Paterno, walking away.

      • Richard McBeef

        They weren’t exonerated, Tom. They escaped prosecution because they hit the jump, went through the plywood billboard, and landed back on the road.

      • TomFrank

        I don’t think you meant to reply in this thread, a pornstar, but it’s always nice to see you comment here.

      • anon

        They escaped prosecution because the accuser was a psycho prostitute who changed her story every 5 seconds, one example being that she first claimed that she was raped by 26 guys, then lowered it to 3.

        She also has a huge criminal history, including arson, child abuse, attempted murder — and she recently stabbed her boyfriend, who subsequently died, so I think we can probably add murder to that list as well.

  10. Mike McQueary didn’t call the police…..Neither did Joe Paterno. What’s there difference? I would clean house.

    • Evil Dick Tater

      The NCAA has at times invoked a charge against universities of “lack of institutional control.” I think that might fit the bill here. Perhaps a 5-year suspension of the Penn State football program would help them get their priorities straightened out.

    • RJ

      We’re gonna clean house anyway. Even those who might be innocent (Tom Bradley) have to go for the sake of the school.

  11. Let’s not lose sight of the trees for the forest.

    No matter WHAT McQueary (damn that name cracks me up) claims to have done at the time or not done, the fact remains that he continued working side by side with Sandusky for many more years, knowing he was a child rapist. Coming clean and telling the whole story AFTER being called in front of a grand jury is not the actions of a hero, it’s the actions of a coward trying to weasel out of the consequences of his own behavior.

  12. Over at Fox Sports, Jason Whitlock is congratulating himself for having the courage to suggest “we all” would have reacted the way McQueary did, as opposed to running into the room, grabbing the old man and putting his fist through his teeth, then helping the kid as much as he could while calling 911.

    I’m really starting to see this whole thing as a sort of litmus test for personal psychological stability. If one is anything but horrified at the thought of anything but immediate direct physical action in this circumstance, personal issues almost have to be in play. This isn’t anything akin to a soldier in Afghanistan, where one’s own life is on the line, despite recent allusions to the contrary. It is a terrified little boy in dire need of help, and by God, the John Wayne approach is the only appropriate response.

  13. McQueery is part of the wall of silence that exists in these football fraternities. Here is how it went down…

    McQueery walks in on Sandusky and sees it. Shakes his head and leaves realizing the rumors that he is pedophile are true.

    He tells his dad in a way where he goes hey dad you were right, Sandusky does rape little boys.

    Dad says lets call Paterno to make sure he knows. So they call Paterno the next day.

    Paterno acts like well everyone knows so tells McQueery dont forget to be on time for the charity flag football games and golf tournaments that Sanduskys charity is holding this weekend.

    McQueery gets back to business being a coach and an enabler of the queers he looks up to.

    All this comes out years later and McQueerys friends start giving him shit for not calling the police. McQueery then lies and says he did because he now knows that normal people outside football think hes a coward and a douchebag.

    Now hes spinning what he can before someone kills him and he ends up living in a trailer in some backwards Georgia county.

    The question is what Paterno knew and im guessing he is privy to all the sexual activities of all the big donors and football heroes up there. I wonder if he has any secrets about himself that caused him to lawyer up and get his house put in his wifes name now rather then years ago.

  14. Niknik

    South Park was right… Ginger’s really don’t have souls.

    What a bastard.

  15. Tdizzle


  16. Winnie

    Ok, ok – I’m from Australia. I’ve been following the whole Penn State thing since Fish first posted on it – shocking, crazy, horrifying, bizarre and testimony to the gargantuan importance of College Football (we don’t have anything in Oz that compares). I drifted around the net reading different sites and reports – NY Post, Pennsilvania (sic) newspapers, AP and of course TMZ and the Fish.

    What struck me about the whole McQueary thing, which at first was reported as a 22 graduate intern / couching assistant etc. – (McQueary was not named at this stage) is that this was a dude working his way up through a powerful organisation, who walked into a lockeroom and basically saw one of his heros (& boss), committing a horrifying act and basically freaked out.

    And from the original accounts – FREAKED OUT BIG TIME. He then went to his dad, because he was still freakin out (crying ra ra) and basically did not know what to do. He’s Dad and he went to Paterno etc. and the rest we know. Now. We can all look at this and say – “what a coward he should have told the cops”, “he should have done more” BUT how many of us in this position, at age 22, faced with a scenario of this gravity, would have done more?

    We can all criticise the actions of this one guy, who mind you was the one who actually did report this to his superior – when there was every possiblity that Jerry Sandusky et al could have turned it around, denied the whole thing and ousted McQueary from the organisation as a vengeful zealot just spreading rumors to further his career.

    McQueary has been peripherally involved in the Grand Jury proceedings since 2002 – that’s a long time and with the right coercion much weaker people would have changed their story, feigned memory loss to distance themselves from the scandal – particuarly as since the original incident he has become further ensconsed in the organisation and had a lot more to lose.

    The Grand Jury report empasises that this investigation would never be ongoing or even coming to a head now had it not been for the credibility of this witness and conviction of his testimony.

    So rather than criticise this dude’s actions, why not ask yourselves how you would have handled it – and I mean really, in the real world, away from the throw away bravado that we can all have in hindsight, because I think most of us wouldn’t do what McQueary did. I think we’d do a lot less.

    The way the media has ostracised this guy, sends a pretty clear message to people who find themselves in these messed up situations – if you don’t have the balls to go in guns blazing, then do nothing.

  17. Seriously

    just thinking about Michael Jackson…everyone in the World let him get away with it for years. To the person who thinks someone would not just walk away, unfortunately, they do! Money, job protection, etc seem to be more important than morals. I think every parent of a child at Penn State should be worried. If they let one of their own repeatedly rape and get away with it, imagine all of the other crimes they are sweeping under the rug!

  18. As someone who has been hurt by someone else in broad daylight, people don’t usually call for help. I wish they did. But they don’t. There is something to this psychological thing.

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