Police: ‘Mike McQueary Never Called Us’

“So about the other day when I let you get raped, I had this really bad heartburn…”

Earlier in the week, Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary sent out emails to friends claiming that despite what the grand jury report said, he did stop Jerry Sandusky from raping a 10-year-old boy – But not physically, mind you. – and also contacted the police along with going to Joe Paterno. Except yesterday both campus and State College police gave statements claiming McQueary never called them. CBS News reports:

Both Penn State’s campus police and the State College police department say they never received reports from a then-Penn State graduate assistant related to an allegation of child sexual abuse against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

In the email, McQueary did not specify which police department he spoke to.
But a spokesperson for Penn State’s campus police told CBS News that they never received a sex abuse report from McQueary. Separately, State College Police Chief Thomas R. King told CBS News that his department has no record of ever being contacted by McQueary regarding allged sex abuse.

While that seems damning, here’s where it gets really interesting for McQueary. According to a new report from the New York Times (Worth a read, by the way.), McQueary immediately came clean to grand jury investigators over a year ago when they deduced through Penn State Internet forums that he’d witnessed Jerry Sandusky molesting kids:

He told of a horrific scene he had stumbled upon as a graduate assistant one Friday night in March 2002: a naked boy, about 10, hands pressed against the locker room wall of the Lasch Football Building, being raped by Sandusky. McQueary was explicit and unequivocal, the people said. He had told Paterno, the team’s longtime and widely beloved head coach, about the incident the next day, but he was filled with regret that nothing had happened.
“This had been weighing on him for a very long time, and our guys felt he was relieved to get it off his chest,” one law enforcement official said. “When he had the opportunity to make it right, he told the truth.”

So at this point, who honestly knows what the fuck happened? Maybe McQueary spent years living with the guilt that he traded a child’s innocence for a promotion, eventually decided to make it right but wasn’t prepared for the backlash hence the emails. Or maybe he really did report it to both campus and State College police who swept the whole thing under the rug, I seriously wouldn’t be surprised at this point. Right now Joe Paterno’s probably dressed like Boss Hogg telling everybody them Duke boys better not find them other kids or “it’ll be your hide.”

h/t #Clt Commander for the NYT article.

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