Please believe we’re f-cking.

March 12th, 2010 // 89 Comments

PRODUCER: So, listen, they wouldn’t let us call the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2 and you’re a spinster so you can’t exactly have an adulterous affair with a single man.
JENNIFER ANISTON: What if I wear a dress that almost shows my vagina?
PRODUCER: …. Make it happen.


  1. e-rock

    She needs to keep her mitts off my man!!!! Damn that hussy and I need to have a talk. Gerard is my man!!! hahaha. then I hit the snooz button on my alarm clock. ;(

  2. Mmm…he is so hot!

  3. Obey


  4. e-rock

    They really are trying very hard though, aren’t they? Im sure they are friends, but he needs something a little spicer! How bout a hot Irish chick from Philly, what do you say Gerard? haha. I hit the snooz button again. damn that was a good dream. ;o)

  5. e-rock

    Her “dress” is so short you can see her whole ass in the car!! She has to put her purse on top of her crotch so you don’t see the ol’ winky do! uh huh. Yes, I am jealous. I admit it. This bitch gets all the hotties!! Oh Gerry. not you too. sigh. lol.

  6. dude

    Uh….#1, your man is safe. Jennifer Aniston is more likely to fuck a wild zebra on national tv than any man, let alone your man.

  7. Why am I the only person who loves jennifer aniston?! She’s adorable and so in shape its insane….

  8. Mandi

    She is such a mutant. How can anyone’s jaw be wider than the top half of their head? She looks like a cartoon drawing come to life.

  9. Nameless

    Yeah these two are really a couple until a couple month after the movie’s released.

  10. IKE

    She is soooo boring.

  11. tired

    She’s beautiful. Say what you want about her, but I think she’s awesome.

  12. IKE

    ….but DAMN that is a short skirt!!
    She almost looks cute sitting between the old couple (like the poutty little daughter).

  13. SrfStrng

    She is such a HOE! She really went crazy after Brad left her ass for Angie (much better choice)… Jen, is trying too hard and that’s why she gets dump by every man she dates. I feel sorry for her.

  14. Joey

    Oh like you really feel sorry for her–and you shouldn’t–UNLIKE YOU–she gets to spend her time with HOT guys–has a load of cash–has a Hot body–has Fans–friends–and family that Loves her.

  15. Joey

    Oh like you really feel sorry for her–and you shouldn’t–UNLIKE YOU–she gets to spend her time with HOT guys–has a load of cash–has a Hot body–has Fans–friends–and family that Loves her.

  16. LuLu



    All I’m reading here is from bunch of fat ass jeaolus girls or pimpled faced wankers! Come on people, she is hot &he’s hot and man oh man you are not. Just suck it up and find a hobby. It sure looks hilarous, one minute you are trashing celebrities and the next minute you are rubbing your toilete. Damn either buy or start to use your mirrors!!!

  17. Kangaroo

    She looks like so much naked fun, yet men always run from her. Sad.

  18. testington

    Ug they are both beyond pathetic. Seriously after pretending to date Vince Vaugn then Bradley Cooper is anybody buying this crap?

  19. KIKI

    @ 13. Angie, get off your computer and look after your 6 chitlens, oh, and by the way, nobody wants your man anymore so relax.

  20. Tek

    You’re not the only one, Erika. I still think she’s hot. And unlike the knifed-up-homewrecking-incest-loving Angelina, Jen is actually a nice girl.

    For what it’s worth I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe that she and Gerard could be fucking. Fucking doesnt mean that they’re on their way toward marriage and kids, ppl.

  21. Peanutty

    Do you remember when Skelintina tongued her brother. Nazty.

  22. Burger face

    Me and my fifty friends are going to see this movie 500 times this weekend.

  23. oooaaahhh

    Nice pins.

  24. cc

    @23 damn straight…her legs and butt are still a pleasure to see.

    I wonder if she’s batshit crazy though…

  25. i like hand sanitizer

    Her legs are sick. She’s reaching Tina Turner status with those legs.

  26. kokoko

    @23 Like you wouldn’t bang her if she wasn’t

  27. e-rock

    She is is HOT, I will give her that, and she has an AMAZING body that I hope to have at that age, but that doesn’t change the fact that SHE NEEDS TAKE HER greedy little paws off my man!! ;o)
    Gerry, don’t you want a sexy little Irish dame from the country side who knows how to cook? HAHAHA. And I can wear a bikini just as good as she can!!
    damn that Jennifer, if I could spend one day in her shoes… sigh. lol.

  28. sebastianudo

    que piernas !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. bakinmycake

    I hate to show my age but I remember when she was hot…..

  30. Sport

    she is still hot, if you dont have to talk to her or dwell on her old maid status.

  31. tired

    @13 … I feel sorry for you. Your life must be wretched.

  32. SO RIGHT

    Jennifer Aniston looks great & healthy! WOW! Good for her!

  33. Valerie

    Fuck what she looks like, it’s one pathetic move after another.


    We all know who the haters are out here. They’re from Just Jared and they’re totally psycho-Angie freaks.

  35. temp

    oh god gerard butler is so hot. AAAAH.

    i think they’d make a gorgeous couple, but who knows these days who’s really dating who.

  36. Randal

    Jenn is one gorgeous looker. Her style, disposition and overall good looks are the stuff of Hollywood dreams. Her physical beauty is what pulls them in, but her charm and down home sensibilities is what keeps them coming back for more.

  37. patricknyc

    How about casting a straight man to play the part?

  38. fhjdksal

    they have the same eyes, maybe it’s incest..? separated at birth? perhaps..?

  39. Kay

    She can’t stay away from high-profile men, can she? She has so much trouble with them, she should opt for someone not famous.

  40. Sir Balt

    Those thighs…Hot Damn, I’d lick em dry, then move on to her muff.

  41. KIKI

    Damn, Randal talks highly of Jen. That must mean Jennifer has “jumped the shark” so ot speak. I still love ya Jen! And you JustJared freaks go home. We don’t want you smelling up our house. Fucking Loons.

  42. londonafter

    Fuck it, I’m glad she looks happy and not crying anymore about Brad. Don’t forget it was Angelina the one who had an affaire with Brad, but people treating her as a goddess

  43. Audrey Jo

    Oh, yeah. Poor Jen… so, her once-upon-a-time marriage lasted exactly the right amount of time for her to be around with all these horrible man such as Butler, looking sassy as hell. I don´t get why America cries for this sad spinster – ah, yes, beacuse it´s much better to be with a husband you can´t trust and a bunch of kids.

  44. dude

    What’s the difference between Aniston and a prostitute?

    the prostitute is good in bed.

  45. SrfStrng

    @ 14, 16 and 31… You all make me laugh. First of all, I look better than Jen for I am 12 years younger than her, and I am an athlete. I am married to a HOT man who treats me well. I have tons of friends and family who love me, and I have a great life… I’ve known someone very close to Brad for the past 16 years. Their marriage was over before HE signed for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He really tried to save their marriage but she was not putting any effort. It was not until he was filming the movie that she started trying but it was too late. She had already pushed him away. I never liked Angie. I thought she was a crazy and unstable bitch but after meeting her I knew she was a SWEETHEART. I actually agree with a lot of you, Angie looks horrible, her body is hideous but her face is stunning, and no one can take that away from her. I think Jen looks great and I think she is a beautiful woman. I still like her as an actress but not as a person. I think that she’ll be TRULY happy the day she finds her true love… I truly don’t care what those 3 do with their life.They are not affecting mine. This is a site to post one’s opinion or thoughts and I have fun reading all the comments. Some people are hilarious! I just hate when people make assumptions of something they do not know; and base their conclusions on gossip. Their marriage didn’t work because, she wanted a career and he wanted a family. Period.

  46. tired

    @46 …. yeah…right. And I’m George Clooney.

  47. SrfStrng

    @ 46… George? Is it really you? Wow! Listen, the boss needs you to call the office whenever you get a chance. He needs to talk to you about the reconstruction of your home in L.A. You know the number right?

  48. abby

    “You’re too old, let go..”

  49. abby

    At the end of the day , the movie they are promoting looks stupid.

  50. Gueibor

    “…everybody’s talkin’ ’bout her new guy / Funny, but she’s still Rachel Green to me.” She looks like a million dollars. With boobs.

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