Playmate Ana Braga Taking Boob Selfies And More

Katy Perry told Ellen Degeneres that she had to pee standing up while wearing her jellyfish blood-muppet costume to the Met Gala. She then admitted she’s got experience in the area and Ellen is a goddamn liar pretending she doesn’t. [PageSix]

Modern dance and children are a pedophile’s wet dream and now they are going to be on primetime television… Thanks ABC! Dancing With The Stars Junior airs next spring! *vomits* [Dlisted]

Bill Cosby has broken his almost 2-year silence on an XM Radio show I’ve never heard of… Apparently racism made him make all those quaalude cocktails a few years back. [TooFab]

“The Man Show” alumni and late night host Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars again. That’s neat, I guess. [EvilBeet]

Jesuschrist, fraternity bros need to stop killing their own bros because this is getting sad, bros- stop it!. [People]

Ariel Winter still doing whatever she wants. [IDLY]

Fashion police losing their shit because Jennifer Hudson’s shoe strap fell off. [GoFugYourself]

Brad Pitt may have switched over to non-alcoholic Lienenkugels, but he’s still a pretty tormented single dad. [CeleBitchy]