Playmate Ana Braga Brought Her Boobs Outside

I don’t know who Ana Braga is other than the lady who seasonally appears on this website in some form of undress. I know she was in Playboy once during the height of the geriatric Hugh Hefner era, but that doesn’t nearly have as much weight as she probably thinks it does. Still, here at The Superficial we have noticed that we get a lot more clicks on exposed/visible nipples than we do on say, thoughtful pieces on how absurd Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page is. It’s supply and demand, really… and my boss demands we keep the lights on… with boobs.

How many people can actually say that their coffee maker runs on boobs? I knew one guy, but he died.

Anyway, here is Ana Braga walking around a country club or something in a dress that shows off the full contours of her boobage and buttage. I’m sure her membership is in wonderful standing. In these turbulent times filled with powerful men jerking off on victims, it’s nice to take a break to remember that some women often give full consent to being photographed in casual nudity though a telephoto lens. When the Puritans came over from England, this was the end-game after all…

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