Playboy models: drunk, desperate, and denied

December 13th, 2005 // 14 Comments

play_thumb2.jpgPlayboy models Danielle Gamba and Carrie Minter were recently arrested after Gamba made sexual advances to a pair of cops who were questioning them about their getting plastered and disrupting an airline flight to San Antonio.

The cops not only turned down Gamba, 23, and Minter, 22, but they busted them for public intoxication. According to a police report posted on The Smoking Gun, the two got hammered on a two-hour from Denver to San Antonio, where they were due to appear at a lingerie show.

The first question that comes to my mind is: who the hell were these cops? Did they have mustaches? Were they surrounded by a bunch of scantily-clad construction workers and indian chiefs singing “YMCA”? That’s the only explanation I can think of. I have nothing against proper law enforcement, but good god – if you have two drunken playmates making sexual advances at you, the only handcuffs involved should be attached to a bedpost.


  1. Kg

    Well, I’m sure the cops had a gay old time down at the precint afterwards

  2. ~S.Starr~

    DRUNK ON A FLIGHT! NOOOOOO!!! That NEVER happens!!!! I have a friend that that drank a bottle of red wine went on plane threw peanuts at everyone, called the flight attendant a fat bitch, and then puked all over himself…and let me tell you the cops totally took him up on his sexual advances…best sex her ever had.

    Those girls could learn a thing or two from him ;)

  3. uncommonamerican

    Maybe the cops busted them for having stinky yeast infections that were making the other passengers vomit.

  4. Kells

    Those are two of the ugliest Playmates I’ve ever seen. Especially the one on the right.

  5. jujucabana

    i think the one on the left is pretty, but i have feeling they both are pretty ugly when drunk. you know like tara reid…

  6. bafongu

    Problem was the two cops were female! Hell, I don’t know if that is true, but what type of fanny licker wouldn’t let those two off with a serious frisking for weapons, a deep cavity search and some pictures with autographs?

  7. BurnZ

    I would have had sex with both of them, taken pictures, and then arrested them.

  8. unknownassassin

    while it’s possible the policemen were gay, it’s more likely they abstained only because they were concerned about catching something from these two… like acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome, for instance.

    anyway, based on their looks, an interesting idea for community service might be to pit them in a jeopardy-style quiz bowl against a team of squirrel monkeys… it would be even odds on potpourri and sports, but i would give the monkeys the decisive edge in literature, history, science, math, and current events, while the centerfolds would have the advantage in drinking, air brushing, and whoring…

    the event could be broadcast on national television to warn young people about the dangers of being top heavy, drunk and stupid.

    (of course, they would compete naked.)

  9. Yeah, they must have been the cops from YMCA. Only rational explaination.

  10. The Devil

    4. Posted by Kells on December 13, 2005 04:44 PM

    “Those are two of the ugliest Playmates I’ve ever seen. Especially the one on the right.”

    There’s a reason for that and that is because they’re not PLAYMATES, just a couple of models who have appeared in Playboy publications and the Playboy web site. Many women appear in Playboy, few become Playmates.

  11. Sadachbia

    Oh, my God…those bimbos are MY age. @_@ I feel…I don’t know, should I feel old? Are they too young? Maybe the cops were 40-something and they thought it would be really grody to bang girls young enough to be their daughters. (Imagine that, cops with morals!) Or, and I think perhaps this is more likely, they had in mind the law that says that if you have sex with an intoxicated woman, she can (once she’s sober) declare that you raped her, even if she consented while drunk. That’s a good way to win lawsuits, if you’re a retarded bint with no real life options. Would YOU take that risk?

    And no, they’re NOT that hot. ;P

  12. derekd

    Not that hot but way bangable. Gay ass cops.

  13. HollyJ

    I think the blonde one on the right is a German wrestler. A male German wrestler.

  14. Linnea

    They are as queer as a couple of three dollar bills.

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