Playboy models: drunk, desperate, and denied

play_thumb2.jpgPlayboy models Danielle Gamba and Carrie Minter were recently arrested after Gamba made sexual advances to a pair of cops who were questioning them about their getting plastered and disrupting an airline flight to San Antonio.

The cops not only turned down Gamba, 23, and Minter, 22, but they busted them for public intoxication. According to a police report posted on The Smoking Gun, the two got hammered on a two-hour from Denver to San Antonio, where they were due to appear at a lingerie show.

The first question that comes to my mind is: who the hell were these cops? Did they have mustaches? Were they surrounded by a bunch of scantily-clad construction workers and indian chiefs singing “YMCA”? That’s the only explanation I can think of. I have nothing against proper law enforcement, but good god – if you have two drunken playmates making sexual advances at you, the only handcuffs involved should be attached to a bedpost.

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