Plaxico Burress gets 2 years in prison

August 20th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Seen here in March, Former New York Giant and Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty today to attempted criminal possession of weapon stemming from an incident last November at a Manhattan nightclub. The wide receiver was shot through the leg when a loaded gun in his own waistband accidentally went off. Plaxico enlisted the help of a teammate to hide the gun in New Jersey before reluctantly going to the hospital. ESPN reports:

“[Plaxico's lawyer] Brafman said, “After an agonizing period of discussion, Plaxico decided that he wanted to do this, to put this behind him as quickly as possible.”
Burress was indicted earlier this month on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of reckless endangerment. He faced a minimum sentence of 3½ years if convicted at trial.
The guilty plea ends months of haggling between Brafman and the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The case went to a grand jury after negotiations broke down, apparently because District Attorney Robert Morgenthau was insisting that Burress serve at least two years in prison.
Morgenthau did not comment on Burress’ guilty plea.
Assistant District Attorney John Wolfstaetter said in court that Thursday was Burress’ last chance to accept the deal.

Granted, Plaxico’s the only one who was really hurt in this incident since he shot himself in the leg like a gangster Sarah Palin, but just imagine if he had hit something else at that nightclub. Like bottles of liquor. No! God, no. I don’t even what to think about it. Happy thoughts. Happy. Thoughts…

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  1. tony


  2. Alexa

    I hope I’m not first.

  3. tony


  4. JG

    Let me get this straight — people can carry automatic rifles to President Obama’s speeches without problem but a dude who carries a gun and doesn’t show it to anyone and accidentally wounds… himself… goes to jail for three years??? America is without a doubt the most f*cked up country on the planet.

  5. richbike

    Why did he go to the hospital knowing they have to report gunshot wounds??? With his kind of money, he could find a doctor who makes indiscreet housecalls!!! Dumb…he got what he deserved for his dumbness.

  6. Aunt Jemima

    Did anyone watch the MSNBC coverage of the guy who brought an AR-15 to a Presidential town meeting? Doing so is completely legal however they were all talking about how its being driven by White racism while showing a guy from the neck down with the AR slung over his shoulder. Well that gun owner was black too.

  7. Harsh for gun possession…Dont worry the Giants are packing their Golf bags as we speak. Thanks to Doom-berg mayor for life commenting on the case way too early.

  8. Aunt Jemima

    Don’t believe me about MSNBC cropping the video to hide the black man’s race? Go read for yourself.

  9. Aunt Jemima

    #4 Yes why don’t you get it straight? AR-15s are not automatic. They are semi-automatic. Both of these cases are about irresponsible gun ownership by black males.

  10. King of Cartoons


  11. Carolyn

    #5–I think you mean discreet house calls. In some perverse way I feel sorry for this idiot. He probably came from nothing and now he’s fucked up what his talent bought him.

  12. Clamhammer

    Can’t wait to see him back on the field making millions after this all blows over. I wonder if he owns any dogs….

  13. apex

    Note to black dude: try wearing a real fucking suit to court instead of thug-approved pimpwear. I’m betting the judge wasn’t very impressed with your sartorial brilliance.

  14. mark

    Dante Stallworth drove drunk and killed a guy and served 24 days in prison. Burris shoots himself and gets two years? What the fuck?

  15. tolson

    This is why mandatory minimums need to be eliminated. Cases should be reviewed on a case by case basis. His prison spot should be reserved for someone who hurt another person or no one at all (now we now have to pay to feed Plax 3 meal and his housing for a victimless crime???). Come on NY.

  16. Harry Doyle

    Another black man behind bars. I’m shocked. At least he can be raised by his daddy now.

  17. Harry Doyle

    Number 4 – You’re an idiot.

    It is perfectly legal to carry a gun, in plain sight, in some states. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon, without a license, in all states. Go away!

  18. Harry Doyle

    Number 4 – You’re an idiot.

    It is perfectly legal to carry a gun, in plain sight, in some states. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon, without a license, in all states. Go away!

  19. charlton heston

    this is great news. maybe this will teach people that carrying guns around in public is dangerous. Who is it again who uttered the famous line – Guns don’t kill babies, Babies kill babies.

    there is absolutely no reason for this moron to be carrying a gun around. what the hell is he protecting himself from, other people with guns!?! How about you’re a millionaire and a famous football player so stop acting like some scumbag street thug. If you feel that your safety is threatened, stay out of the clubs for a few years while you play ball. And if you’re going to be a thug idiot, don’t wear sweatpants you schmuck!

  20. Max Planck

    He shot himself…Darwin award coming.

  21. hyped1

    Plaxico Burress = some sort of bad gum disease OR real dumb tootheseses?

  22. deddog


    so what about stallworth… that dumb faggot vick personally murdered several dogs that lost his fights by electrocution, shooting, drowning, and smashing against a concrete floor… vick is a million times worse than stallworth AND burress… and that cocksucker still got less time and now gets to play again…

    @4 so yeah what a fucked up country indeed, fuck this country

  23. Albin Bainbridge

    That’s a lame suit. I’m more outraged that he seriously thinks he looks good by buttoning the top 3 buttons of his jacket then anything else really.

    @ 4

    Really? So you honestly expect me to believe that America is worse then… say… China, North Korea, the Middle East, Africa, and pretty much hundreds of other areas in the world?

    @ 20

    He didn’t kill himself, so no Darwin Award.

  24. Al

    Maybe by the time he gets out of prison that suit will actually look stylish instead of looking like some sort of clown suit.

  25. FreePlaxico

    This is pathetic. Michael Vick repeatedly abused and killed defenseless animals and served just 2 years. Donte Stallworth kills a guy and gets a few months in jail. Yet, they give Burress two years for just carrying a weapon? This is what gun laws do. They make the judicial system irrational. NExt thing you know, people will be arrested just for defending themselves against the resident crackheads in New York. What a fucked up city.

  26. JG

    Hey Harry Doyle (who is so smart he posted twice at #17 and #18),

    My point wasn’t about the legality of the situation… my point is about the insanity of the law. To make open possession of firearms at presidential speeches legal, while making concealed possession in a private car illegal is bona fide insane. Or, as I said in my earlier post, f*cked up.

  27. Harry Doyle

    JG – You’re still an idiot.

    The guy was not carrying a gun at the presidential speech. He was outside the venue. Even the Secret Service said that he was not a threat. Plaxico took the concealed gun into a club and shot it, not his car.

  28. Rossco

    @ 26
    The people with the firearms were never anywhere near the president. The president was in a gymnasium in a school. Schools are off-limits to firearms, though so is any location where the president is. The people with the firearms were at an entirely separate location set up for public viewing down the street.

  29. They should have tacked another year on for that stupid fucking name.

  30. TNT

    Ehhh. This seems extremely harsh. And I hate the Giants.

  31. Shep

    Wow, the NFL is going to have a new expansion team soon, called the USA correctional Institution all stars……

    How much money do you need to make legally before you stop doing illegal things? Is there a dollar amount for that? Cause if I was a millionaire I don’t think i’d risk doing dumb illegal shit like carrying guns or setting up dog fighting rings at my house but then again I’m white, so what do I know. That probably sounds a little racist but seriously, come on……

  32. DCMikeRotch

    With that suit & stache, he looks like a black Boris from Rocky & Bullwinkle

  33. slipchot

    Oh, Fish. All that talent, and slumming with the ‘gangsta Sarah Palin’ joke? It’s below you.

  34. Michael Yasenchok

    Didn’t this site use to be funny?

  35. Tuppy Glossop

    Idiots playing with guns they can’t keep track of end up shooting people. This idiot just happened to shoot himself. Next time, who knows? In two years when he gets out ( a convict who can no longer own or carry a gun) we’ll see who gets shot the next time he goes clubbing…

  36. norton

    A man of his size and he feels it necessary to carry a weapon?

    Or is this more thug behavior from the thug crowd……. when is this urban black mythology going to finally go away?

    The “man” ain’t keepin’ ‘ya down now folks. One a ‘ya own runnin’ the cuntry now motha-fucka.

  37. Del

    It is about time … so much for the NFL.

  38. duh

    No worries. Obama is gonna swoop in and save by butt. He cool.

  39. duh

    No worries. Obama is gonna swoop in and save my butt. He cool.

  40. richbike

    #11 Thanks for setting me straight. Yes, I meant ‘discreet housecalls. I’m just as dumb as Burgess :)

  41. Dan Montana

    Monkeys should not wear suits!!!!!

  42. plaxico is king douche

    Look at the pathetic douchebags defending their hero. Maybe you maggots can bow down and pray in the direction of the prison where your hero will be housed for the next two years and give him a blowjob when he gets out.

  43. Deacon Jones


  44. dieobamadie

    Another piece of shit thug off the streets. Now if we could just ditch the entire Obama administration we’d be set. I hear a group of 2 year olds could run the country better than those Communist morons.

  45. fucknutz


  46. Martina

    Gee .. why are our prisons overcrowded? 2 years in jail for shooting himself in his thigh? Our country is so f***ing dumbed down, it’s unbelievable.

  47. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What fucking difference does it make????? He was a millionaire before he went into jail, he will be a millionaire after he gets out of jail – and land a job that will pay him much more. Most of the rest of us will keep ourselves out of jail for the privelege and reward to work our ass off for nothing………….

  48. Crocoduck

    “Hey, big boy, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  49. jose

    NY wants to make an example out of him and I kinda respect that. I personally have zero tolerance for all these wannabe hard gansta badass shitheads who run around with illegal guns. Why do you think the US is the murder capital of the world. And why do you think the UK has so little murders.. they dont allow guns, not even the cops use em. All you hicks out there can take your Right to bear arms and stick up your ass. How bout the right to EVOLVE, or the right to unwedge our heads from our asses. The problem is, there are SO many guns out there that we’ve reached the point of no return and we weill always be the murder capital of the world and sadly even making an example of this guy isnt gonna do shit. Id rather see him playing football but then again if he’s that much of an asshole he deserves to do some time. I agree though, 2 years is way harsh considering all the other fuckheads out there doing worse but getting less punishment.

  50. To the guy above me

    If people want to kill others they will kill them, its not because of gun laws. Lets be honest with our selves the UK has way less murders because they have way less black people, same reason Canada has way less murders. Stats are stats how long does american have to play dumb to the facts.

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