PlasticHeidi BotoxFace in Lingerie

February 15th, 2010 // 304 Comments

And we’re back to this.

You know you’re broke when you invite the paparazzi into your Valentine’s Day suite that it’s painfully clear no one is having sex in. Unless you count Spencer Pratt masturbating to gay porn while Heidi’s power core charges and realizing she’s easy to clean. “Ha ha. It’s like coming on a vinyl seat. Whee!”


  1. Jennifer Gray

    Is there a way to reverse plastic surgery to make you look like you did before? I as well as Heidi, and many others would be interested. Also, how about tattoo removal that really works? Please help us????

  2. DB

    I just threw up.. alot.

  3. yep

    God, when is this whore going to die? Not fast enough I guess

  4. wow

    this is BEYOND desperate. so sad, i almost feel sorry for her.

  5. Go away Heidi. It’s over.

  6. Ty

    What a LOSER

  7. bobbi

    what the hell was the point of these shitty pictures? is she trying to get a job as a fredericks of hollywood model?

  8. It’s silly. She could’ve been doing this stuff for free before, and I would’ve been content to look at it.

    Now she wasted a bunch of money looking like a creepy old mannequin, and this stuff doesn’t work anymore.

  9. K

    This is a clip from season two of ‘The Hills.’

    Look how gorgeous she was before.

    It’s actually really sad.

  10. What a stupid whore

    This whore is 100% totally pathetic. Her plastic face is disgusting, her fake titties are a joke, and she’s got the IQ of an icecube. Time for her to move into porn…

  11. Walter

    Where do you stick the air pump?

  12. really really sad.

  13. matt

    I’d hit that any day, any time, any where…

  14. Wow! That’s all I can say! She’s definitely like a hardcore pornstar in youjizz. LOL. Hey, keeping posing girl!

  15. dumb

    Those are the weirdest looking photos I have ever seen. With all the balloons and valentines day candy colors, the pics look like a promotion for Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory

  16. How sad. All of that plastic surgery and she now looks like a Victoria’s Secret model picked up on the offramp of the interstate.

  17. How sad. All of that plastic surgery and she now looks like a Victoria’s Secret model picked up on the offramp of the interstate.

  18. Stupid

    I never understood why married women (and men) take pics like this for the world to see. This stuff is for a husband and wife’s eyes only. It’s like they’re begging for adultery and infidelity to occur in their marriages. And, what makes it worse is this girl is supposedly a Christian.

    Spencer & Heidi, don’t come crying to the media when one of you cheats on the other…

  19. metwo

    There is just one problem with her and this was true even before all the surgeries: she isn’t sexy. I’ve seen more sexy in sweat pants and ugg boots and I hate ugg boots.

  20. metwo

    There is just one problem with her and this was true even before all the surgeries: she isn’t sexy. I’ve seen more sexy in sweat pants and ugg boots and I hate ugg boots.

  21. Sophia


  22. truf

    i thought she had lipo? did they miss her thighs?

  23. Tanzarian

    My penis just threw up.. alot.

  24. yodeez

    looked way better before. what a dumb bitch.

  25. QueenB

    This was SUCH a mistake for her. She was annoying before, but still YOUNG looking. Now she is annoying and OLD looking. Whats she gonna do when Spencer Douchebag wants a new “mommy” figure and tosses her out? She’ll still be young, and simple minded with the looks of a middle-aged bag! NOT a good combination!!

  26. lololololol

    heidi would be a great porn star. i would actually give her respect points if she made the switch. if you’re going to get size ddd boobs it makes no sense to not do porn.

  27. jim

    meh… id fuck it. but then again id fuck alot of things. anything really, as long as there was a place to stick it in. a hole is a hole in the dark.

  28. ewwwwwww

    she fucked up. she used to be ok looking. now she looks like an ugly 60 year old real estate agent who had a fucked up face lift. :( ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  29. jzz

    looks like her chin grew back.
    I guess it regenerates like a lizard’s tail.

  30. spicy

    she looks high on something. fucked up too. this is just plain whore material. porn now

  31. lola

    She isn’t smiling because it would make her nose look bigger, not because her face is frozen.

  32. WhoCares

    I see porn in the near future for her.

  33. who

    what a dumb bitch

  34. Speed Racer

    Did she see these photos before they went online? Her legs look HORRIBLE! That will be the next 10 surgeries. The photographer did NOT do a good job of featuring her assets and hiding her flaws!

  35. Mr. Nice Guy

    She did look better before, but she is still a Great looking woman,

  36. Two words:

    Boris Karloff.

  37. Cumquat

    She can’t make any expression except for “painful anal bleaching face”.

  38. Claire

    she is starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein – google her if you don’t know who she is…. scary….

  39. I thought the same thing when I read that Diana! How ironic that his favorite thing is also the only ‘natural’ thing on her. I wonder if she picked up on that?

  40. Jimmy

    She looks like the milf of a 16 year old. Sad part is she’s not 35, she’s 23.

    She’s delusional… said something like “People don’t understand that the industry I’m in, you have to look a certain way.” First of all, WHAT INDUSTRY ARE YOU IN? Second of all, the best actresses and singers out there have not gone through that many plastic surgeries in 10 years, let alone one day… if they even went through ANY.

  41. wow, I guess she is being an all out-christian with that strawberry? poor girl, she was prettier before the surgery

  42. blergh

    Ewwww this bitch is still a nasty, ugly talentless horseface, please do NOT tell me she thinks she is sexy, I feel like vomiting.

  43. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looked fine before her marriage.

  44. I’d like to watch porn with her.

  45. Schwing

    @ 143: Xenu says: I am great, volcano breath..

  46. Al

    The photos are clearly a disappointment, the outfit looks cheap and covers too much, the breasts disappear in the material and the poses are woefully cheap and common. Hopefully the photographer trashed his Hasselblad after he looked at the prints. If Montag wants to pose again for Playboy, putting out this kind of crap will not get her there by lowering her value. The kid needs management to guide her career to avoid these bad PR potholes she always seems to run into.

  47. Her face is looking terrible in those last 2 pictures. She’s looking like Corky Thatcher’s oldest daughter. I guess she will just have to settle to do porn videos now.

  48. rex kramer

    It usually takes generations upon generations of inbreeding to get eyes as dead as those.

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