PlasticHeidi BotoxFace in Lingerie

February 15th, 2010 // 304 Comments

And we’re back to this.

You know you’re broke when you invite the paparazzi into your Valentine’s Day suite that it’s painfully clear no one is having sex in. Unless you count Spencer Pratt masturbating to gay porn while Heidi’s power core charges and realizing she’s easy to clean. “Ha ha. It’s like coming on a vinyl seat. Whee!”


  1. Megan

    Hahaha, Jesus. I didn’t think her open mouth shit could get any more annoying, but there it is. Except now it’s exceptionally hilarious, especially the pics where she’s “eating.” All I hear is “heeerrrppppp!!” or some equally retarded noise when I see her gaping gob. An idiot with too much money and no idea what to do with it, who ruins her face, hairline, and eyebrows, and is obviously bad in bed but still tries to be some kind of “sex symbol.”

    She’s absolutely got to be fucking the paparazzi as payment for them being #2 on her speed dial. Of course, Ken doesn’t care; he’s out getting butt-fucked by crack heads in the alleys of Beverly Hills. The next time I want to see her on here, she better have died in a luge accident going 90 mph into a pole somewhere.

  2. Shawn_solo

    She’s literally incapable of a real smile, isn’t she? How horrific. I forget, what did Jesus say about plastic surgery? He was all for it, right? Barf!

  3. Budashes

    I thought we wouldn’t have to see any more pics of these idiots. She’s a pathetic freak.

  4. Hamburgler

    She looks good to me. I’d certainly do her. And you motherscratchers think she’s ugly?

  5. chizzle

    who cares, she looks hot. I’d fuck her

  6. Fugly


  7. Josh

    Looks like this chick could take a hit on the chin from Tyson and not feel a damn thing.

  8. blah

    LMFAO. Epic Fail.

  9. frozen

    Anyone else notice that she is incapable of a full smile now? Her face is frozen. She is going to look so bad by the time she is 30. I pity her because its sad to see someone that unhappy with themselves that she has to put on such an idiotic show and destroy her body for attention.

  10. Brian

    Is her box as plastic as her fuglyface? Stupidcunt should just kill herself.

  11. kpatra

    please dont take the fact that i just gave these pictures hits as indication that i want to actually see any posts about heidi. i just couldnt resist and now i feel so ashamed. she really was so much prettier before.

  12. Sledman

    Wow, now that she’s animated she looks just like she did before all the recent surgery only now shes got a square jaw to go along with the long face.

  13. boyingcruz

    bring on the porn now!

  14. Dr.

    Hot. I’d hit that until I died a happy man.

  15. jenn

    what happened? she looked really bad and puffy in the first pictures that came out. in her “yoga” pictures it was generally agreed that she looked good because the swelling had gone down. and now she looks horrible again. hmm…?

  16. Heather

    Put some makeup on it.

  17. t-wizzle

    OMG, I have those same panties and they are crotchless!!


    can we see her COCK please??

  19. Seriously, what do her parents think of this? (shakes head)

  20. Dr. del Villar

    OMG, Heid-Stein stole the look of Freddy Mercury chin…..!! Excesive botox and surgeries transforms this idiot in female version of Robert Z’Dar….yikes!

  21. NL

    am I the only one who thinks that she has a Terminator’s jaw, especially in the first pictures?

    Arnold must be proud!

  22. Ripper Owens

    Whats up with that chin?

    See used to be doable. Now she looks kinda like a younger “Rocky Dennis”.

  23. SO RIGHT

    What a drag to spend a ton of money on plastic surgery and come out looking WORSE! UGH!

  24. natali

    the last thing she need right now is a brain surgery… did she forgot that one???

  25. ChicagoEric

    tik, tok, tik, tok……buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You’re time is up and no you can’t feed the meter for another 15 minutes.

  26. joeblow

    What a ho.

  27. AnnaDraconida

    Fuck ugly-now in plastic!

  28. AnnaDraconida

    Fuck ugly-now in plastic!

  29. AnnaDraconida

    FUGLY-now in plastic!

  30. Covert Koala

    I think she’s one dirty video away from coming back, either showing penetration w/ her strap-oning Spencer or showing him penetrating her, both would be equally amazing (not the ass Spencer, that’s cheating)

  31. me again

    what a weirdo

  32. NowIFeelBetterAboutMyself

    She looked plastic-perfect in the first post-surgery pics, now her eyes and jawline remind me of… Tori Spelling. What the hell?

  33. Bob

    I love her looks and would fuck her anytime, anyplace

  34. carlos

    her jaw is as big as don corleone’s

  35. medi0169

    Her jaw now reminds me of the Predator.

  36. Kendra

    Her jaw looks like Stan on American Dad.

  37. E

    What is that thong on the bed? Are we supposed to assume she took her panties off? DISTURBING!!!!!!

  38. G&T

    Can’t wait to see her in a bikini!
    And I’m eternally grateful for excluding her fake husband from these sets!

  39. norteco664

    She looks great in pic 13, I think she’s hot, I would’t say no to her if she wants some sexy time with me

  40. Mama Pinkus

    Dear God, this poor wretched thing gets all her self-worth from superficial sexual validation and appears to be terrified of aging at the ripe old age of 23. There will not be a pretty ending for this story.

  41. Kodos

    If you look at these pics for more than 3 seconds, your penis will die for 37 hours….

  42. J.J

    Okay what the hell? Maybe its just the lack of makeup, but she is beginning to look freaky, seriously. Very unnatural looking face. I can only imagine what she’ll look like at 40 *shudders* It’s her body and she can do whatever obviously…but this is just sad…she is 23.

  43. Cartman

    Paris Hilton called and wants her wonky eye back.

  44. oops

    looks like jenna jameson. Her face is just creepy now…and they should have fixed her jaw! haha

  45. Dr. Frankenstien

    her chin is still so big that she stilll looks like FRANKENSTIEN! ewwwwwwwww bigger than jay lenos filthy chin … grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  46. vm

    her chin still looks like jay leno’s…

  47. she looked better before she got all nip tucked. But so did lil Kim, 5 more years and she will have those outta control hollywood lips.

  48. I forgot, what is it she does again.

  49. Omar

    Why is it in her yoga photos she looked incredibly hot and perfect, now she is resembling a plastic alien freak here?

  50. Aims

    She looks like a tranny now – actually I know trannies who are better looking than this!!!!!!!

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