PlasticHeidi BotoxFace in Lingerie

February 15th, 2010 // 304 Comments

And we’re back to this.

You know you’re broke when you invite the paparazzi into your Valentine’s Day suite that it’s painfully clear no one is having sex in. Unless you count Spencer Pratt masturbating to gay porn while Heidi’s power core charges and realizing she’s easy to clean. “Ha ha. It’s like coming on a vinyl seat. Whee!”


  1. Ouch


  2. Via Cincy


  3. Crabby Old Guy

    Cool, Barbie has a lame wanabe porn set up now! Those folks at Mattel think of every angle! Can’t wait to see Ken all dressed up pimp-like. Yo!

  4. Jade

    She needs to stop trying to pursue music and get in the porn industry. It’s really the only thing she will actually be good at. And damn did she waste her money on her face. She still fugly……….just sayin..

  5. Kayla

    Damn, 12+ plastic surgeries and she’s STILL ugly. How depressing.

  6. ....

    Looks like a pornstar…

  7. Anna

    Nice work on the chin. She went from looking like like a witch to having a Frankenstein jawline. Idiot whore.

  8. j2k

    Shit, I think she might actually have managed to cross the uncanny valley in reverse.


    I thought we had moved on from posting up every stupid thing this plastic bitch does?

    Come on Fish..

  10. Saucy

    She was so much better looking before….Annoying either way.

  11. kaylia

    she is sooo close to a carrier in porn… who is this bitch anyway?

  12. Kaylia

    she is sooo close to a career in porn… who is this bitch anyway?

  13. marmar

    It was so much better when her face was too stiff to move and she couldn’t make these ridiculously vapid expressions she thinks are sexy. Maybe she should get some more botox so way she can train her face to look human.

  14. AteIsEnough

    @12…totally agree. At least the douche she’s married to isn’t included.

  15. ChappedStick

    and i thought she looked ugly before….woof

  16. Armando

    Poor Heidi, she just needs a dude with nine inches or better. Add a couple of eightballs and we have a weekend.
    Call me babe!

  17. boner

    i just masturbated and busted a fat nut to these pics. i feel dirty now.

  18. Kathleen

    Congratulations, you actually managed to make yourself uglier.

  19. Jesus H Christ. She looks like a rhinoceros that lost weight, ran it self off a fucking bridge, got raped by a bunch of pygmies and then went fishing for 5 years in the deep south with cousin jed. How could she possibly think that plastic surgery would help her situation. She was much better looking before all this bullshit. What a shame.

  20. Beebee

    I bet when she finally does smile, her face is gonna crack like concrete on a hot day

  21. NG

    When is Spencer doing his plastic makeover? He could start by removing his nuts and then they’d be a perfect couple.

  22. I see fat rolls and cellulite…just sayin.
    Not that I have any room to talk, but she seems to have a problem with both so I thought i’d point it out.

    also… how uncomfortable does she look? It’s like a cross between having to take a dump, having a dildo shoved up her ass, sitting on a dog and about to puke.

  23. Stacey

    She reduced her chin, but why does her jaw look more manly then ever now? She looks like a tranny.

  24. JR

    Fish made a good call. There’s about as much sex happening in that room as your average Sci Fi convention.

    I take that back. The Sci Fi nerds get more sex.

  25. AliKat

    I’m impressed! Finally a gal taking an active roll in making herself look like the best drag queen she can be! FABULOUS!!!

  26. Ralphie

    Jesus is rolling over in his grave!

  27. lol?


  28. Stop hating…she looks hot.

  29. Stacey

    Seriously WTH is going on with that jaw in pic #1? It’s totally grossing me out.

  30. P.P. Douglas

    Her beautiful toes are her greatest asset and they aren’t really shown here, I hope she does more feet pics in the future because these don’t do her justice.

  31. Bob Smith

    At least she can’t do her signature mouth open pose anymore.

  32. rien

    @24 : exactly. This is just practice for her future career taking beer bottles and giant rubber dongers for the camera.

  33. joe lovehammer

    absolutely Heideous!…NOT sexy…I’d rather run my man-junk through one of those things they thread pipe with!

  34. arealcad

    Where did they shoot this cheap-ass set? A Holiday Inn?

    The stylist should of put a dust ruffle on the bed to cover the box spring and a Magic Fingers coin gizmo next to the bed.

  35. boo

    How is it that her chin still looks MASSIVE?????

  36. Amber

    I like how all the Fredericks bags and packages “just happen to be sitting there” but yet.. her panties are from Target and less than $10. I know this because I also have a pair. Classy, I know.

    I also like that she just sheds her outfit and throws it aside so it is still in all the shots. What a great photographer.

  37. Chocolate

    i thought she looked fake but good before – now she looks soo disgusting. this is not hot. her chin/jaw area looks like a mans…. what an idiot she ruined her face

  38. abby

    I don’t get the whole OPEN MOUTH thing. Is that her trademark? I don’t think she ever needed any work done on her face. Just close your mouth, it’s awkward.

  39. Superevil

    Fish if you despise this cunt so much how come every post with her ends up in the #1 spot on the So Freaking Hot section?

  40. the ultimate font of knowledge

    this bitch will commit suicide within the next 10 years

    bet on it

  41. LorenW

    She looked better before.

  42. black jesus

    btw did any of you guys ever see that movie called “Mask”? the old one with Cher in it

    yeh this is his sister

  43. Hottie Lover

    Poor thing… she looks ten years older now! This should teach young girls not to go nuts with this BS!!!

  44. Looking forward to the next one.

  45. katie

    she looks horrible

  46. Hottie Lover

    WTF?!!? Poor thing… she looks ten years older now! This should teach young girls not to go nuts with this BS!!! She was attractive when she started that foolish show!

  47. maham

    She is straight-up tranny now, holy fug.

  48. Pavementaled

    This is just like when that girl from Dirty Dancing changed her nose and didnt get work anymore, except for the lingerie pictures and playboy and a new possible playboy and a gay husband who doesnt care if he gives his wife naked to the world in the name of Jesus. So… yeah just like that.

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