The Superficial presents Plastic Surgery Gone WTF

January 8th, 2009 // 187 Comments

Welcome to The Superficial’s Gallery of Mangled Celebs. Here you’ll find a pictorial cavalcade of stars (With bitching commentary of course.) who thought they could cheat nature but ended up looking like, well, see for yourself….

Special thanks to Cindi for an insane amount of hours making my jokes all kinds of navigatable. That might not be a word, but it should be.

  1. Karan

    Could have been first if I had not punched myself in the face after viewing Donatella Versace.

    need some ice please

  2. InternetToughGuy

    I don’t know, that airhead from The Hills and the Spice Girl surgery looks pretty fucking good to me. But I’ll fuck any chick that isn’t fat. Except for Micky Rourke and the previous two bimbos, the rest are freak shows. What the fuck is that thing in picture #11? Is that seriously a human? Fuck that. The doctor that did that has no ethics. Both should be shot for continiung to fuck our society up with their blatant disregard for moderation.

  3. da mann

    First, cunts.

  4. ohmyholyfinggod

    Donatella. Must. Die.

    Oh, wait… already happened.

  5. isitin

    There are some horrible looking people on this list.

  6. Karan

    Oh looks like a lot of people gauged out their eyes at the images cause I’m first after reading each description … still standing bitches


  7. rustingrabbit

    This was entertaining.

  8. Karan

    Oh looks like a lot of people gauged out their eyes at the images cause I’m first after reading each description … still standing bitches

    WEED trumps your ass Da mann suck it hard mofo

  9. Junkyard Dog!! HAH! I like this new superfish.

  10. No, No, Please STOP!!!

    *inhales deeply*

  11. meee

    dude his name isn’t “flava flav” it’s flavOR flav. get it right, geez.

  12. britney's weave

    after seeing jessica simpson’s lips, i can see why you left lisa rinna out.

  13. my comment

    After looking closely at each one, I decided that Donatella Versaci is the FUGLIEST of them all. She really looks that way! The rest of them all did it to themselves. She’s naturally horrifying.

  14. KokCheez

    That’s just a hole to insert your cock into.

  15. KG

    Michael Jackson looks like the guy from V for Vendetta.

  16. stephanie

    ahahahaha, The Neverending Story!

    and I dunno what’s completely up with Tori Spelling… but she’s always had that cave… weird.

  17. Falula

    You forgot Nikki Cox. WTF is wrong with these people?!

  18. That looks painful!!!!

  19. chuck

    Jocelyn Wildenstein = Rocky Dennis

  20. moobs

    Bunch of freaks.

  21. Ally

    Lil Kim apparently has jaundice.

  22. moobs

    What an incredibly stupid “culture” that we’re all lumped into. Bunch of idiot airheads with arrogant and selfish egos enjoying the ‘punch drunkedness’ of their extended 15 minutes and trying to turn it into careers.

    The souls have obviously been sold.

  23. lola richie

    Actually I think Donatella Versace has a beautiful face.. whatever else she did to herself from starvation and tanning has really messed her up. But her face looks kind of like my grandmother, a strong beautiful Native American. The funny thing is that she looks older than grannie ;) No comments on the others. I ask you, would you change something that you hate about yourself if it is obvious that you had plastic surgery?

  24. Northernlight

    This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it… What the F is up with plastic surgery? Obviously you were famous before you had it done, so why change? People are going to make fun of you whether you had surgery or not, so next time, keep your money, suck it up, and realize that being ugly is sometimes better (and more fun!) than being vapid! Take care ya punk bitched, I’m outtt!

  25. timmy the dying boy

    Junkyard Dog? Damn, I thought she was One Man Gang.

  26. Fati

    Tori Spelling always had weird boobs. Even when she was in BH 90210, her boobs were big but oddly saggy. This may not necessarily be a plastic surgery gone sour.

  27. Mia


    Best Superficial post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mia


    Best Superficial post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lydia

    What’s wrong with Priscilla Presley? Other than being a bit frozen and the messy lips, I think she looks great for her age. Even pretty. She’s kept her eyes crystal clear!

    And I can’t believe Donatella Versace’s profession is telling the rest of us how to look.

  30. Mal


  31. scabbeus

    That is no Donatella – that is David Lee Roth!

  32. Tiinaa

    I still think Victoria Beckham is hot/glamorous, fake boobs and all.

  33. Loki

    What about Carrot Top?
    I mean, Jeebus, how much more wrong can it get?

  34. -There is no way Donatella is better looking than Predator!
    -why is jessica on this list,,,Id like to feed those lips some Rough jelly thats for sure…

  35. We are expected to like most of these “MUPPET SHOW”-personalities, folks?

  36. Lemmy Caution

    Tori could store a spare golf ball, making her finally and perhaps ultimately useful.

  37. Lemmy Caution

    Tori could store a spare golf ball, making her finally and perhaps ultimately useful.

  38. Marissa

    You forgot to add the entire cast of the Rock of Love Bus!

  39. OH hell no! I’m eating cannelloni for dinner and gotta deal with Lil Kim’s Godzilla face and Spice chick’s light bulb tits?

    PS: Da Man is aiming a .45 aimed at his head now!

  40. peckerheaded stepchild

    What about Meg Ryan?! Damn, she got funky face.

  41. k8

    I’ve enjoyed the superficial for 3 years, but seriously this totally boosted my self-esteem haha.

    sweet (allegedly) hot, muscly, sexy website guy!

  42. Steve O

    Tori Spelling? Is it legal to transplant a butthole between two phony tits?

  43. toshi

    Brigitte looks good. The rest are LOLWTF.

  44. Aja ( the real )

    That number 11 is Jocelyn Wildenstein, and I must say she looks 5 percent less scary now, reduced her lips and chin…

  45. fuckstocker

    Tori Spelling
    Brigitte Nielsen
    Joan Rivers
    Pamela Anderson
    Jodie Marsh
    LaToya Jackson
    Michael Jackson
    Mickey Rourke
    Victoria Beckham
    Tara Reid
    Jocelyn Wildenstein
    Donatella Versace *gag*
    Priscilla Presley
    Li’l Kim
    Heidi Montag
    Jessica Simpson

    Your fuckstocks are assprone, nutcockers.

  46. Barry O

    The icing on Jodie Marsh’s outfit is you can see the implant scar on her right nipple.

  47. ooolala


  48. Gertrude

    Oh that is a good laugh dose on a friday morning.
    Thanks for this amazing collection.

    You definitely need to prepare your next shot, so don’t forget to include Meg Ryan and Sylverster Stallone’s horrifying mom.

  49. ItCouldBeAnyone

    Talk about house of horrors. This is a cautionary tale to the Miley Cryus and all the other young celebrities today: GOING UNDER THE KNIFE TOO MUCH ISN’T COOL!

  50. guhleeenda

    where’s nikki cox?! so she needs to be on this list.

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