Pitt and Jolie may be secretly married

March 3rd, 2006 // 46 Comments

*brad_angelina_thumb2.jpgAngelina Jolie has reportedly been seen wearing a gold band on her ring finger, sparking speculation she and Brad Pitt have married in secret. The couple have rented an apartment in Paris and it was there that Jolie was spotted wearing the apparent wedding band. “Brad and Angelina have their own secret and the rings are part of it. In her mind, they are married,” a source was quoted as saying.

I’m not sure what “in her mind, they are married” means. Hell, in my mind I’m a lumberjack known as Mighty Joe Testicles, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how I’ll be introducing myself to the in-laws. But hey, whatever you say Angelina.

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  1. crazydelicious

    they are so fucking stupid

  2. downshine

    wooot! first comment. go brangelina. and their cute kids.

  3. Sassy



  4. snark

    Seriously. Brangelina is sooooooooo 2005.


    hope angelina does a better job of losing the baby weight then britney did. maybe pitt just recycled his bands from his aniston wedding i mean why let those things go to waste right?

  6. bafongu

    I heard that Jolie is now trying to adopt the New York Knicks. She’s also bidding against Michael Jackson for the Elephant Man’s bones and has a tattoo of my dick on her cheek that she covers with makeup. I really did hear that…honest…

  7. Maddox officiated and Zahara played the organ. At the reception, they all chased the purple elephants wearing beanies.

  8. Cheyenne_1

    AJ has never been the most balanced sort…

    Anyway, this is just a re-hash of the Liz Taylor – Eddie Fischer — Debbie Reynolds debacle. Quirky but beautiful Liz steals characterless Eddie away from wholesome, loveable but less glamorous Debbie.

    Same shit different flies.

  9. snark

    Interesting! Wonder how long Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie will last…Liz Taylor & Eddie Fischer lasted 5 years.

  10. tits_on_snack

    I like how the superficial updates have turned into competitions to get the “first post!!!!”. Come on people. I read these comments so I can entertain myself at work while I’m supposed to be doing my job, not so I can see who replied first.
    Then again, these people who claim first post status are usually bumped down by someone else who got there first, and that’s mildly entertaining. So carry on.

  11. kuennen sux

    YAY! I am number 11!

  12. mentosgirl

    This one is totally different. They are totally in love. They will name their baby Mandela Gahndi and grow old together.

    She is so over wearing blood around her neck and making out with her brother. They have grown up and know true love from the inside out.


  13. I really wonder what is up with them, but I still say Jennifer is better off.

  14. Foxbase Alpha

    Angelina is only proved married if she is wearing a tiny vial of Brad’s blood around her neck.

  15. Good for them. I met my wife on the set of a movie too. “Anal Assassins #38″, ever hear of it? Of course we didn’t star in it, she was a fluffer and I cleaned the jizz off the floor after…We’ve been together for 2 months. Who said matches made in Hollywood don’t last. GO FOR IT BRANGELINA!

  16. sqongo


  17. HollyJ

    “In other news, Paris doctors today were able to confirm with MRI that Brad Pitt IS, in fact, far up the ass of Angelina Jolie. Doctors at Paris’s Piti

  18. chelleann66

    We all may secretly saying “who gives a fuck?”.

  19. jugsgirl

    Brangelina Stories are so boring.

    In other news,

    today is my sister’s birthday!

  20. jugsgirl

    i miss the blood sucking angelina

  21. bjpack

    Actually I secretly married Angelina. I just haven’t figured out how to tell her.

  22. This couple bores me as much as any article about Jennifer Anniston’s new hairstyle. The ring was probably one of her nipple rings that fell off and she put it on her finger for safe-keeping.


    #21 BJPACK-actually I married Angelina in a same sex union in VT but after I told her there’d be no little cambodians in my house she anulled our marriage and moved on. I still have her vagina on display in my living room waiting for her return. I charge $3 admission if your interested.

  24. amma

    Yeah well see, this can’t be for real, because in my mind, I’m already married to Brad;)

  25. xd

    god I really do have a big crush on Angelina Jolie<3
    Brad Pitt is very hot too, great great couple, I’m so proud of them!!!;)

  26. BarbadoSlim

    You know, I sometimes wonder if Ang is the kind of gal that you find hovering over you with a knife while you are sleeping peacefully at 3:ooam.

    gotta love that wacko.


    I hope they are, They are a beautiful couple, and Good people. I wish them the best of the best, they deserve it.. Team Jolie

  28. jugsgirl

    Team Superfish!

  29. metroville

    You know what else they secretly are? Attractive.

  30. lysistrata11

    You know what else they secretly aren’t? Interesting. Or compatible, in all likelyhood.

  31. SparklingStarlet

    downshine, how old are you? SIGN OFFLINE AND JOIN THE REAL WORLD, you flaming loser.

    k bye.

  32. kalla

    they are boring me to death-they both suck

  33. ESQ

    I heard Angelina’s brother was the best man, just in case to take Brad’s place if it did not work out.

    I am wondering if they are borrowing the same ultrasound machine that TomKat bought.

  34. gogoboots

    They’re boring already, it’s not like TomKat, where we know that Tom is fucking insane. Brad and Angie are both fucking gorgeous and that’s all there is to it. They won’t have a scary alien baby like TomKat, you can’t even imagine how Brangelina’s offspring is going to be actually, probably making all other celeb offspring look like dogshit in comparison. YAWN!

  35. zena marie

    What’s all the twaddle about their supposedly superior DNA?

    Neither would’ve survived in the wild past the age of twelve or thriteen.

    Brad’s ability to morph into whatever female would’ve served him well, until he bonded witha female rhinocerous. Angie would have either been gang banged to death by her male family members or would’ve drowned out in the rain.

  36. PostAcidYouth

    i feel horribly sorry for their children. Angelina seems the kind of mother who would force her kids to eat lentils all the time

    I give her a week before she turns to kabbalah

  37. ribbit25

    AJ carries a vial of BP’s baby gravy in a vial in her, soon to be a big stretched out mess of a, vagina.

  38. happy_bunny

    I bet Chinnifer Chinniston’s pissed off. Serves her right for refusing to have Brad’s baby. She’s ugly and Angelina’s GORGEOUS.

    That’s all the brangelina blog comment cliches I can think of for now.

  39. ButtSnack

    I think there is an awful lot going on “in her mind” that we don’t know about. Nor do I WANT to know about. Once a psycho, always a psycho.

    Brad’s a little pussy hanger-onner and as soon as he can chew the chains off he’ll get rid of her crazy ass. If she says it’s ok first.

  40. LaydeeBug

    Ay, who fucking cares. Everyone knows AJ is the rooster in that hen-house. She calls all the shots and if and when the guy gets fed up, she’s gone. Brad has no macho points from me.

  41. LaydeeBug

    #13, Darby I have to agree with you. (all past quarrels notwithstanding)

  42. Becky

    “Brad and Angelina have their own secret…”?!? LMAO



    Laughing Out Loud @ Chinnnifer Chinniston.



    It has been said that when two extremly beaufiful like brad and Angie make a baby, it turns out ooogooly,, I hopt it is not the case for them,, I love them as a couple and family.

  45. WoodyWoodPecker

    This area of their thing is boring and old. They are probably already married but who reaLly cares. She is fine as fine can get, but I rather she nude pics of her. Seriously, this union is a lot more about comfort for both cause they seem to like a lot of the same stuff and that’s why it ain’t that interesting. The only thing keeping it alive is that both are hot to their respective fans or non fans, and they are both talented (yep, it’s true she won an oscar and he has made a lot of movies that at least have earned him that).

  46. they have said long ago that they would not get married to show their solidarity with gay and lesbian couples who cannot legally get married.

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