Return of The Pippa Middleton Butt Hour

June 9th, 2011 // 87 Comments

After subjecting you to the scorn of British asses, the least I can do is regale you with its pride, so here’s Pippa Middleton walking in Chelsea today as global stock markets are literally made and broken based on the curvature of her butt. It’s getting that out of hand. In the meantime, every single Dutch person with Internet access is about to come through here (They fucking love this thing.), so excuse me while I make them feel at home with an offensively-mangled Google translation:

Welkom op mijn nederige internet site waar ik opzeggen Mike Myers en zijn gruwelijke karakterisering van de Nederlanders in de Austin Powers-filmreeks. Gelieve te genieten van de kwaliteit Pippa Middleton kont foto’s nauwgezet geselecteerd uit de beste van de foto-agentschappen. In ruil daarvoor zal ik nu accepteren gebruikelijke aanbiedingen van uw meest mooie vrouwen en gratis vliegtickets naar hun hurken voor de juiste snelheid en sandwich-dynamiek te inspecteren.

Goede dag.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. David Vandenbossche

    We all know how the media make their stories about nothing at all and this is just the same. Look at the pictures, she looked great at the wedding and her body was perfect in that dress, but that’s it. Nobody cares anymore. If only the media knew.

  2. Misana

    What is so fantastic about this girl’s butt? She doesn’t have any. This is the most amount of sh*t I have ever come across!

  3. CMD

    Precisely, WHAT is all the fuss about?!!? The dress is pretty though!

  4. Coco

    Google translate sucks and so does mike meyers. I’m Dutch and pippa’s non existing 6 year old ass suck the most. Every Dutch person who thinks her ass is hot should move to England

  5. Jade

    Fish, leave the translations up to those who can. Want als wij Nederlanders geen Engels konden lezen, dan zouden we hier niet zijn. Er zijn landen waar mensen meer dan 1 taal spreken. Throw that through google translations. I’m sure it’ll come up with an interesting result.

    Anyway, what’s so interesting about Pippa that it warrants a separate post? She’s not even that pretty or remarkable bodywise.

  6. leechan marbaniang

    i want to see your face not only your ass

  7. leechan marbaniang

    you have big ass and how your front part

  8. Anya

    This bitch has the wrinkled face of a 60 year old. Can’t believe she’s only 27, she’s got to stop tanning.

  9. Nooooodle

    I’m british and don’t understand y she’s made out to be stunning and apparently has a great ass? Its flat, the same as some 50yr old bird in tight jeans and camel toe, guys need to start looking at better asses tbh Britian sucks for asses!!

  10. Capt Spalding

    That ass may not be spectacular, but I’d still tap the shit out of it.

  11. Bessy

    my God… this girl has NO ASS at all. what is the problem???? Than again it’s what the britsh tabloids are known for…writing a whole lot of sh*t.

  12. Halsketten

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  13. Pippa Middleton Butt Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    Ass? Where?

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