Pink wears bikinis too

February 26th, 2007 // 279 Comments

Pink was spotted at Miami beach in her bikini last week. At least I think it’s Pink. I suspect the photographer may have gotten his photos of Pink mixed up with his photos of, well, a dude. Isn’t there some unwritten rule against wearing a bikini if you look like this? She (he?) looks like she’s three-quarters done with a sex-change operation, only I can’t tell which gender she’s switching from. I’m just glad she’s wearing pants and not a bikini bottom, because by now her vagina probably looks like some sort of claw.


  1. mia

    And why do you say I can’t read?

  2. mia

    (i’m so thrilled to see another occasion to clame that I speak french and that’s why i’m making typos. I really love myself.)

  3. Libraesque

    I’m not diggin this thread anymore
    I’m out

    see ya round the campfire motherfuckers!!!

  4. RichPort

    And yet further proof that L-esque acts exactly the way she looks in her myspace photo… hideous.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    @196…You just figured out I’m an asshole, you disappoint me. I thought you were made of sterner stuff than that, you are coming apart . I know what you are doing now, you are balling your fists, you are angry, you don’t know what to do. You have been destroyed, Ported, Biatchoed, Mommied and Slimmed.

    I’ll leave you with this, EVIL WILL ALWAYS WIN because good is DUMB.

  6. lesnotbefriends

    #255 And sometimes dumb is just…mia. #251/2

  7. mia

    I’m glad, I’m good.

  8. lesnotbefriends

    #257 Not the same thing. And thanks for proving my point.

  9. mia

    It is called a syllogism
    If good is dumb and I am dumb, then I am good.

  10. mslilypond

    I agree with post #163,
    I’ve never seen a v that deep on a female,
    even on an athletic female. Check Jackie Warner out from Bravo’s Workout, that woman has like 3% body fat and she doesn’t have a v like that. Nor do the photos I’ve seen of those scary gals – Female bodybuilders.

  11. jrzmommy

    It was killing her that no one had responded to her for about a half hour….she was just waiting and waiting and waiting…..

  12. mia

    Are you talking about yourself jrz(what the fuck is that)mommy? Because the description is quite confusing… I was having a ”conversation” with a very unpolite boy and nobody take care of yourself. So I assume that you are talking about yourself.

  13. mia

    She looks like my boyfriend when he was a teenage (except for the little feminine part)

  14. On a final note, Yes I am a Lesbian and yes I was ass raped by my brother who was gay at the time, I know it was my fault for wearing my hair too short.

    I lived next to a dumpster in West Hollywood on Shoreham Drive. Sylvia was my bitch and she would do all the panhandling while I attempted to suck dick for cash. I realized this wasn’t a good idea when after my first day I made 38 cents and Sylvia scored a bag of cheesburgers. Bitch.

  15. Libraesque

    OH MY GOD, I finally got “trolled”

    Listen, Wally, I don’t even “know” you. It’s real nice of you to take my blog about my neighbors suicide and turn it into that trash, you fucking cocksucker

    I may have to offer your friend RichPort some money, get your address and fucking kill you

  16. SucksToBeYou

    Libraesque, after viewing your photos I think you would be better off spending your money on Plastic Surgery or a very patient personal trainer. Or maybe you can stop eating whole sticks of butter.

  17. Libraesque

    that link is an account that THE TROLL set up. This fucking Numero Uno Asshole, copied stuff from my Myspace including my pictures and set up a phony account and added his own brand of immature, mentally unstable of “humor”
    Wally, or whoever you are, you messed with the wrong big dog, I’m in the legal field, get ready for it fucker. So actually #266 IT SUCKS TO BE WALLY
    I’m sure to pedophiles, a size 10 woman does look like she eats sticks of butter

    #264 how does it feel to be so pathetic? how does it feel to know that by doing things like that EVERYONE knows how fucked up you are, how you obviously NEVER get laid, you’ve never been on a date, you have no friends, you alienate everyone who comes in actual contact with you, and you were probably abused as a kid, over and over with a broomstick, because no one would actually want to touch you

  18. lesnotbefriends

    #259 In a perfect and logical world, yes. But in a perfect and logical world you’d be busy blowing the stockboys in the back room of your local Wal-Mart instead of being an annoying fuckwit who keeps posting here.

  19. Sadachbia

    Wow, she’s got Kouros hips! (Anyone who’s studied Greek history/art will know what I’m talking about. The rest of you can Google it.)

  20. chickee1979

    Ok, Yeay she may have those “manish hip muscle” things, but who cares! She is in kick ass shape! It takes a lot of effort to look like that. Props to her!

  21. LudivineKla

    everyones way too harsh on Pink, she a singer not a model and her songs aren’t bout a mission 2 get screwed up the arse by the entire rugby team, like the lyrics u find brit and one night in paris singin, she actually says something vaguely relevant

  22. SuperChic

    I thought she was a dyke. I still think she is a dyke. And the fact she got married to a man does not prove anything to me other than she married a man and is still a dyke.

  23. glysia20

    If you cover “her” Chest-ticles “she” looks like Matt Damon.

  24. please…no more…no more

  25. ignesandros

    Androgeny is very sexy in this day and age (the good kind at least). I’d have sex with her, boy parts or girl parts. She’s very attractive to me. Mmm… those hip bones!

  26. Ashley P

    I love pink and that pic looks like ellen degeneres

  27. Ashley P

    If pink sees tis email me please at Go pink

  28. mo

    Dude She’s HOT.
    You people are nuts.

  29. mo

    Dude She’s HOT.
    You people are nuts.

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