Pink wears bikinis too

February 26th, 2007 // 279 Comments

Pink was spotted at Miami beach in her bikini last week. At least I think it’s Pink. I suspect the photographer may have gotten his photos of Pink mixed up with his photos of, well, a dude. Isn’t there some unwritten rule against wearing a bikini if you look like this? She (he?) looks like she’s three-quarters done with a sex-change operation, only I can’t tell which gender she’s switching from. I’m just glad she’s wearing pants and not a bikini bottom, because by now her vagina probably looks like some sort of claw.


  1. biatcho

    Missionary Fats, you’re going to have to do a WHOLE lot better than that, you speckled crotch cricket.

  2. danielle


    speckled crotch cricket


  3. Defcon

    Oh darling that was so mature, you absolutely convinced me of your astounding character. Plus your arguments about why Pink is a negative role model blew me away. You sure as hell proved me wrong.

  4. cockblock

    #98 I don’t have to, you’ll put your size 12 in your own stupid mouth without any help. What’s wrong, slow day in Canada today? Oops I forgot- they all are.

  5. Juliabella

    B – congrats, you know how to impress all the right people.

  6. twzzlrgirl

    #88 – that’s true….i agree with you. It’s gone both ways, but for a long time the heterosexuals were pushing an agenda over gays/lesbians. I was more responding to those on this site/post.

    :) And yes, I make Freudian slips quite often! Keeps my friends on their toes.


  7. Juliabella

    #104 – good one. You are an excellent “me-too” type of person. Perhaps others besides my beloved biatcho will chime in, and then you can follow along afterwards.

  8. biatcho

    Missionary Fats, I don’t need to impress anybody. Just feel the need to shut the assholes up that are ruining what used to be a really fun place to waste the work day away. Speaking of wastes, have you commenced with your stereotypical suicide bombing yet?

  9. Juliabella

    Ah yes, “used to be”…on behalf of everybody who’s crapping up your site, I’m very sorry. Who do you want to get rid of first? Should we put the Japanese back in their camps, or go all the way back to slavery?

  10. Defcon

    To Twizz,
    Well seems we agree so I really don’t have much to say on the subject anymore. lol

    And I think we all do, it was kinda his point =D. That and your mother is the root of all problems which is ridiculous. But my opinion on historical psychologist is completely irrelevant.

    Hope you have a nice day.


  11. Libraesque

    biatcho, “to each his own” you are kidding, right?

    was it, or was it not you who, for no particular reason, stalked me on the internet, found my Myspace and saw I was a lesbian then came to this site and out of nowhere started calling me a big fat hairy dyke?????

    don’t be a fucking hypocrite you intolerant cunt. You’re homophobic, own it or shut the fuck up

  12. elizabeththewellread

    No shit, for a split second, I thought that was Eddie Izzard (whom I LOVE).

  13. twzzlrgirl

    Oh, and btw, I think Pink looks awful. Not because of the short hair or tattoos, but I think she’s just unattractive. However, I have a lot bigger problem with, say, Kirsten Dunst, who sets herself up as some cutie when she’s really frickin hideous. I deal a lot better with someone like Pink who isn’t out there trying to pass herself off as something she’s not.

    Hmmm….a serious post from me. I must not be drunk enough :)

  14. twzzlrgirl

    #111 — no offense, but is it really stalking if you are out there on the Internet with a picture/profile on Myspace? If anyone can find it, then someone looking doesn’t mean you’re being stalked.

  15. woodhorse

    #17 – Biel would win because she would grab Pinks’ very odd looking love handles.

    BIATCHO – Juliabella said she loves you. I know that doesn’t mean much from someone who thinks she’s from France, but she IS making an effort. Tommorrow she will decide that she doesn’t like being beat up and will go annoy her family for a few days. Patience isn’t your virtue but maybe you’re really good-looking. My point is, JULIABELLA DOESN’T GET IT AND NEVER WILL – WHY DO YOU TRY??

  16. Lowlands

    Now i know why she calls herself Pink.It’s a desperite referral to her female being.

  17. i don’t know of any one woman that would want to be as masculine (sp?) as this. unless you were one of those creepy steroid-driven body building no jennifer-love-hewitted (he)man.

    is she a creepy steroid-driven body building no jennifer-love-hewitted (he)man?

  18. danielle

    Pink is gorgeous. She is ripped and her husband Corey Hart is cute too. He had a big hit in the 80s with I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.

    I think Pink is a great role model for young women all over, lesbian or not.

  19. twzzlrgirl

    lol — i just noticed the skulls on the bikini….holy crap.

  20. Lowlands

    Having a high testeron-level Pink?

  21. whackjob

    It was February 26th, a cool, blustery Monday, one which I’d thought would be like others. The shouting, pointing, pushing and shoving, wild yo-mamma/no yo-mamma calling of names, and then

    it came; though

    2007, a mere thirty-seven days new

    a voice,

    hey babe




    the reprieve diminished, pardon revoked
    listen: Herbie, he spoke

  22. twzzlrgirl

    I’ve spent to much time here already, but #118, please tell me you’re kidding about the corey hart thing. Please.

  23. Defcon

    You spelled masculine right.

  24. Libraesque

    twiz, when the bitch-ho found my myspace, it was under my actual name, NOT Libraesque like it is now, so….you tell me if that qualifies as a stalker. She had to look long and hard to find some connection.

  25. Lowlands

    Girls with high testeron-level=girls who fuck your brains out,true story.

  26. Juliabella

    woodhorse – thank you for noting the olive branch I presented earlier to my beloved B. I thought it was a complete failure, but it provoked your comment, and now I think I love you. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Your own impatience licks me with the red flame of passion, just as your letters scream, caps-like, to my very soul. I will remember this day. Always.

  27. cockblock

    #126 REALLY fucking slow day in Canada.

  28. twzzlrgirl

    The Corey Hart that Pink married is NOT the 1980′s singer, you fruitloop.

    Please tell me you were kidding, and I’ll retract the fruitloop comment.

  29. Juliabella

    #127 – yes, that’s how we tag our days in Canada, slow, slower, and slowest. Slowest, for example, would be a day in which somebody said the same thing repeatedly, and for some reason bothered to type it in a box and hit a “Post” button. Possibly just to see if the ol’ caps key is still working? Outstanding.

  30. cockblock

    #129 Pity they didn’t similarly tag you.

  31. Juliabella

    #130 – good one! Yet “they” would be “we” if such tagging were to occur, yes? Self-alienation is not among my many faults, although my beloved B might disagree, had she not run in fear.

  32. danielle

    Yes, twzzlrgirl, she is married to Corey Hart.


  33. biatcho

    Alright LesbiFats, first of all way the fuck back when when you got your ass torn apart like shredded wheat by about 50 people on here, such as myself, re: Angelina Ass Kising that you do so well, you were the one who kept asking me how I knew you were a dyke. I specifically told you I don’t know, nor do I care! I was just ASSUMING you were by how militant and angry you became towards ANYBODY that disagreed with you, re: Angeline Jolie Ass Kissing.

    You became so enraged & borderline psychopathic about how I “knew” you were gay that you started spewing all sorts of shit to me, verbatim “What, did you look me up on the internet on MySpace?”. Naturally, I didn’t at first but I love to take any opportunity to make fun of some ahole who actually uses myspace to post their life to a bunch strangers on the internet. And all I had to do was google “Libraesque” and there it was. I was not the only person who found it & made fun of it, and hopefully after tonight I will not be the last.

    But seriously, psycho, you truly need to have your head examined. You always seem to forget the things that you say to people that provoke their hatred for you, and then somehow always spin their words around to make it seem like we’re the aholes. Well, that’s your deal (to each its own) but don’t dish it if you casn’t take it lardass.

    Now go hang with your little buddy Missionary Julia and teach her how to use a dildo, it sounds like she needs one in a serious way. Misery loves company and you two are some of the more miserable things I have ever come into contact with in my entire life.

  34. twzzlrgirl

    #132 — DUH — Pink is married to Carey Hart, not Corey Hart.

    Corey Hart is in his 50s by now.

    I stand by my Fruitloop comment afterall.

  35. Juliabella

    See? Now that’s tolerance in a form so prototypical it’s virtually definitional. In fact, Merriam-Webster’s webbot already cut and pasted that comment into the next version of their lexicon. Can anybody wonder why I love the B so? Sower of tolerance, giver of wetness, silver egg of freedom. My bosom. That’s where you are.

  36. biatcho

    Missionary Fats – oohhh, look at me, look at me. I’m running with fear. Fear of your evil fembot gynocracy (voice of Stewie from Family Guy.)

    And woodhorse, might I ask you to kindly refrain from butting into things of which you are not privy to? Don’t read these posts if you don’t even see your screenname written in them…K? I don’t even know what the fuck you are or why you are even involved in this????

  37. biatcho

    Oh now I get it, Missionary Julia – when exactly did daddy divorce mommy? and how long was it before mommy started ignoring you because she blamed you for chasing daddy away? It’s all starting to make sense now…

  38. eurogirlie80

    #124 and 133 I have to say I do remember this – you pretty much gave up everything in the way of clues, even that you were adopted, yes? And then even started calling yourself Lesbianesque to show how you diddn’t care. There’s no way anyone can stalk someone off this site, you have it back to front here. Why did you do it if you don’t like people to comment to you?

  39. karifarrell

    OMG! Are you guys fucking for real with your idiotic little cyber-fighting? Is that really what you want to do all day? I hope to God that you all have jobs and are at work and bored like me, and not wasting your time at home when you could be doing something else, like say GETTING A FUCKING LIFE, and not just sitting at the computer for hours on what time I would KILL for–FREE TIME…..

  40. biatcho

    Like I said, if your screenname is not acknowledged in a post don’t read it. Move along…

  41. karifarrell

    Neh, these posts are for anybody who wants to read them. Anybody can read them if they want to…don’t know why they’d want to, some of these are pretty fucking stupid, and some of you need to grab yer helmets and go outside and wait for the short bus….where was I going with this again….?????

  42. Libraesque

    I’m GLAD you just proved to this site that you really are a homophobic cunt.

    So let me get this straight, you assume that everyone who disagrees with the people who post that aj is nothing but a media whore are….lesbians?????
    I guess the world in general are lesbians, because the fat ugly insecure people here are the only ones who bash AJ and her humanitarian efforts.

    And like I said, my Myspace WAS NOT “Libraesque”, it was under my first name. I only changed it recently, after YOU or one of the other douchebag psychos here posted a link to it. But keep making up stories.

    And pretty much everyone in the universe has a Myspace page, EXCEPT people like you, who are fat, ugly and boring with nothing interesting to say, which is why you could NEVER have a Myspace, because there you’d be, just like your Xanga:

    no pictures of yourself or any friends. you’re fat and ugly and have no real friends

    no blogs, because you have no life, you do nothing but get drunk and pass out every night I’m guessing

    and the only “friend” you would have would be “Tom”

    You,jrzmommy,richport and the rest of the revenge of the nerds gang here are all the same
    you hide behind anonymity so that you can call everyone here every name in the book

    SO like I’ve said before gorgeous, skinny, hot etc…Biatcho, until you have the balls to post a picture of yourself you must know that everyone pretty much assumes you’re an obese, ugly, grotesque loser, right????

  43. biatcho

    Don’t forget I sling pizzas too! Man, it’s been a slow Monday for pizzas.

  44. woodhorse

    #136 too late. you acknowledged me. your bad. no I can’t “kindly refrain” because I think it’s funny to be obnoxious. Obnoxious, not offensive, get it?? Maybe you don’t.

  45. eurogirlie80

    #142 That’s silly – who says you have to post here under your myspace name? There’s no law about that. I wouldn’t ever use mine here because peopel go off on other posters who disagree with them – and even you didn’t use yours at first as you say. Now it’s like you want a reward for doing that and everyone who doesn’t too is a terrible person. And everybody who doesn’t have a blog isn’t boring – if you have a full life you don’t have time for one! You sound like a very confused person and if you post your pictures and personal facts, fine – not everyone has to post their so you approve or not. And everyone who doesn’t do it is not ugly, that’s silly, too. I’m just bored at work but you sound like a full-time angry person.

  46. lickmybutt

    WOAH. wait a minute… whats wrong with getting drunk everynite, passing out and then posting blogs about it the next morning while having yer morning patron?

  47. biatcho

    I think you’re confusing obnoxious for stupid again. “your bad”.

  48. lickmybutt

    oh and P.S. maybe you are thinking of something else… cuz the myspace i’ve been to has plenty of fat, ugly, worthless fucks.

  49. Libraesque

    biatch……good comeback, I thought you’d throw out your old standby
    “I’m not posting a picture so you can masterbate to it”

    It’s actually better the way things are, you call me an ugly fat hairy dyke etc etc…then people can go to my page and see that I’m SO NOT, and then they can realize, just like I do “that Biatcho, she must be a Jumbo Schleechum cuz she’s too much of a pussy to post pictures”

    So keep it up Mz Annonymous Biatcho, also the shit you throw out all the time about peoples parents not loving them, because what you’re screaming loud and clear is

  50. Libraesque

    Eurogirl, please don’t “talk” to me anymore, you’re borderline incoherant, and you clearly don’t comprehend much.
    the 80 at the end of your name is that your IQ?????

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