Pink wears bikinis too

February 26th, 2007 // 279 Comments

Pink was spotted at Miami beach in her bikini last week. At least I think it’s Pink. I suspect the photographer may have gotten his photos of Pink mixed up with his photos of, well, a dude. Isn’t there some unwritten rule against wearing a bikini if you look like this? She (he?) looks like she’s three-quarters done with a sex-change operation, only I can’t tell which gender she’s switching from. I’m just glad she’s wearing pants and not a bikini bottom, because by now her vagina probably looks like some sort of claw.


  1. Defcon

    She’s a dude.
    But I still like him.

  2. mrs.t

    #48-why you trollin?

    Jessica Biel would be wise to enlist Pink as her ‘friend’-get a load of those penis-sized sausage fingers.

  3. jrzmommy

    Let’s see – loud, borish, looks like a guy. Definitely a role model for my girls.

  4. Libraesque

    biatcho…..why is wally the troll painting you to be a lesbian in all his posts……must know something we don’t know????? After all, according to jizz, that whole gang “knows eachother personally, not just online”


    explains your crush on me. OH btw, I never told you how cute it was the other day when you squealed “look, she’s back!!” when I had been gone from the fish for a week


  5. funksoulmama

    she is gorgeous. not your typical beauty, but that is what makes her hot. she works what she’s got and looks great.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    @54…somebody here? has a crush on you?!??!!?

    I find that very difficult to believe…

  7. Defcon

    Nah correction.
    She’s a tough ass bitch and I’d so do her.

  8. Defcon

    Is a musician (up for opinion but she does make songs so it counts), doesn’t go apeshit, is fit.
    Hell yeah she’s a good role model.

  9. twzzlrgirl

    #20 — is that you, Wally? You’re pretty decent at writing erotica.

    As for Pink being a good role model, I’m with #53 (who I’m assuming was being sarcastic), I think she makes an awful role model for girls…

    Now for boys, that’s a different story.

  10. I loved this guy in the Jackass movies.

  11. PrettyBaby

    Yes, she’s a perfect role model – for Martina Navratilova’s kids, maybe. They already dream about having a penis just like mommy’s.

  12. wtf

    its just her and her hand tonight

  13. biatcho

    Hey Lezbot – were you talking? It sounded kind of muffled, I couldn’t really understand you. Take your girlfriends Silver Bullet out of your mouth and speak up!

  14. wtf

    Take a look at Rick Shroeder now!

  15. llllllllll

    I wonder which cologne he wears?

  16. Juliabella

    Biatcho you know how I know you’re gay? You know all about their toys.

  17. llllllllll

    Her humongous calves and ankles are driving me insane. She has the body and stance of Popeye the sailor man. {{Oh I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
    I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
    I’m strong to the finish
    ‘Cuz I eats me spinach
    I’m Popeye the Sailor Man pooooooo poooooooooooo}}

  18. wtf

    I bet she would toss olive oil’s salad

  19. twzzlrgirl

    wow, i can’t believe i’m entering this lesbo war, but (in defense of biatcho, who i consider something of a cyber-friend), may I say that I am totally straight and know all about sex toys. It’s not just gays who use sex toys, genius. Lots of straight couples do too.

  20. biatcho

    Hey Missionary Julia – you know how I know you’re fat? You’ve never had an orgasm in your life and don’t know to bring fun toys into the sexy party. Dykes aren’t the only ones that use dildos you inexperienced chub, I feel terribly sorry for you.

  21. OMG, it’s The Damon! How do you like them apples!

    Bob Hasko T-Shirts

  22. Defcon

    Why do you think she’s a bad role model for girls? I think she’s a good role model for boys and girls. You can be both. As long as you’re strong (strong meaning steady) and happy.

  23. twzzlrgirl

    biatcho, we are, i believe on the same page. However, that means we are soon going to be linked, as lesbians, in the small mind of Julia.

  24. llllllllll

    Well you could be right about her being a positive role model and all…her tattoos do have nice words and pretty pictures.

  25. 23apples

    Uhh.. I mean, yeah, she’s fit and all, but it just looks weird. Good for her for being healthy.. but she’s got what my friends and I call the “penis muscles”. Like where it looks like her pelvis is popping out & down below that too.. they point towards the crotch – we call those penis muscles.. which I’ve only ever seen on a MAN. Swimmers and wrestlers usually have them.. MALE swimmers and wrestlers (if there is even such thing as women wrestlers). So, uh, this picture really freaks me out.

  26. fame is funny

    Is that Eddie Izzard?

  27. biatcho

    word twzz, and lesbifats is going to have erotic fantasies about us as well that Wally will type up for all to see. Funny thing is, my husband actually checked out some of the stories and when I told him about the fat lesbian I had been linked with he almost threw up. If I’m gonna screw another chick she has to have at most 8% body fat!

    What is it about lesbians that can’t let hetero’s be hetero’s… always trying to push their dyke agendas on everyone else because of their own insecurities. To each his own I say. Well, sometimes.

  28. Stephen

    The first thing that went through my mind after seeing the picture but before reading the headline was “Why is Aaron Carter wearing a bikini?”

  29. Defcon

    Oh please. I know the site is called “Superficial” but really now, if you’re talking about role models you need to focus on character. A well bred Miss America winner can still be a pedophile while a rocker with her tongue pierced can teach your kids to be smart and protect themselves. I hate the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but it applies in this instance. Not to mention the fact that she really doesn’t look that trashy.

  30. danielle

    Could we get a new thread please?!?!

    This is getting lame.

  31. twzzlrgirl

    #78 — I’m with ya. To each his/her own. I just want it shoved down my throat.

    (that sounded really dirty, btw)

  32. twzzlrgirl

    lol — freudian slip. I meant, I don’t want it shoved down my throat.


  33. Juliabella

    #78 – there’s no need for that type of intolerance and hate speech. If you say that you’re hetero and you know a lot about toys because that’s what you and your husband need (desperately), that’s ok with with me. I’m not trying to push any agenda. In fact, I love you (and twzzlrgirl, I guess). A lot. A whole lot. Like, it’s a little scary.

  34. biatcho

    Missionary Julia, I hope you think of me the first time you ever have an orgasm and that I ruin the whole experience for you. Take a hike, chubs.

  35. danielle

    I don’t fucking know you?

    I fucking know you.


    (tm) Timberlake

  36. LilRach

    #75 – God – what century do you come from – Your like a grandma that thinks that everyone with Tattoos is a “bad” person.

    It’s the 21st Century – stop being so fukn judgemental

  37. Defcon

    hahaha but as for your #82 post I think it’s a generalization that you were responding to. Very few people actually shove their sexual preferences down your throat. (That doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean. =P) It’s been the case for quite some time that it went the other way around, and it still is. The lesbian/gay community is often not accepted. But I know it does go both ways.

  38. Defcon

    Yaaay for #87

  39. Juliabella

    B (can I call you “B”? as a pet name?) – one thing – you and your husband might want to try taking off the training wheels, so to speak. Just one time, see what happens. Probably nothing, but then you can plug everything back in.

  40. danielle


    Hey Maxi Fag! I see AA let you out early today.

  41. Harvey Fierstein

    I think gays and lesbians mostly don’t want to get beaten up, but it happens a lot, starting in high school. Pretty unreasonable, huh?

  42. Shes wearing shorts in fear that her cock might get exposed

  43. biatcho

    Missionary Julia, what exactly are training wheels?? I haven’t had sex on training wheels in years… so coming from someone with your complete lack of sexual experience please do explain? I fear that my explanation of it to you would leave you running back to the convent you came from.

  44. crestlin

    I’m not sure when having short hair and an athletic body meant you’re a lesbian…I guess that means I’m gay too…my husband’s going to be so sad to find out that cutting my hair has changed my gender preference.

  45. cockblock

    #84 “no need for that type of intolerance and hate speech”? That’s a big fat fucking laugh, coming from you.

  46. Carsten5577

    I’ve always thought that she was an extremely hideous and weird looking butch. She’s arguably the ugliest lesbian in L.A.

  47. Juliabella

    #96 – oh good lord, you’re not going to start whining about planes, towers, and terrified scurrying of doomed rats, are you? I’m already laughing.

  48. llllllllll

    #89 Stop being such a cheerleader you convict. You can do that behind bars but not out here you fruit. And we don’t use the word Def anymore.

    #87 suck on 89

  49. herbiefrog


    hello pink

    do you hsave a plan ?

    where will we go fromhere?

    why noyt help the homeless?

    or maybe a f r i c a ?

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