Pink wears bikinis too

February 26th, 2007 // 279 Comments

Pink was spotted at Miami beach in her bikini last week. At least I think it’s Pink. I suspect the photographer may have gotten his photos of Pink mixed up with his photos of, well, a dude. Isn’t there some unwritten rule against wearing a bikini if you look like this? She (he?) looks like she’s three-quarters done with a sex-change operation, only I can’t tell which gender she’s switching from. I’m just glad she’s wearing pants and not a bikini bottom, because by now her vagina probably looks like some sort of claw.


  1. fearsarewishes

    That’s a man, baby!

  2. RussianMafia

    Loves the vag’

  3. kirstendunst

    yeah and i dont care how much money she has, shes white trash.

  4. queenbuzz

    Pic #4 Hey dad check out that chick! Think she’ll like my snaggle tooth as much as you do?

  5. biatcho

    Can we have a man-off between this thing, Biel & Diaz?? I think Pink takes the cake but the other 2 aren’t far behind. She also has a cock.

  6. queenbuzz

    Do you think she has breast implants?

  7. BarbadoSlim

    Hah “she’s” sportin’ a strap-on.

  8. That looks more manly than when she is fully clothed…

  9. schack

    that girl could fuck your fucking brains out…

    and, p.s., folks- she’s so healthy and fit that she probably doesn’t care whether or not you think she’s attractive.

    it’s a shame when paranoia and psychosis are nothing but the neurochemical effects of starvation.

  10. schack

    it’s insulting to ppl who are really crazy :x

  11. RichPort

    Her appealing personality makes up for whatever she lacks in the looks department.

  12. brujeriadiosa

    Wow! She looks like Eddie Izzard!!!

    I want a breast reduction!
    I think little boobies look nice. :)

    oh and 9th!!!! wooo!

  13. Doober

    Why does she have the Bill of Rights stenciled on her forearm?

    Did she cheat on a high school civics test and it never rubbed off?

  14. danielle

    Since when are women who keep in shape considered to be men?

    If that’s the case, Nicole Richie should damn near be an extra in The Full Monty.

    I mean, Pink has short hair, barely there boobage, no ass and….hmmmm.

    Whatever, she still looks like a female.

  15. MrSemprini

    If she took her top off and you took a picture, you could put it on a milk carton and get 42 leads.

  16. Sandybebe24

    Eh…ok she isn’t the most girly looking. But damn, she is in good shape. She looks healthy and tough, and she’s the first to admit she isn’t “pretty” like Brit Spears (used to be…lol).

  17. RichPort

    I would like to see her and Biel arm wrestle in the center of a circle of masturbating midgets. The loser would have to be gang-raped by the Lilliputans while the winner would have shit covered marshmallows flung at “her” by monkeys in drag. In this fantasy, #11 would get eaten by sharks and spit out because despite it’s putrid fishy smell, sharks don’t eat pussy.

  18. RussianMafia

    It’s just the odd hip bone structure.. like michaelangelo’s “David”…

  19. Doober

    ..and you gotta love Captain Suck-gut Beerbelly she has loping next to her.

    This bitch probably does a thousand crunches a day… while this guy is sucking down his 26th Miller Genuine Draft. What is wrong with this picture?

  20. biatcho

    I took off the rest of my clothes except my panties and
    went back to the living room. Schack had opened a
    bottle of wine and poured two glasses, sitting there
    as demurely as you please, straight backed and legs
    together. I accepted the glass and took a sip, gazing
    at her body. Breasts, A cup plus a bit with dark nipples,
    aureoles full. Stomach flat and smooth, legs ditto,
    toenails painted a bright pink. ‘Oh God, am I dreaming?’
    I thought. “Better?” Schack asked, drinking from her glass.
    “Yes, thank you,” I replied, taking a sip from my own.

    “Do you believe in love at first sight?” Schack asked.
    “Sometimes,” I replied. I wanted her in the worst way,
    but my fears were raging in the back of my mind,
    wondering whether this was a ploy designed to get me to
    admit I was a lesbian and then broadcast it to the
    world. I waited for her to speak again, uncertain of her motives.

    “I do,” Schack said, putting her glass on the coffee table
    and scooting closer to me, rubbing my knees. Her hands
    slid up my thigh onto my ribcage and cradled the bottom
    of my breasts, the fingertips brushing my already firm
    nipples. She pinched them gently and said “So
    beautiful.” I threw caution to the wind, leaning forward in
    search of her mouth.

  21. Jiimbo

    I see a bulge in those shorts. EEEEWWWWWW. She is one ugly what ever. And that tats make me hot……

  22. BarbadoSlim

    Dooode seriously, are we gonna get a posting of a someone who ISN’T a transvestite today, at all?

  23. biatcho

    Man, I said earlier that I felt sorry for the little troll whose only sexual experience is jerking off to video game characters that have big boobs but at this point it is becoming slightly disturbing. Freak, table for one please!

  24. BarbadoSlim

    @20….ahem,…get a room, and I want first dibs on any and all videos including all subsidiary rights in perpetuity.

  25. RichPort

    #20 has a chafed dick and rugburned hands.

  26. jesseeca

    I’d rather look at someone who’s in shape than someone who’s ribs and and elbows could slice you like Freddy if you accidentally bumped into them. Doing 800 crunches a day is a better example for young girls than shoving your finger down your throat.

    And since the guys are always saying how us girls are jealous of all the celebrity chicks we talk trash about, I think the tables have turned. I think you men are hating on Pink because she’s in better shape than you & could most likely kick your ass.

  27. Pink < Jessica Biel. True.

  28. 2for2true

    All that cash, and still she has to get her ink done at Alcatraz. Nothing hotter than a McChick that does her grocery list just north of Swatchtown.

  29. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Her tits fell to just above her hip line. WTF ARE those things anyway???

  30. cuesta_rey

    Pink has character.

    And she looks mighty fine.

  31. schack

    i’m having trouble reading the tone on your second post and the setting of the first, biatcho…

    i prefer weed to whiskey and whiskey to wine,
    and i’ll take a girly man any day before i take a manly girl. i don’t see why that should preclude the possibility that i think starving is stupid.

    you wanna know the only difference between “man” and “woman” (note that i did NOT say “men” and “women”)?

    men confuse themselves for god, while women confuse their boyfriends for god. both have got something right, and something terribly wrong.

    but go ahead and cram me in your box, if you want.

  32. biatcho

    Shack, #20 is not me, it’s the trollish one so don’t get your panties too damp thinking about it.

  33. sevenandaswitchblade

    I thought this was Matt Damon until I scrolled below the neck. Now that I know this is supposed to be a female, it makes me want to vomit it’s so sexy.

  34. Jenster

    anne heche on steroids.

  35. 20. … unlike my rugburned dick and chafed hands.

  36. vaselineintensive

    she looks fit and healthy

    she’s not very pretty, but she’s not ugly either

  37. EJ

    Is it just me? I think she looks fucking awesome. Mind you, I’m a girl and maybe that makes the difference, but damn if she isn’t the hottest thing we’ve seen on Superfish in awhile.

    MUCH better than “loose lips” Britney, firecrotch Lohan, balltastic Denise, STD petri dish Holly, and fatfatFAT Mariah and Tyra.

  38. penisly speaking

    let me fix a couple of things:

    “she’s not very pretty, but she’s not ugly if testing shows she’s actually male”

    “It must be me – I think she looks fucking awesome, but I realize if I were a guy I’d have to avert my eyes before my penis shrivels and drops off.”

  39. lickmybutt

    she looked pretty at her wedding to the man of MY dreams.
    she seems like a down ass bitch that would kick yer ass just for fun.
    buuut… whats with those frikkin penis muscles?

  40. herbiefrog

    hello a

    good to see you over here
    it must be confusing
    for people that
    dont understand
    our love

    they are not important
    love you babe ))

  41. llllllllll

    Pic she makes that man look feminine hehe

  42. veggi

    my ex-boyfriend thinks she’s hot. He’s a moron though.

  43. llllllllll

    #42 your ex boyfriend must like men

  44. Pink’s body reminds me of a toned-down Brad Pitt from Fight Club.

  45. LOL @ # 42! Yep, he’s gay hon.

  46. The Wheat side of me likes Pink’s boobs and her womanly qualities.

    But the frosted side likes her Penis and hard hard body!

  47. HollyJ

    I’ve always liked Billy Idol. Who knew he looked so good in a bikini?

  48. mrs.t

    This completely changes my mind about the type of people who support PETA.

  49. Sheva

    Surf’s up Dude!
    You can practically see the walk. It spells B-u-t-c-h.
    And yes, she beats up every dude she’s gone out with.

  50. LilRach

    Ok so she’s no beauty queen but she has always looked like this – i don’t get why people are so surprised??? She’s one fit bitch and she’s the kinda person who wouldn’t give two shits about insults about her.
    She is so much more of a role model for girls compared to the other trash that is out there.

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