Pink shows Venice, California her underwear

July 7th, 2006 // 244 Comments

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It’s socially acceptable to go out in your pajamas, but usually if you’re in college or it’s late at night. I’d let something like this slide if we were talking about Alessandra Ambrosio or Jessica Alba or anybody else that could pull off being a woman, but Pink? I’m barely okay with her being seen in public with her regular clothes on, let alone riding around in a sports bra.


  1. jane's eyre

    I think eva is yet another incarnation of that many-headed hydra, Lameassbananas.

  2. jane's eyre

    So since you are now synonymous with the gay fruit, I will now ignore your attempts at picking fights with me, since that’s what you love to do. Buh-BYE.

  3. ApacheRose


    I think you’re right. All that unhealthy obsessing…pretty distinctive.

  4. jane's eyre

    Well then whip me up some spaghetti like a good Catholic boy!

  5. ptprez


    i hope not…cuz eva should be a girl who likes dick and lameass is a guy who likes dick…

    …role playing???…are pictures involved???

  6. ptprez


    i got the maetballs rolling baby…

  7. ApacheRose

    No, but maybe a feather boa…

  8. jane's eyre

    Later pt, Rose, I’m going to go see Pirates with my hubby and best friend.

    In the words of Ted:
    I hope you have a most excellent weekend, dudes.

  9. ptprez

    * exited there…

  10. torpedo_tits_tanya

    Just saw Pirates, it was flippin sweet!

  11. ptprez

    …but i’ll cook for you rose…

    only boy in an italian family raised by mom and grandma…

  12. eva86

    Jane’s Ire (approriately named): I can appreciate your stupid comments, I mean, after all, we live in a democratic society…still. But please do try to keep them at a minimum.

    I love the fact that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH,

  13. eva86

    appropriately named…

  14. ptprez


    i have refrained from going off…but you you really need to shut the fuck up…

    there’s more important things to worry about…

  15. eva86

    no. you just went off.

    “important things to worry about…

    North Korea just set off their nuclear missiles, American soldiers were accused of raping and killing Iraqi civilians,
    New Orleans is still in ruins after Katrina.

    You need to shut the fuck off

  16. eva86

    I just feel like being cunty tonight, so shut up.

  17. ChickenScratch

    @ 212

    You liked the movie? I took my son to it and I was expecting it to be better than the first (since we had to wait so long for it to come out) but I left feeling very disappointed…and sad. I got a little frustrated halfway through because I couldn’t understand what half of them were saying (“arrrggghhh”). Loved the native talk though.

    But I still love Johnny Depp!

    I think I might have to go have another look and then make my decision, maybe the second time around I’ll pay closer attention.

    Oh how I love Johnny Depp!

  18. Robin

    hey–let’s use our creative juices to bash TLTC Cruise, Lohan, and possibly TrimSpa ho–Pink RULES!!!

  19. Her boyfriend is pretty hot.

  20. jane's eyre

    I liked it, it was long, but it was pretty much nonstop action. Davy Jones and his crew were pretty freakin’ fugly! That’s some good makeup/special effects! I bet they win an Oscar for best makeup. I HATE when they leave you on a cliffhanger, though, and you have to wait a whole ‘nother year to see what happens!

    Curses be on ye!

  21. BarbadoSlim

    So this two fellas got the munchies. I’m betting the one in the hat is the bottom.

  22. Jacq

    #218 – eva86 licks Pink’s twat. You are really good at being cunty, though. And by cunty, I mean a friggin’ idiot. If you want to thread-fight at least be witty/funny.

  23. eva86

    224 Do you make the rules around here? Is that a requirement to be on this board that you HAVE to be funny and witty? No it’s not. I can say what I want, type what I want, I don’t have to listen to an ignorant shitlick like you.

  24. The Pharoah

    Does anyone know the temperature of where she is at? Maybe it’s really hot. It doesn’t make her a stupid girl ‘cuz she’s wearing a sports bra. Plus, she already clarified that sometimes she is a stupid girl, just as we all are. Judgemental, much? She looks buff, healthy(besides the cigarette), and most importantly happy and comfortable with who she is. She is truly unique, beautiful, and true to who she is. And, if everyone looked like the Jessicas of the world it would be a boring and not as beautiful place to live as you may think. Stop hating and start congratulating that a female, especially of the Hollywood scene, is staying true to herself and not morphing into one of the many that are unhappy and unsure of themselves.

  25. BarbadoSlim

    @226…err.. what female are you talkin’ about?

    I don’t see a female in any of those pictures, just two guys bonding, sweatin’ fartin’ and you know, being guys!!

  26. jane's eyre

    I’m betting that next they pull out their dicks and have a pissing contest. Pink, of course, will win.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    Hehehehehe….of course, that goes without sayin’:)

  28. herbiefrog

    #166 just flitting around : )

    …what was the question?

    oh yes, it must be hard…

  29. herbiefrog

    #69 and yet she could
    eat you up…
    and spit you out

    relativity ponies :)

  30. herbiefrog

    at least our name isnt harry
    like we care
    dont push us too far
    down v down v …

  31. This just proves you don’t have to be poor to live the ghetto lifestyle, but it helps.

  32. HollyJ

    Apache I had to google Peter North too… He’s obviously not related to Jude Law.

    <=0 Yowza!

  33. eva86

    @224 how the fuck would you know, you cock sucker
    you wouldn’t know the first thing about witty/funny…
    why even follow this thread, stop clutching at strings child
    if you can’t follow this then shut the fuck up, jacq

    @225 you don’t even sound like me so stop posting in my name

  34. eva86

    @235 OK

  35. Whipper_willow

    She’s nasty, she needs to get to the doctor and have that penis amputated, stat!!!

  36. James

    One more inch and you’ll see more of Pink than you’ll ever want to see with those low shorts. Gag.

  37. slinkhard

    LOL at 226 for calling Pink haters judgemental when ‘Stupid Girls’ is the snottiest, most judgemental song I’ve heard in years.

  38. herbiefrog

    before moving on…

    …is it ok to be cycling
    …and carrying her baby
    …without a backward
    …facing seat?

    (June 2006) Expecting her first child with Carey Hart in December

  39. The Pharoah

    To 239: I like your description of Pink’s “Stupid Girls” song. But the description is actually more apt of the video. And, Pink is as lightheartedly as possible calling out the stupid girls of Hollywood. She isn’t making of fun of how they look or don’t. She is first and foremost, making a statement that girls don’t have to be someone or something they are not. They don’t have to put on a show, throw up, not eat, put themselves at risk, or conform. Girls can be tough, ambitious, capable, aware, and it’s okay. Who can honestly say that the girls Pink called out aren’t conforming, becoming weak, and just giving up?

  40. sonicgirl

    What’s wrong with bare feet? There’s nothing better in the summer time than freeing couped up feet from their sweaty prison. I’ve heard it helps keep feet nice and healthy! Probably a bit different where I come from in New Zealand, where the roads aren’t dirty and there aren’t hypodermic needles lying around.
    Good on ya Pink, even if you do look like a boy!

  41. slinkhard

    So because Pink isn’t making fun of the girls for their looks, just their brains and personalities, that makes it ok in a way that making fun of people’s looks isn’t?

    I just think her message is divisive and focuses just as much on splitting women into groups and judging them – in this case, smart and dumb instead of pretty and ugly.
    I like parts of the song, it just seems Pink is all about how great she is in comparison to all other women (like in Most Girls), and how women being exploited and objectified is all and always their own fault. (Note that for her lack of conformity, she sticks to the easier targets of LiLo, the Olsens, etc. without showing any censure to guys. God forbid she insult men, since they’re running her label and all.)

  42. jrzmommy

    242–there aren’t dirty syringes littering the streets of America, either, if that’s what you’re implying. But I’m sure there are alleys that have hypedermics, broken crack viles and puke from junkies… why don’t you come here and take a barefooted stroll down a few of them.

  43. The Pharoah

    I don’t believe Pink is attacking their personalities or intelligence. She is calling them out on not being their real selves and for not using their intelligence. Ugly or pretty, it is judgemental and obviously, SUPERFICIAL. Looks shouldn’t control or define everything. Pink making fun of men really wouldn’t change anything, it is the female population as a whole that lets explotation continue. Easier targets, more well-known targets. The Olsens for starving themselves, LL for starving or throwing up or doing Coke, Jessica for conforming and dancing around half-naked(note: she was gorgeous before, but gave in to Hollywood–she didn’t need to lose weight or take off her clothes), Paris for having the world at her feet and doing nothing with it. With all this said, I do understand how it can be construed as devisive. Every girl that is pretty isn’t stupid and every girl that is skinny isn’t anorexic or bulimic or conforming.

  44. slinkhard

    Exactly. It’s easier to mock people being exploited by the system than the system itself. It’s easier to mock silly girls that everyone already makes fun of than big important guys who might be in control of your next job. Yay for Pink, very brave.
    (And whether or not the female population allow exploitation to continue or not, if men didn’t attempt to exploit women, it wouldn’t exist.)

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