Pink shows Venice, California her underwear

July 7th, 2006 // 244 Comments

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It’s socially acceptable to go out in your pajamas, but usually if you’re in college or it’s late at night. I’d let something like this slide if we were talking about Alessandra Ambrosio or Jessica Alba or anybody else that could pull off being a woman, but Pink? I’m barely okay with her being seen in public with her regular clothes on, let alone riding around in a sports bra.


  1. herbiefrog

    a rich port : )

    I love the smell of vaporized frog in the morning… smells like… victory…

    lol bitch :)
    do let us know
    how that works

    f.u.bitch : ) lol : )))

  2. mrs.t

    My husband is terrified of Pink and her giant sausage-fingered hands. We ran into her once on Central Parkway and she totally beat the shit out of him and then brought me to orgasm 8 times with her enormous fingers.
    True story.

  3. herbiefrog

    #101 i can imagine you saying…

    unsophisticated ? moi ? ?

    lol babe :)

  4. torpedo_tits_tanya

    That would have worked out great for Tom Cruise if he had married Pink. She has no need for a strap on.

  5. shankyouverymuch

    I really hate the term ‘white trash’, but in this case … WHITE TRASH …

  6. bunnyhugger

    jeebus, papa…
    i’ll become a soccer fan or a ping pong fan, or even an electric fan if you would just put ME in that scenario!! (sorry jrzmommy)

    BTW, for all you idiots asking “how do we know she’s at the beach?”……………

    venice, CA is a funky/scary beach town right next to santa monica. stranger than a sci-fi convention and renaisance fair put together.
    also, i kinda like carey (sp?) hart. if he rides pink like he rides that motorcycle…HOOO-EEEEE!

  7. bunnyhugger

    ummm. sorry about that “idiots” thing.
    change of medication.

  8. torpedo_tits_tanya

    @109 lol

  9. herbiefrog

    @109 lol

    no medication needed : )

    how you doin’ : )

    ;lol bitch

  10. eva86

    you fucking go pink. you’re all so gawd damn shallow. if you’re not bitching about lohan’s or pam’s fake tities,then its about pink’s lack of them

    fuck you all. it’s not about these “adonis like creatures” (jrzmommy shut the fuck up…there should be a law about anyone posting bullshit) its about which team can play the best “futball”.


  11. herbiefrog

    …almost like
    …venice : )
    …has magical
    proterties : )

    you know what we mean : ))

  12. eva86

    venice is magical ;)>

    you have to be there

  13. eva86


  14. ptprez

    she’s just like a pill…instead of making me better, she’s making me ill…

  15. eva86

    because she doesn’t have tits?

  16. bigponie

    look at her mug on the last pic and tell me she’s not a man, any penis thrown in front of her would go limp in a matter of seconds

  17. eva86

    116, 118 gotta go back to paris, lindsay, pam or wherever there’s boobs for you all to suck on

  18. ptprez


    no doubt, i’m a titty man, but i know that pink bitch is a freak…

    …she better be…

  19. bigponie

    #119 don’t feel bad or left out I’ll suck on your boobs too

  20. eva86

    yea, thank god she is

  21. Iambananas

    It’s like she’s fat… but not. It’s so weird. She looks cut, but then she has a belly.

  22. ptprez


    you like guys, so what do you care…

  23. eva86

    @121 Hey thanks. Got that service 24/7 It’s a wonderful feeling. Too bad there’s noone to recuperate.

  24. Her body looks really weird…

    What’s wrong with her stomach?

    The pants are kinda cool, but she forgot a shirt…

    Oh well, maybe next time!!

  25. eva86

    125..ehhh i meant, reciprocate.

  26. HollyJ

    >>VOMITING PROFUSELY<< at seeing her almost naked.

  27. ptprez

    she has sausage fingers…

  28. francesfarmer

    she looks like a guy because she’s BI remember one of her life stories is that her brother stole her first girlfriend from her when she was 13 or something

  29. PandoraKnight

    P!NK is beautiful. She’s the most real looking person out in whoreywood these days. Everyone’s just forgotten what real people look like. Check yourself out. Cuz we’re all pink inside. hehe.

  30. bunnyhugger

    thanks (?) herbie. knew someone had a clue.

  31. ptprez

    …but i’d hit that…

    …but the dog next door looks good too…

  32. jane's eyre

    Hey ptprez, have you talked to Ari lately? Seems she dropped off the face of the SF.

  33. eva86

    go away jane’s eyre eka…feed_me_chocolate

  34. eva86

    in an earlier life

  35. Capt.Hero

    eh, i’d hit it.

  36. bigponie

    I’d pound it, just cause it’s my duty to do so

  37. ptprez


    check your e-mail…


    leave her alone…

  38. eva86

    139 why,.. are you her big brother and sticking up for her?
    or are you Jane’s eyre…ire

  39. jane's eyre

    Wow, is that supposed to scare me? Ha. Grow up, you need to learn to share the sandbox. Quit whining.

  40. jane's eyre

    It’s pronounced “AIR”, so that little “spin on words” falls flat.

  41. ptprez


    save it for those who need it…

    lame-fag-bananas, hohan, hilthore…etc…

  42. jane's eyre

    Will do, soon as I can blow this joint…west coast time, ya know.

  43. bigponie

    you girls play nicely now, how about a ride on a ponie instead…

  44. ApacheRose

    Hi pt and jane.

    eva86, chill the hell out, it’s Friday.

  45. bigponie

    I know what you mean Jane, I’m sitting here waitin’ on five to hit

  46. ApacheRose

    I’ll take a ride…

  47. ptprez


    rose…how the fuck do you drink that jack…

    i don’t…but i did…and i paid…dearly…

  48. Jeremy1Esq

    bridgitte nielsen has nothing on this skank.
    911 is a joke.

  49. eva86

    scare….? …grow up?

    go away. stick to your “….. where everyone wants to be” your friend”. You “chola” at least in “your space” they can appreciate your shallow comments.

  50. Jeremy1Esq

    i cant believe that midget from new kids on the block married her..nice hat dork

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