Pink shows Venice, California her underwear

July 7th, 2006 // 244 Comments

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It’s socially acceptable to go out in your pajamas, but usually if you’re in college or it’s late at night. I’d let something like this slide if we were talking about Alessandra Ambrosio or Jessica Alba or anybody else that could pull off being a woman, but Pink? I’m barely okay with her being seen in public with her regular clothes on, let alone riding around in a sports bra.


  1. oh yeahhhh oh yeeeahhhhh how does it feel?? down inside??

  2. Iambananas

    shoes! She’s turning into Britney Speaps! Nexy thing you know, she’ll marry into the trailor park and have 17 kids!

  3. Pink is so nasty. shes a man.

  4. Iambananas

    LOL MeganHarris I bet that really puts their undies in a twist… lol… I happen to like you :-)

  5. Iambananas

    Okat, lol… a few type-os but this is what I meant…

    No shoes! She’s turning into Britney Spears! Next thing you know, she’ll marry into the trailer park and have 17 kids!

  6. causewerecountry

    i think that pink and michelle rodri. came from the same pod or whatever. they should hook up- and let me play too. :) i like them..except for the hairy armpits..thats pretty damn gross and wrong. i think so at least.

  7. Iambananas

    What else did she buy? All I see is aluminium foil.

  8. alekwel

    #3 i heard she recently dedicated a song to britney at one of her shows

  9. CoJo

    She has the strangest body. It looks like she’s in shape, but she has a gut – a rock hard gut. I think she’s constipated. She looks bloated. That would explain the look on her face in any of the pictures.

    She is bizarro Britney.

  10. evilcookie007

    Ok…I’ve never seen a woman with stomach muscles like that…I’m pretty sure she’s got a dick down there…I’m gonna have to go throw up my lunch now…

  11. Who the fuck does she think she is parading around like that with Reynolds Wrap? Fucking WHORE.

  12. jrzmommy

    they look like they just rolled off their mattress on the floor that’s covered with a dirty, stained, crusty sheet and a tattered blanked after a three-day Horse-and-raunchy-sex-binge.

  13. Nikk The Templar

    I cannot say anything bad about Pink because the last time I did, she turned into She-Hulk and beat my ass. And then she sang to me. That was the real punishment.

  14. cruzin333

    I think she is trying to be like Britney, in more ways than one…

    Notice the bare feet??? WTF

  15. Tracie

    Ugh, she’s short and stumpy. The tattoos don’t help at all with the look either. She’s also buying Rice Krispie treats. Maybe that contributes to the bloat.

  16. cruzin333

    And who would think to turn a hospital gown into a pair of man shorts???

  17. RichPort

    I’ll have to agree with you all… he looks better all the time.

  18. Pitch A. Tente

    Dude looks like a lady

  19. jane's eyre

    @11 Fo sho, I thought only men got those crazy pelvic muscles. And for having those (which I hear are super hard to develop), it seems a little weird that she doesn’t have a six-pack.

    Nice sunburn, too. She truly is “Pink”.

  20. bigponie

    this (dude) have no sex appeal, I mean let’s get real if someone where to come up behind her and pull her boxers down you’d find a used strap-on with spikes.

  21. 13 Jizz mommy;

    Fucking hilarious….especially because I am taking “horse” literally, not as an euphanism for heroin.

    Every time I see her bizarre stomach, all I can think is Fecal Impaction. Someone get that…woman?….an enema!

  22. okiedoke

    I thought she didn’t WANT to be a stupid girl???

  23. Pink is so manly. At least she’s fit, and not a fat ass of a man.

  24. lucycharms

    Get Real People….

    C’mon…. Pink = no fashion sense.

    She has been blesed with a little boy body. Not a whole looks good on her plus her style sucks.

    How far away in your mind is she from the punk tomboy girl you knew in High school….

    PS. Please don’t compare her to Britney Spears…leave that for the Anna Nicole Smiths of the universe….

    I can give her alittle leeway for the bare feet…. yes it’s gross but they’re at the beach… look like they ran over to the store on their bikes in the middle of their day at the beach or pool…’s no disgusting, road side rest stop some hooker washed out in…………

  25. Jacq

    Why would a dude need to wear a sports bra? Pink looks more like a cup guy to me. Someone should push her and make her fall on the bar. Then, we’d know for sure.

    #2 – Feel more like up your butt and around the corner.

    #22 – Yes, an enema. It will give her sense of accomplishment.

  26. Queen LaQueefah

    you guys need to stop talking like that about Pink, you know she can rip phone books in half and peel coconuts with her teeth, right? Imagine the damage she could do to a human being

  27. PapaHotNuts

    The only emotion Pink sparks within me is pure, unadulterated, fear. You how a good scare will cure you of the hiccups? I will never hiccup in this lifetime due to the residual fear I will suffer from this woman. I will now suffer from chronic nightmares and involuntary urination now that I have viewed these pics.

    Thanks a lot Pink.

  28. bib1608

    So gross…
    Pink is definitely a dude. Hope he gets hit by a bus.

  29. cruzin333

    #25 that is the purpose of this site. To make superficial comments. But where did you see that they’re at the beach? Please clue me in. I see bikes and a shop and some grocery bags…so they’re taking the groceries back to the beach with them? ah-ha. It’s so clear to me now.

    I still think bare feet are nasty.

  30. jrzmommy

    The over-defined pelvic muscle thing is disturbing on a chick–’specially Pink in the first photo.
    But over-defined pelvic muscles on a guy–’specially this one–is a true miracle and the reason why I KNOW there is a God.

  31. Jacq

    #31 – Is that why you REALLY troll the internet? Please send me links…

    Where’s the pic of her putting that cigarette out on her tongue? I bet you can put out cigars on her chest, like at the beginning of Terminator 2, with that guy in the biker bar. Only the ass whipping is much more severe.

  32. chanel_bear

    she’s kind of very ugly.

  33. Tania

    She has the weirdest looking body. She’s blocky but still puffy and untoned at the same time.

  34. bigponie

    has anyone figured a way to be productive at work while stayin on this site, I mean it’s hard to be on the computer while I’m pissing or taking a stroll to the cafeteria to get a cup of joe or even when I’m in the stock room with the secretary taking dictations…

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Pink and Michelle Rodriguez should have a baby and it will be the most awesomest super-lesbian beast in the known universe. Girls can have babies together, right? Well, there’s no harm in trying I suppose.

  36. @30…You don’t think she got that sunburn just from going to the store do you? Let me help.

    1st stop = Beach
    2nd stop = Grocery store
    3rd stop = Home

    Make sense now?

  37. divadoc

    Pink infuriates me. She spends so much energy trying to convince everyone she’s *different* but then wants to parade around in her bikini just like all the others. She would love to be one of the “stupid girls” but is too ugly. The video for that song was just an excuse for her to dress up like the people she idolizes.

  38. jrzmommy

    34–No, I found him completely by accident. I was reading up on World Cup stuff to be able to talk about it with the husband–being from Italy he’s a HUMONGUS Azzurri fan–and lo’ and fucking behold I stumble across this Fabio Cannavaro and damn near DIED. Google him.
    37–so far I think I’ve gotten into a rhythm.

  39. bib1608

    #38 If Tom Cruise can have a baby, I’m sure Pink and Mic Rodriguez can too

  40. herbiefrog

    well haven’t read many comments yet?
    but she looks one fine woman
    and as if carey is takin
    care of business
    …if you know
    …what i mean
    …and i’m sure that you do : )

    also pleased that shes still smokin’
    with the recent news
    on her

  41. Geno

    I find her to be attractive.
    I think I need help.

  42. lucycharms

    Dearest #33…

    You don’t need to define the purpose of this site to me you arrogant prick. I come here too for the thrill of the celebrity bludders & sharp comments. I can sling some shredding with the best of them. Britney Spears & Paris Hilton I leave at the bottom of the monkey cage of low lifes. I’m only asking people to comment on scale. Let’s leave the Paris, Britney, Anna Nicoles’s etc. at our #10 most disgusting individuals. If you read my comments o Pink… you’ll realize I’m not too in love with her boy form. I put her on a #8 gross…. cause no amount of plastic surgery can fix that body.

    Barefeet def gross…. no one wants ringworm. My beach/pool deduction is an assumption….. they both look like they’ve been at the beach/pool… around water… in the sun all day. Look at her dryed from being wet hair, no make up face…. been in the sun person on a beach cruiser in late day sun… that is if you can do it without puking…. I don’t think its too much of a stretch for an idea.

  43. Jacq

    #37 – Givin’ the suckretary dicktations? Thank for for calling the Law Offices of Jack Me Hoff, Esq.

  44. jrzmommy

    Okay….Pink vs. Michelle Rodriguez in a street fight—who wins?

  45. happy_bunny

    Pink always wears her pants and skirts waaaaay too low. Always on the brink of pubes. It frightens and disturbs me.

  46. Rossarooni


  47. snark

    celebrities are just as ugly as you and me!

  48. herbiefrog

    …there is another alternative…
    …maybe she came to…
    …an arrangement

    firts coum first served
    …as it were

    …awww too slow :)

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    It’s a known fact that Pink’s pubes are made of steel wool and can scrub the paint off the side of a barn. And they’re pink.

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