Pink seems like an interesting fellow

September 17th, 2009 // 285 Comments

Here’s a practically naked Pink kicking off her tour at KeyArena in Seattle Tuesday night, and you have to respect a woman person for wearing an outfit with a sparkling 70s bush. And by respect I mean cry in the corner because you started to get an erection looking at Androgyno the Sequin Robot here.

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  1. Heather

    Love her but she (Whoops just wrote he) looks like a man here :(
    I love you pink!

  2. FACE

    This is the kind of white trash that has swamp crotch all the time – and her breath isnt good either

  3. twellve

    hahaha. love the headline. she’s an unattractive, manly-looking woman. don’t care for her or her music, but the same could be said about a lot of folks.

  4. ALT1981

    aim for the flat top!

  5. ALT1981

    aim for the flat top!

  6. Cin

    Beautifully artistic, we all should be so lucky to have such a toned body. If her hair was longer the male comments would all but disappear. I think it’s awesome that she can be so comfortable with herself and sing like she does. This reminds me of an outfit Cher appeared in once that also drew many negative & positive comments.

  7. Private

    She looks nasty and these singers forget, you are a role model for children and you need to have this word which noone has in the world is called RESPECT for your self and others! she looks terrible and I hope soon there will be a dress code for any event such as MTV awards, ect, ovious we need to be told what to wear because america does not have the sense to dress respectly for children and for them selves!

  8. RedHead

    WOW! You bunch of jealous petty b*tches!!! If all you FATTIES would put down the cheeseburgers and cupcakes, MAYBE you could DREAM about looking as HOT HOT HOT as Pink does!! You just can’t stand that someone else looks BETTER than you!!! All you FAT guys (who probably have needle-penises anyway) and TUBBY girls out there (who trash any girl that is not a lard-ass like yourselves) take a good look in the mirror! STOP the HATE and JEALOUSY!!! You sound like a bunch of 4 year olds! What would YOU look like with Pink’s outfit on??? I know, I know…”I would NEVER wear THAT!” That’s because you CAN’T!!!! Ha!!! Jealous suckers!!! Get a life and stop EATING like you’re going to the chair! PINK – You ROCKED it, girl!

  9. Stephanie T.

    She is wearing a skin tight leotard! She is NOT naked.

  10. Max Planck

    Oy…anotha singa!

  11. Ashley

    Isnt a suit? because the tatts on her legs in the close up pic are all faded..

  12. shelly

    Haters!!!! Pinks body rocks!!! All of you haters are mostly fat asses that have nothing better to do!!! She is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check yourself before you down other people nothin fake on her hot selfff!

  13. OhYeah

    #111 – Who ever said she’s trying to be a role model for children???? Just because she is in the public eye doesn’t mean she (or anyone) HAS to be a “role model”. Get off it already!! Respect for children?????? Why should she??? She’s not a mother and she doesn’t owe your children (you probably don’t have any) anything!! And should YOU be the one to tell America what to wear? I think you should concentrate on learning how to spell, rather than trying to condemn someone because of their wardrobe choice. A quick lesson for you, dummy: It’s “etc.” and “obvious” and “respectfully” and “themselves” and ” no one”. And for goodness sake, you moron, at LEAST capitalize “America” since you are sooooo high and mighty! (To capitalize means to use a big A). Go back to school and stop judging because you are certainly no role model for children!

  14. pink sux


  15. pink sux


  16. pink sux


  17. pink sux


  18. abby

    SUPPER HOT PINK , if u have the body flaunt it girl

  19. dawnalex

    My issue is not with her body, I think that the Cirque du Soleil stuff distracts from the music. I don’t think that it worked with the Beatles music either.

  20. bull dyke


  21. WTF

    #111, STFU. It isn’t even at the VMA’s, and she isn’t showing anything she shouldn’t be. The point of this post is there isn’t really anything for her to be showing in the first place. She pulls off the outfit, and even if you don’t like it decency still has nothing to do with it. Maybe if she had giant boobs, or there was no fabric after the glitter crotch there would be a problem.

  22. mer

    I’m so confused. But I don’t want to say anything mean because she could totally kick me ass.

  23. gloria

    Her face looks like my granma Sue. Who is pink anyway.

  24. J

    I love Pink’s music she is very talented and tells it like it is,but I don’t like her look now.To masculine,she’s in great shape I guess but kinda lost her sex appeal.

  25. danielle

    no no no no WRONG!!!! Pink this is not you :::BARF::: is right

  26. I'mSorry

    If she can wear that then I can say this. Fit or not it doesn’t work unless her point was to look like Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend. The LSD this girl took while working the counter at McDonalds still has worn off.

  27. Vince Lombardi

    Girl worked HARD to put her body back in shape. She was rather doughy at times. Is it over the top with the costume? Granted. It’s a cross between Gozer and Lelu from 5th Element. She’s a singer! She doesn’t need to do “Circus of the Stars.” Rock the house, Alecia. Do what you do best, baby.

    On the other hand, how many people are THAT confident that they look THAT good to wear something like that in front of an audience? You don’t have to like the costume, but you have to respect the body. Amazing work.

  28. Jaime

    I don’t think she/he is naked.. if you notice there a two tone to her skin.. I think it is a leotard that makes you look naked.. lol.. with sparkles.. look under her arms.. you can so see the two tone color.. lol.. spots to her.. for being such a strong women to feel comfortable in her own skin.. !!

  29. Hipp-Ee-Chik

    Pink is gorgeous,she is a strong woman that doesn’t let anyone push her around and always speaks her mind,she is one of my favorite singers. Pink and Carey are the most adorable couple I have ever seen. My 16 year old daughter and I absolutely can’t wait until she is in our area for a concert because will definately be up there in the front at her concert. For anyone who thinks she is to masculine looking or that she works out to much,you are entitled to your opinion but she is also entitled to work out as much as she wants and she is happy with her body and so is her husband,if she were overweight you would be complaining about that too, I for one am getting really tired of seeing overweight people in revealing,ill fitting clothing everywhere I go. My entire family is blessed with good genetics as far as being thin but if I wasn’t I know for a fact I would be hitting the gym to lose weight. I know there are people that have medical problems that cause them to be overweight but our nation is gaining weight at an alarming rate and it’s not because all of them have an illness. I myself have asthma and take steroid based medication and alot of people with severe asthma gain weight because of the medication and that makes the condition even worse. I would love to have Pink’s body and i’m sure alot of others out there would too.

  30. ADRIANA***

    I bet half the people who are making fun of Pink are suppper fat……. it suks if you look like jessica simpson your fat and if you look like pink then your a man wtf everyone needs to shut up stop making fun of someone who is talented and look at yourself before you judge someone elses body

  31. ADRIANA***

    I bet half the people who are making fun of Pink are suppper fat……. it suks if you look like jessica simpson your fat and if you look like pink then your a man wtf everyone needs to shut up stop making fun of someone who is talented and look at yourself before you judge someone elses body

  32. haha

    “”My 16 year old daughter and I absolutely can’t wait until she is in our area for a concert”"

    ah, white trash family time

  33. soahc

    I know this type. Pink’s body type. I had a girlfriend like her. This girlfriend I suspected when we first met was a tranny. Then I met her three children. Then I banged her.

    The body type like Pink’s is, I theorize, the result of two things:

    A: Alteration of genetic code or endocrine system due to the use of birth control. Have you seen the side effects of some pills? “Androgenic” effects are common. In women such effects are very pronounced. Women respond more drastically to steroids for instance. Their jawlines increase more drastically, just look at female bodybuilders compared to male bodybuilders. Pink may have taken birth control form a young age. Her mother may have taken a lot of birth control before getting pregnant with her, or after, when breast feeding (many women are addicted to birth control.) Pink may have even taken steroids or growth hormone at some point.

    B: Pink may have ALMOST been born a man. That means that her young fetus may have been a male fetus up until just before the point of no return, then switched to becoming a female fetus. This would give her male characteristics like high testosterone, low estrogen, etc.

  34. uhmduh

    First of all, it’s a costume, people. It’s worn for the shock value. Clearly it worked. When on a stage like this, the singers are not the ones dressing themselves – a costume designer is. It’s part of the singers job to wear it, though I will admit they have some say, but not enough to matter. So on THAT note, she is a serious person dedicated to her art. Honestly, I love Pink’s form. She’s a strong, athletic woman who could probably flounce most of the men in this commentary debacle and not break a sweat. The woman has confidence and grace and don’t we all wish we had it? Far better than the skin and bones models I see on a majority of magazines these days (anorexia ahoy!).
    Third, what makes it okay for Beyonce to wear a leotard and gyrate with her legs spread for nearly every one of her videos and not so for Pink who is wearing essentially the same thing but is showing less skin? Point – Neither woman picks the costumes they wear. They’re both talented in their own ways. If Pink really ‘sucked’ like some of you think, she wouldn’t be famous.

    Also, make up does wonders. It can either transform you into a gorgeous woman where otherwise you’d look like a shrew, or if used appropriately can detract from femininity and make one look masculine. See cross dressing films with Dustin Hoffman and Patrick Swayze if you don’t believe me. Or the magazine that features Celebs without their make up. For the record, Miley Cyrus is not so pretty without. Pink is gorgeous either way.

    Pink wins. The end.

  35. gianna925

    It’s a shame that Pink took away from her credibility, beauty and talent by showing more than she needed to. It is best to leave some things to the imagination. Big mistake on her part.

  36. soahc

    I just watched some interviews of Pink on youtube. She’s fucking gorgeous. A beautiful strong woman. When I am famous, I’m going to steal her away from that motocross rider.

  37. Rachel

    I’ve always loved Pink, she’s got a gritty earthiness to her voice and her personality that projects into her music and her stage presence. As to this costume, I’m not complaining because to me, the body is a work of art. To get into this supremely good condition, she had to dedicate the time and the work, and I admire her for that. I wish her the best in her career and in her life.

  38. Hannah

    WOW. This is really horrible looking! It’s so out of character for Pink: we usually love and respect her punk rock appeal– but this? TOTAL rip off of Britney from the Toxic video (I think that was the one..) and really? Pink DOES look preeeetty masculine, guys.

  39. Becca

    I thought that was a picture of a transvestite or a transexual. No wonder Cory wants a divorce! I wouldn’t want to wake up to THAT every morning! NASTY!

  40. Becca

    No wonder Cory wants a divorce! Who would want to wake up to THAT every morning, costume or no costume? She looks like a transvestite.

  41. Fern

    Her body is awful! Zero hips like a guy and zero boobs. Like a guy. And heavy thighs. ugh, horroble body.

  42. I think she is hot. I don’t care how she looks. I love her music

  43. Laura

    wow, she has a boys body………….weird? dang!

  44. Carrie

    You guys need to quit hating on Pink…I just saw her show last night and she is absolutely amazing! She gives you way more than your monies worth…she can sing…perfectly….beginning to end…she has such incredible energy and enthusiasm…This glittery ensemble you all are dissin’ her for? It was b.e.a.u.tiful when she wore it for that part in her show. Do I think she’s a lesbian or a dyke because of her body shape and a glittery private area? Uh, No. Am I a lesbian? Uh, No. I think she is a beautiful, talented, strong young woman who gives her all to her work and her fans in her shows. I think she is quite girly and that huge boobs does not a woman make. If I’m not mistaken, most girls have smooth girly parts…if there’s a bulge, uh, there might be a problem. Look at the person as a whole…not the sum of her body parts as you think they should be. Pink…You go girl ;)

  45. Pink is a beautiful but something she’s wearing is really none of my business.

  46. Pink is a beautiful but something she’s wearing is really none of my business.

  47. Pink is a beautiful but something she’s wearing is really none of my business.

  48. Pink is a beautiful but something she’s wearing is really none of my business.

  49. Pink is a beautiful but something she’s wearing is really none of my business.

  50. Tom

    Popoholic: where the douchebags come to play!

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