Pink seems like an interesting fellow

September 17th, 2009 // 285 Comments

Here’s a practically naked Pink kicking off her tour at KeyArena in Seattle Tuesday night, and you have to respect a woman person for wearing an outfit with a sparkling 70s bush. And by respect I mean cry in the corner because you started to get an erection looking at Androgyno the Sequin Robot here.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Kimberlee

    wow first

  2. poopster

    wow shes pretty hot for a dude

  3. poopster

    wow shes pretty hot for a dude

  4. Katie


  5. Girly

    Gross Dyke. Pink, Madonna and Tori Spelling are the nastiest celebrities.

  6. joe blow

    That makes my penis sad….

  7. Body by Jake

    There’s has to be a point where the working out and dieting has to stop, I think Pink passed that point during one of it’s crunches…

  8. NooOo

    NoOOoO…pink you are too talented to be wearing something gross and trashy like this. I rather you duct tape your nipples then this shiet.

  9. Pilatunes

    Holy shit, never mind the body…does her face look masculine in those photos or what?!

  10. tomorrowsparty

    Gozer the Gozerian, the traveler, the conqueror has come. Choose your fate!

  11. amanda


  12. Cross Your Legs

    I love Pink because she is all real and she’s comfortable with her body and works hard to stay fit. At least she is not looking like a soft porn whore like Beyonce’s video and how she spreads her legs wide like a stripper.

  13. mar

    Pink is way cooler than any of you. She is fantastic.

  14. mike

    I would let that hit me

  15. freeside

    he rook rike a man

  16. Pink

    Oh come on, really dissing people on the looks? Did everyone forget how amazing she is? Sure britney spears can be pretty when she isn’t 5ft under hill billy clothes, but have you really ever heard britney spears sing live??

    Pink Sings live, flips from ropes in the air, LIVE. You can even hear sometimes when she hits something hard, she makes an “UMPH” noise. She keeps it real, instead of lip syncing to her own voice, filled with different types of synthesizers to make her voice not what it really is.

    Reguardless of how bad people may think she looks here, Who fucking cares what she looks like, she’s more talented than half of you boy’s on here’s left nutsack. Sorry but it’s true ^_^

  17. It’s a shame I can’t rub one out to her because she really can sing and I admire that. Too bad I’m 99% positive she’s using the tuck rule.

  18. amanda

    i have never met a talented nutsack, or a pretty one.
    your comparison makes no sense.
    tomorrowsparty on the other hand, it right on :D

  19. tomorrowsparty

    I totally have to agree with Amanda on this one.

  20. spaceyQQQ

    Bill Idol rules!

  21. It's Me Fuckers

    Pink rocks!! I can almost picture a cock on her. But you wouldn’t even be able to tuck and tape one out of sight in this outfit. BTW, she’s HOT.


  22. huh?

    @16: Does that mean that half of boys on here have a left nutsack more talented than Pink?

  23. ROUGH daddy

    You sure this is not the Ken doll Fish use to play with…

    Now this is a case where I advocate “silly”cones. a saggy Double D’s will be great on a bod like that. I’d be careful putting my head between those inner thighs though…

  24. eww, where are the boobs?

  25. Hugh Gentry

    no doubt Pink should have been born with a cock

  26. Lovinthepink

    Pink @16, she does look masculine here, but I agree with your assessment. She is someone I’d like to see live. And then be seduced by…

  27. frank

    “Pink Sings live, flips from ropes in the air, LIVE. You can even hear sometimes when she hits something hard, she makes an “UMPH” noise. She keeps it real…”

    She’s a buffoon.

    And how does someone take pics of her in THAT, and NOT get an ass shot?

  28. paul

    Wow! who cut off Billy Idols cock?

  29. markonius maximus


  30. ...

    David Bowie?

  31. ...

    @ 10. tomorrowsparty – September 17, 2009 5:22 PM
    “Gozer the Gozerian, the traveler, the conqueror has come. Choose your fate!”

    L-O-L!! That has to be the funniest line I’ve read in weeks :) I bow to you sir/ma’am

  32. blood

    I’ve seen more feminine looking shemales.

    She’s either on the ‘roids or she was born with waaaay too much testosterone.

  33. Nameless

    Pink and Lady Gaga could pretty much wear absolutely nothing and still be f’ugly as hell.

  34. gosh darnit

    nigger is the new pink

  35. John Prime

    All I can think of is AIM FOR THE FLAT TOP!!!!!!

  36. Tofu

    Pink is talented, writes, plays, and sings her own music. She’s au natural and comfortable in her skin and speaks her mind. She’s vegetarian and looking fit.

  37. jake_ryan_hot

    So I guess Corey Hart is into trannies.

  38. deedee

    I guess there’s no carpet downstairs, just linoleum.

  39. aprilstp

    Pic #5…those poor people in the audience look like they don’t know what to think.

    Yeah, she’s fit and talented, but that outfit is not what folks want from her, lol. Just sing and wear a skirt!

  40. Angela

    Dude. That’s a dude.

  41. aprilstp

    Pic #5…the poor audience look like they don’t know what to think…

    Yeah, she’s fit and talented, but I don’t think that outfit is what folks want from her. Just sing and wear a skirt!!

  42. Baldy

    Is that Gozer from “Ghostbusters”?

  43. Baldy

    Is that Gozer from “Ghostbusters”?

  44. Darth

    I know there’re X- or Y-chromosomes or somethin’.

  45. FrankNEarnest

    I thought it was Kiefer Sutherland until I read the text!

  46. Mister Bored

    My penis is confused.

  47. Rhialto

    Luckily she’s smart enough to prove right away she’s a girl.

  48. But seriously – it takes some balls to go on stage wearing that …

  49. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Thats a lotta look. Twat sequins are never a good idea.

  50. missywissy

    She looks like a beautiful ass kicker. Kudos for singing live unlike all the talentless ones that can’t do it.

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