Pink is fat

*pink_thumb1.jpgPink is making no apologies for her video for Stupid Girls, in which she bashes young starlets. “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care,” she said about the possible negative reaction. “I’ve never had a problem being burned alive for my feelings. I feel like so many women have been out there fighting for our independence and our equality and to further our rights, and girls like this come along and wipe out all of our progress and they push this size-zero image that’s unattainable for the average person. No girl needs any more reasons to think that her boobs aren’t big enough (because of) this mindless, unquestioning consumerism. I’m not a professional athlete but I like being fit. But in every tabloid (has been the headline), A Chubby Pink Walking Her Dogs, and I laugh at it because I don’t, at the end of the day, (care) what these people (think),” she said. “They’re not feeding me, they’re not clothing me and they’re not having sex with me … and they’re not my dogs.”

I don’t know what she’s saying here, other than that she may be having sex with her dogs. I generally have a hard time paying attention to girls unless they’re thin and big-boobed and morally ambiguous. And have names like “Candy” or “Peaches” or “Where’s My Beer”. But I’m glad Pink’s around to fight the war against oppression. Because she seems to be losing the war against Twinkies.