Pink loves herself – literally

November 29th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Pink debuted her latest video “Sober,” and before you guys flat line on me from reading those words, she has sexy sex with herself in it. Yup. In a ham-fisted allusion to masturbation, Pink drunkenly gets it on with a scantily-clad clone of herself while some other shit happens that probably makes sense to heroin addicts. What does make sense, is the undeniable moral of the story: If you drink too much, you’ll split into two people and have steamy sex with your doppelganger. — Really?

*chugs bottle of whiskey*

Yes, folks, I am that gorgeous. Also, this doesn’t make me gay.

NOTE: Video after the jump. Good stuff kicks in around 2:25 mark because, honestly, who wants to hear Pink sing? Not counting Randal. (I’m a fan.)

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  1. gianna

    firstly, how can somebody call pink thick? she’s skinny and buff as shit. you said she isn’t a “workout fanatic” when she clearly is.

    second of all, she is fucking HOT. i am a straight girl and i adore the shit out of her – her gravelly sexy voice, her beauty, her bad ass rockstar style.

    love her!

  2. She did a song all about masturbation once, so this doesn’t surprise me, heh.

    Her new album was all “whine whine whine my husband left me whine whine whine”, but I still really like her. She does really great live shows, seems to actually sing for all or most of them, and is a pretty decent role model for young girls who choose to send Ken to fight with their brothers’ G.I.Joes and throws Barbie in the toilet.

    Though I don’t know if I want to see her making out with herself…

  3. Shannon

    P!INK is uber awesome.

  4. Jen

    This video is so oversexualized because that’s the only way she can get anyone to watch it and buzz about it. All her shit sounds the SAME.

  5. AmberDextrose

    #42 totally agree. As interesting as the racial loving bla di bla identity thief posters

  6. Jo

    I’m P!nks greatest fan in S.A. and I think she’ll be even hotter as a lesbian… but alas, she’s straight and will remain that way…

    I Love everything about her no matter how weird some think she may be… And to those asshls who judge her: Remember this – she’s only human. How’d you like to be criticized publically… Karma’s a bitch and your criticism will come back to you 3 fold.

    P!nk ROCKS the WORLD!!

  7. PunkA

    Pink sucks in the worst way. But she is still a rock star, right? Keep telling yourself that Pink. Seriously, you suck as a human. Ugly, nasty, not attractive in any way. Just gross.

  8. Don'tPanic

    Love the shout out to Randal! Lol!

  9. alcmena


    i agree she’s insightful, but she doesn’t sing “How can I feel as good without medicating?”, it’s “But how so I feel this good sober?”

  10. Amy

    I generally like Pink over Britney, Christina, et al (although I think Christina hasthe most potential, just generally has crap material). But I was mildly infuriated to see that Pink named her new album “Funhouse”. Classic album titles should be patented or something. There’s only one Fun House album, and it’s untouchable.

  11. herbiefrog

    are we on the wrong forum ?

    pink… right ?

    oh hang onmg…

    shhh… night babies : ) ) )

  12. Nick

    Amy, you are an Iggy and The Stooges? Oh man, I think I might like you more than Pink.

  13. Pink’s cool. I’ve seen her interviewed on tv before, she seems like a good person.

  14. Mel

    Pinks awesome and richer than all you jealous mutha f&*$@ers

  15. SWEET! Check it out, Pink is hosting an event at Wasted Space Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  16. I’ve loved Pink since she arrived on the scene and brought a breath of fresh air. There have been too many copycats recently. I love that song that’s featured in the car sales ads recently, Bad Influence.

  17. i like her hair.. blonde

  18. it is long time not see her in video clip..

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