Pink loves herself – literally

Pink debuted her latest video “Sober,” and before you guys flat line on me from reading those words, she has sexy sex with herself in it. Yup. In a ham-fisted allusion to masturbation, Pink drunkenly gets it on with a scantily-clad clone of herself while some other shit happens that probably makes sense to heroin addicts. What does make sense, is the undeniable moral of the story: If you drink too much, you’ll split into two people and have steamy sex with your doppelganger. — Really?

*chugs bottle of whiskey*

Yes, folks, I am that gorgeous. Also, this doesn’t make me gay.

NOTE: Video after the jump. Good stuff kicks in around 2:25 mark because, honestly, who wants to hear Pink sing? Not counting Randal. (I’m a fan.)

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