Pink loves herself – literally

November 29th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Pink debuted her latest video “Sober,” and before you guys flat line on me from reading those words, she has sexy sex with herself in it. Yup. In a ham-fisted allusion to masturbation, Pink drunkenly gets it on with a scantily-clad clone of herself while some other shit happens that probably makes sense to heroin addicts. What does make sense, is the undeniable moral of the story: If you drink too much, you’ll split into two people and have steamy sex with your doppelganger. — Really?

*chugs bottle of whiskey*

Yes, folks, I am that gorgeous. Also, this doesn’t make me gay.

NOTE: Video after the jump. Good stuff kicks in around 2:25 mark because, honestly, who wants to hear Pink sing? Not counting Randal. (I’m a fan.)

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  1. Ray

    Pink is the greatest! I love her.

  2. pink sucks! she is so gross… come out of the closet already!

  3. superstar


  4. Ryan the Canadian

    Where did she get that hideous dress from? More money than taste.

  5. Rezz

    Could have done without the granny panties.

  6. booya

    Can’t figure out whether this video qualifies as lesbian or gay, soft-core porn. She is technically a female, so I suppose lesbian, but she’s built like a friggin’ linebacker. So maybe it could be considered “straight”? A butch and a fem version of herself?

    Either way it is disgusting. Pink is gorss.

  7. It’s funny how Pink thinks she’s so much better than the other pop stars she makes fun of. Whether she admits it or not, she’s the same as them. She runs around half naked “singing” crappy pop music just like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera no matter how superior she feels!!

  8. Yeah! Randal would kiss the ass of Lorena Bobbits too if she was in entertainment!

  9. Randal

    As a mother always says, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.


  10. Savalas


  11. ipa_girl

    wow, I can’t believe it, TS mentions the Randal … how gay. now you just have to do exactly the same things as the GW, Fish, do you? because GW does the same with his own personal Daisy, too…

  12. ipa_girl

    do you, don’t you, who cares … *hick*

  13. prettypinkponies

    I take issue with the comment that Pink “sings”. She can sing. Really. TMZ showed me so.

  14. pink sings to stupidest songs

    -click on my name

  15. Katherine

    I honestly consider that if not fully gay, at least she’s Bisexual…I mean…She’s a good artist, but she’s just so odd sometimes.

  16. Jim

    I love Pink! She is awesome.

  17. Balls McCoy

    LOL, Nice job by the super handing out props to Randal.

  18. Mal

    I can never figure out if Pink looks like an albino black chick or not.

  19. ryan you suck ass ha ha ha aha [p.s. love suckpinkl o..x

  20. LivewireT

    LOL @ the Randal shout out

  21. Alex

    @18. I always thought she looked like an albino black chick.

  22. Elizabeth

    Sorry, I never usually comment–but you are all complete idiots. Pink is THE coolest expression of both sexy and tough woman ON the planet, and if you are in any way disgusted or intimidated by what she has to say, or how she portrays her messages via her videos, I would hate to be stuck across the dinner table with you. That’s all I have to say. I love Pink her everything she stands for.

  23. Elizabeth

    Sorry, I never usually comment–but you are all complete idiots. Pink is THE coolest expression of both sexy and tough woman ON the planet, and if you are in any way disgusted or intimidated by what she has to say, or how she portrays her messages via her videos, I would hate to be stuck across the dinner table with you. That’s all I have to say. I love Pink her everything she stands for.

  24. Sarah

    Sometimes when I come to the Superficial, I do a search on each comment page for Randal’s name in order to read his comments, as they’re usually the only ones worthwhile. They always make me smile.

  25. kuk

    pinks fckn awesome!!

  26. kuk

    pinks fckn amazing!!

  27. Kaila

    You guys are idiots. You have no idea what she’s trying to say with this song, because if you did you wouldn’t be making fun of it. She is a lot stronger a person than any of you could ever claim to be and the fact that she is making millions while the rest of you sit and pretend to know enough about her to talk shit is completely laughable.

    Alecia is awesome, you guys aren’t intelligent enough to get that, apparently.

  28. ADIDAS

    I heard that she appeared on a dating community ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM*** with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some singles there. It is amazing.

  29. nicole

    U assholes hating on P!nk are the worst most pathetic fucks ever. Get a life please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. magpie

    Pink is hot! There is something that I just find incredibly sexy about the woman. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I would lez out for her any f’in day.

  31. friendlyfires

    Okay, gang, we’re gonna play a game of F, Marry or Kill
    Here are our choices:
    Madonna, Pink, Britney

    I’ll start – I would F Pink (crazy sex), Marry Britney(crazy money), Kill Madonna(crazy cryptkeeper)


  32. Eva

    I must say, I am also a fan of Randal. He makes me laugh with his praise.

  33. no shit

    Pink: tranny with limp average sized cock, small breasts and the body of an otherwise male teenager.

    Overall, Pink is rather cool dude.

  34. booya

    M – Brit
    F – Pink
    K – Madonna

    IDK, though. Brit really is kind of hotter than Pink, and more feminine.

  35. This is a clear signal for loving others!!
    (primerly girls, folks)

  36. pink makes me feel slightly Lez

    Holy Crap how hot is that…. PHWOAAARRR!!!
    Pink getting it on with Pink…. she’s the luckiest b!tch I know!! She’s damned sexy and I’d tap that for sure…. and….. I am straight….

  37. Adrienne

    Pink is a gay man. How can anyone want to F Pink more than Britney Spears! i am a girl and i would way rather do shit with britney spears she would be way hotter.

  38. Kait

    Pink is awesome, talented, strong, beautiful. You all obviously don’t know shit.

  39. Quinn

    You rock MAN

  40. Vince Lombardi

    Several truths:

    1) Singing: Alecia Moore may be the top female vocalist / songwriters of her generation. Fish, you may not like her music, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got the talent or the pipes. Not many people can pull off the range and variety of genres she has. I watched Christina Aguilera on the AMAs the other night – her montage of seven hits sounded so similar, it was hard to distinguish them as separate songs. Alecia is courageous in her willingness to go different places with her music.

    2) Clothing: The video features some vintage lingerie – corsets, seamed nylons, etc. The thong some of you are clamoring for would have absolutely wrecked the continuity of the costume she was wearing. Sort of like wearing a leather corset and a fishnets with a top hat. Oooops.

    3) Posterior: Face it, folks. Alecia is built… ummm…. different…. than most of your waif-with-basketball-boobs singers (yes, Ms. Aguilera, I’m referring to you). Bottom line, the girl is thick, but not fat. I imagine she chose not to advertise her back end more than she already had to with her choice of clothing. Girl looks outstanding, but she’s not going to be a workout freak like the Cryptkeeper.

    4) Ink: For the first half of the video, I was thinking she got rid of all her tats. Which, I personally find most distracting about her, but it suits the “Pink” persona she projects. So happy me! But as the video continued, it was clear my joy was presumptuous. Oh, well. If that’s the worst I can say about the lady, so be it.

    5) Symbolism: I get what she’s trying to portray here. Alecia’s been struggling her whole life with self-image. She hasn’t reconciled her childhood, and now she’s split from her husband. Hard to love yourself, even in a make-believe rock star video world. Too bad most of you got mesmerized by the pretty pictures and didn’t listen to the message: “How can I feel as good without medicating?” That’s pretty insightful stuff. Name the last performing artist who hasn’t been to rehab six times already who had the courage to examine that part of themselves.

    6) I’m waaay too preachy this morning. Must be Sunday.

  41. havoc

    Eh, Billy Idol on estrogen….

    I’d knock the bottom out of it though, just to say I did….


  42. Esther

    #40 – I automatically skip over shit like yours; long winded, ranting, meaningless, irrelevent. Typically people like you go on and on, blah blah blah blah for hours on end and still don’t say a fucking thing. Just a bunch of wasted hot air. HAND fuckdrip.

  43. Jay

    Pink is a cool gay dude! What is wrong with you people? Aren’t you attracted to gay dudes with minimal talent?

  44. rarebbit

    more of mtv’s over use of apples final cut.

  45. tranny lovers

    Have some class, folks. Pink is a girl trapped in a mans body. Everyone should find that tranny attractive.

  46. Vince Lombardi

    #42 – Clearly, you are not telling the truth. If you truly skipped over posts like mine, you wouldn’t have bothered to reply. Take your ADHD ass and your penis envy and sod off.

  47. onlocash

    7. Kris : I couldn’t agree more
    all her poppy shit is manufactured just like all the rest
    Ooh yeah feel her sexi man paunch

  48. Chris

    If Pink can’t love herself, how can she love anyone else?

  49. OpenSore

    Oh my god! Like she’s the only person in the world dealing with low self-steem & addictions.
    That shit is so pretentious. Deal with your shit alone & if you’re an artist, don’t expect people to sympathize with you just because you write pretty lyrics & cry in your videos. In the end, you’re nothing but a product…that’s music industry baby, so if people here don’t like her music or her videos…that’s life!! She might be good, but not good enough for some of us so…deal with it.

  50. Nick

    I have to admit, I like Pink. She has a kind of offbeat sexiness all her own (and I mean verrrry sexy). And, when she is interviewed, she sounds like she has a brain and thinks about things…pretty rare commodity. I even like some her music, even though I am probably well outside her target demographic. I guess I am trying say I’d love to date her. Pink, are you reading this?

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