Pink and Carey Hart are getting divorced

February 19th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Pink and Carey Hart are calling it quits on their marriage. This explains the pic of Carey Hart getting friendly with the help at Tabu Ultra. Pink’s publicist Michael Schweitzer revealed the news to People this morning:

“Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another,” says Schweitzer, adding, “While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger.”

Allow me to translate: Pink and Carey Hart will continue boning random strangers but now without their wedding rings on. While some might say Pink will technically be boned and not do said boning, I stand by my statement. Feel free to do the math and check your work with the Answer Key at the bottom. The Superficial: We support education.

Answer Key: X = Pink has a penis.

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  1. TS

    omg FIRST!!!!!!

  2. Big

    What will the world do?

  3. Jeremiah

    Can I bone her

  4. grunion

    So Pink is single then ? (pukes in mouth)

  5. p911gt10c

    Good to see Pink back on the market. Somethin tells me she’s a freek in the bedroom.

    Oh and #1, you’re a loser.

  6. Pink

    Girls, he’s all yours. One thing – he whimpers a lot in bed, now.

    • ROB

      I just happen to see this news post looking up some old info I couldn’t remember. I know most of these post are 4 years old, and I don’t have time to read past the first page, but PINK, CAREY I feel bad people had said sh8t like this. I never read, nor give attention to the media, they never have all the info, or are even halfway right. Entertainment is a crazy business but one hell of a ride. I know both of you have already moved on to other bad publicity since this event years ago. I just couldn’t leave this with all negative comments so here is your positive one. Keep doing your thing until your just so dam old you can’t do anything at all anymore, and when that happens sit back and have someone do it for you. Pink let everyone talk sh8t about you cause while their sitting at home, we’re remixing your sh8t live in the clubs with everyone that made it. Do your thing.

  7. So they are parting ways and spreading their herpes love? Nice!

  8. Judd G

    She seems to be getting better looking as time goes on…..I think I’d do her (that’s really not saying to much though)

    And yes, #1 you’re a loser!

  9. herpes was supposed to be striked out. Strikes don’t work in these comments I guess.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    I think they fought about who the man was in the relationship. Quite the opposite of Tom and Katie.

  11. TS

    Good to see p911gt10c is still a complete retard. Something tells me he’s got way more than that “one homosexual fantasy” if he thinks Pink belongs on any market other than pork bellies.

  12. norton

    As far as “pink” goes…. how can she pretend to be so hard core when her first major hit was the disco based “Get the Party Started”? Followed by such hard edged disco (literally) as “Lady Marmalade”?

    It’s clear that the public is about as musically cunning as a rat turd. And apparently just as interested in the turds turned out by the music “industry”.

  13. Pink rhymes with dink.
    Coincedence? I think not.

  14. oh no! and I thought this was the one celebrity couple that would last! Or not! The key to staying together is not being famous!

  15. Tits McGee

    Yea! She’s gay! Maybe her and Oprah will finally get together. may-december, oreo?

  16. sweet

    Both of them should go to This is the best singles club for millionaires and celebrities. Charlie Sheen found his match there.

  17. Auntie Kryst

    Jennifer2 did you happen to check if their profiles have been updated on

  18. Ted from LA

    This is really bad news. I imagine it is even worse for people who have actually ever heard of either of them.

  19. Anal Fistula

    weird pic, fish. that’s actually the least mannish pic i’ve seen of pink in a while…you can’t even see “her” huge penis bulge

  20. D. Richards (Grip.)

    Disheartening news.

    Pink and Carey were such the perfect homosexual couple.

  21. The Office Whore

    Awwww! They’re still bff’s???

    Maybe they’ll shop for ‘single and sassy’ bumper stickers together..

  22. dude

    Re: Pink In that last pic

    Damn, you could show a movie on her gums. Too much gum is a major turnoff. Like my slut sister in law, Sandy.

  23. sneelok

    I’ve always had a weird thing for Pink. Shes a little scary but shes probably a freak in bed. I like her music, too.

    Anyways, a lot of lesbians think that her marriage to Hart was just a beard. Just like Tom and Katie, but not as obvious.

  24. pinky_nip

    She looks like the kind of person who doesn’t even have the common decency to give a reach around.

  25. Lesbian


  26. Miss Pritchard

    “Coincedence? I think not.”

    Quite correct. It’s “coincidence.”

  27. T.C.

    Only steers and queers come from Las Vegas, Mr. Hart, and you don’t much look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down.

  28. Sipowicz

    Plus which, she’s a jew. Ugly, loud, lesbian, PETA fanatic…AND killed our Savior. What’s not to like?

  29. juniper

    what a surprise the bitch and the wigger couldnt get along!

  30. Ted from LA

    “Plus which?” What the fuck is that? Write in your native language. We’ll figure it out. Is it difficult to imagine this woman weighing 220 pounds and in line at McDonlds with her two ugly kids?

  31. RCA

    GOOD! Maybe now she can get back to the music that put her on the map and away from this skater punk pop shit that she’s been spittin. I’m a BIG fan of Pink…she needed to drop this clown a long time ago – it’s not like he’s been faithful!

  32. Al Sharpton

    #30 it’s an NYC colloquialism, you left coast fag.

  33. stephanie

    Pink is a hypocrit and I really can’t stand her. I have always said the following… so this is not just because of her picture…
    She talks about “fake” girls and the fake hair and fake tans and all that.
    Well guess what, Pink? You’re not natural girl. There are different types of “fake” different types of “hot.” Pink dyes her hair, wears lots of make-up, and shows off her body.

    She’s no different than the girls she wines about.. she just has a different persona. Ugh, she gets on my nerves.

  34. deaconjones

    She looks like a tranny

  35. #28 – Really? You are using the “Jews killed Our Savior” line. Can we not just grow the up? The Romans killed Christ, Jesus was a Jew, and his argument was with a small group of Jews, not the entire Jewish people.

  36. amma

    There are a couple of Pink songs I’ve liked. Yeah I get she’s a rebel and wants to separate herself out from the usual video vixens. I think that’s what she’s trying to say. Yeah she wears make-up, etc., but she’s not going under the knife. Right? Whatever, that’s cool. And I agree that she is getting better looking with age–and though she doesn’t want to be judged on that, that is the biz she is in and she has cultivated a look. Okay, blah, blah. But you know what? She is such a guy!!! A woman-man!! And as to “we’re still going to be best friends”…uh, NO YOU’RE NOT!. Never happens or only lasts until he gets a new gf who, wow, we never saw this coming—doesn’t want him hanging with his ex. BTW, the stripper he was hanging with looked totally like Pink. And there is no such thing as “the break up was mutual.”

  37. Haha, amma, you sound like my ex’s fiance, who doesn’t want us to be friends anymore. And, you are right, we pretty much aren’t anymore. But I hate gender categories. So what if she seems a little more masculine than most? Why do girls or boys have to fit into neat little boxes?

  38. james

    yeah.. two guys should’t mary in the first place anyway..

    nah I’m kidding… but not about the fact that she’s really a guy.

  39. Pontius Pilate

    Really #35, really Seriously you want to go there? I gave those hymies a choice, and washed my hands of it. How dare you impugn the Roman Empire. I should make you toss my Ceasar salad. Why don’t you go iron my tunic bitch and suck my biggus dickus!

  40. Keeping it Real

    #33 Stephanie:

    Pink was talking about permanent things like cosmetic surgery. Make up and hair dye are temporary.

  41. 39 – Really intelligent. FYI – I’m in seminary. We do a thing called historical criticism. Pilate was actually a very cruel leader who wouldn’t have thought twice about offing someone. More than likely, he never “washed his hands” of anything. Also, Jesus was a Jew and his opponents were a small group of people who were Jewish and had a legit problem with a man going around claiming to speak for God, not the entire Jewish people. Now, can all the racists please shut up?

  42. redsonja1313

    Not surprised, but was holding non to the deluison they might actuallky make getting married young and celeb-status work in thier favor.. In hindsight I see the ridiculousness of that !!!

  43. Racer X

    She has a long torso.

  44. null

    Tabu Ultra! lol!
    man, that rules! trying to come up with a fancy stage name when you have 3 brain cells… like coming up with “pink”!

  45. MrS

    HaH! a Year ago this week on my birthday I ran into Pink at Hyde Parke Cafe and told her I wasn’t a fan of hers. She didnt think it was too funny… lol I laughed.

  46. Geoff

    i would like to also be placed in the “Boning” line. :-) ask me if i care she is 1/2 Jewish…she is HAWT. how many of these posters have all these pop hits & a banging body ?

  47. Molly

    Omg there are people on here that have conversed with Jesus !!

  48. Igottabemeeee

    And people that have conversed with Pink! Even bigger!

  49. Tapeworm

    Look, Pink does not have a penis, it (Pink) just looks like a fucking pig. Sooooweeee, sow-lady!

  50. CMan

    Good Job Carey, It’s to bad it took 2 years to find out she’s a lesbian. But juding by the photo of you in Vegas, you in good hands…

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