1. Anna

    omg..such a sexy grab….))
    so wrong.. a child should not have sex!

  2. kiki

    well , he’s not a child … he’s 17 years old. She’s 19. They’re not childrens anymore !

  3. SoYeah

    Selena really brought the slut out last night. Approve.

  4. Dank

    and then they went home to have gross Disney sex.

    How does that bastard get a girl like that? God damn she’s hot.

  5. Dank

    kiki she’s not 19 yet.

  6. yeaa

    17 is still a child.

  7. Crabby Old Guy

    Bet she would grow a better mustache than him.

  8. Richard McBeef

    Awkward boner

  9. tasha

    anyone else notice that they have like the exact same nose and similar eyes and lips? they look creepy alike when she doesn’t have makeup on

  10. kiki jakens

    i see him ugly now
    if u look very closely you”ll know what i’m talking about

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