1. Cock Dr

    When I see a tall skinny gal with narrow hips and knockers the size of TX it’s safe to assume that they’re store bought.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Hello, angel from heaven

  3. Padro

    It’s sad that she is 20 years old.

  4. Little Tongue

    The body looks good but that face is weird. Almost creepy.

  5. Moshie Goldstein

    What is it? She doesn’t appear to be human, what type of animal is this?

  6. Iam OK

    Without her fake tits she would look like an Argelian street beggar.

  7. singlecell

    Without her fake tits she would still look amazing.

  8. Action

    In Avatar 2, the Navi fight to protect their land from another tribe on Pandora: the Zahia.

  9. Lou Braccant

    White Beyonce?

  10. Anderson Pooper

    Is she still spreading it for the wealthy dignitaries? I’m neither of those things, but I do have a substantial deposit I’d like to leave with her. Or on her.

  11. Shark

    Wow, with that face, definitely doggy-style…

  12. Sprmcandy

    W o W !!

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