1. “Listen, I have no idea, OK? All I know is that they were here a minute ago, Vanessa’s gone, and I really can’t afford to be any more feminine than I already am. Just send the goddam officer, will ya?”

  2. Frank Burns

    * scratch, scratch, scratch * aww dammit, I’m all itchy in my down-below! Where’s this week’s tube of Vagisil?

  3. GeneralEmergency

    “Ummmm…Three. Maybe four. Is that good or bad?”

  4. Whatthewhat

    Hey Zac, can I help you with that?

  5. Nahuel

    First of all I would really like to give him a hand (literally). Second of all… do people know men? We do that all the time! And then he probably sniffed his hand!

  6. “Keep talking…I’m about there… Oh…Oh Yeah!.. That was great! Thank you… What?… I love you too mom. Give dad my best.”

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