1. FIRST?! My God, my life wins!
    LiLo must have superpowers if she can still land film roles. Superpowers of some sort or other. Say no more.

  2. Laurali

    What a liability she would be. There is no way a major studio is going to invest in bringing her on board. The cost of the insurance would be ridiculous. My guess is after this latest scandel they will either pull the plug or say she was never in contract.
    Seriously–WHO IS handling this girl? There is NO WAY anyone who has had to deal with the issues she has had to endure would steal a necklace. Who was this “friend” of hers with her when the theft occured? Isn’t it possible that the so called friend told Lilo it was borrowed? Come on, agents are typically the people who take care of the borrowed jems, I highly doubt she would even know the process. The people that she is surrounding herself with are leading her down the wrong path. Selling her out to every rag they can. INCLUDING her parents. The chick obviously has some serious mental issues. She needs a legal guardian appointed by the court or a rehab center that will address these scum bags that are bleeding her dry. No, she isn’t innocent but my god–she was a child actress with no rules. I honestly don’t think she has ever been taught how real people live. To bad the courts can’t hold some of these friends and family members who are supposedly watching out for her accountable too. Sad. this girl never had a chance with the parents she had.

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