1. Napoupi

    You can see very clearly the scar left by her boob job, on this pic. o_o

  2. ummmm

    breast lift not boob job. she’s real

  3. Donald Trump

    One word – hyphenated……Flap-jacks!

  4. jt

    she’s not 80. she had a full-on boob job — albeit a very tasteful and tasty one. and yes that is a scar

  5. theyarefake

    Your boob radar is not as good as you think, She had implants about 3 years ago (at least) when she was first in the public eye, she has an unusual shaped chest, then she had the work done, still doesn’t look alll that good.

  6. bassackwards

    Come on… who really gives 2 shits about her fat ass…….is she even relevant anymore? Was she ever really relevant to begin with?

  7. whatevs

    is that a wig?

    • Wow

      doesn t look like, doesn t it ? LMAO she s a natural blond !!!

    • the crazy betty

      i love the nappy head at the back under the fake pony tail. it looks really weird. and what’s up with the scary monster hand in this pic.

  8. WhiteGoddess

    Why is she still trying to be something she’s not? Obvious wig, bleached skin, FAIL.

  9. NotFan?YouALyingMutha

    These comments are ugly and unnecessary
    As Keri said “Envy is the ugliest trait(NEVER DO IT), Get yourself together DONT HATE!” Who cares if Beyonce had a boob job? ITS HER BODY! She is beautiful. Not perfect, not a god, but a human being WITH FLAWS(and im sure we all have flaws)….Even if you aren’t a fan why attack O_o Lets stop throwing daggers people…

    • the crazy betty

      i just love the people who get on these boards to preach to everyone and tell us all how to act. you are doing to the people exactly what you’re telling people not to do. clown.

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