1. cracker

    …. NOT attractive!

  2. Topher

    Well I should have suspected she had implants… Nice scar…

  3. Nug

    Even her sideboob was over-exposed.

  4. Nil

    bad scar

  5. HackSaw

    Needs introduced to my full-frontal penis.

  6. suck it

    that isnt a scar, but still a tell tale sign she still has implants. It is the breast tissue on top and the implant underneath. She had them put under the muscle. Looks good and fooled me (and i usually have great implant radar) until now.

  7. milkcerealbaby

    Crazy in Love….with saggy titties

  8. Alexa713

    Mayne Yall Are Quick To Think Somethinq . Ugh This The Same Thing They Said About Kims Kardashians Ass . & It Was Real , Uqhh . I Hate People Dhat Believe Every Think They Hear . Yall Dont Know How She Got Dhat So Dont Judge Dam

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