1. I am not a big Beyonce or Jay-Z fan but come on guys……………..we are all human and have flaws…………….Lifts, tucks..whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Gurl is doing her thing and I ain’t mad at her!

  2. stop ……………………didn’t you have a pimple you tried to cover up last week before you went to work at Jiffy oil lube!

  3. guesswho

    It is obvious that she knew these photos were being taken. Check out the cameras in the rear and the very obvious poses duh!!!!! Just cant believe she thought they were publish worthy. She is not as tight as you would think.

    • haters

      uh ya think? she’s posing for a photoshoot dumb dumb but there were tons of fans taking pics as well below hence the heart she gave them. should she not do her job and sit on the net and post jealous comments like you?

  4. WhiteGoddess

    Beyonce is the type that can’t get by without a personal trainer. This was a waste of time and effort, she’s not in shape. That dress belongs on a real model, a woman that is thin with curves. Beyonce is just big all over, never thought she was pretty or built well.

  5. haters

    Beyonce looks AH-MA-ZING!!! No boob job just skin creases haters. @whitehater – of course you’d think that since I’m sure she’s shitting on you in every way. keep hating hater!

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