1. eggs=scrambled chicks

    Self absorbed
    Nice dress though

  2. Heil Titler!

  3. side boob AND armpit vagina! is there anything beyonce can’t do?

  4. ChonchArcola

    “I got 99 problems but my bitches tits ain’t one”-Jay Z

  5. Lettuce

    This is not the sideboob I was looking for :(

    Move along, move along.

  6. CHoc Donut

    Her face has a nice structure. Other than that, she’s a fugly black woman with a blond weave, which screams either insecurity or sellout. She’s matched perfectly to her no-talent except for cheating idiots out of money grunting husband.

    • WhiteGoddess

      Her face is the work of surgery. And yea she’s VERY insecure. I will never understand why black, latino, asian, etc women try in vain to sport the blonde. They just need to stop, it looks RIDICULOUS.

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