1. Snoop Aardvark

    Bitches love stoners.

  2. hahahahaha!!! that stoopid assed outfit… hahahahahaha

  3. Mitch

    WTF is he wearing? He ass must still be sore from his latest reaming by Usher and he needs room for the swelling.

  4. So who wears the pants in this relationship?…
    Question answered.

  5. What the fuck is he wearing? He’s such a little asshole.

  6. I can’t respect any woman that gets with him

  7. she is a pretty girl, far better looking than selena. I applaud her lesbian persuasion early in life, will save her time.

  8. His ugly head is huge.

  9. And in every picture like this, there’s a black guy in the back, saying it all with his eyes….

  10. bieberhater

    Why is the little fuck head always raising his eyebrows?

    • It’s the classic douchebag eyebrow lift frequently performed by overpaid “celebrity” fucktards. Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are the masters of this maneuver.

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