1. WoodyWoodman

    somehow, a sparkling january jones in a bikini makes twilight suck even harder

  2. schism

    And diamond-form Emma Frost still looks terrible. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson from Origins, but – hahaha, Hollywood learning something! I can’t believe I said that.

  3. Leelou

    Actually I think the diamond look was BETTER in Origins. It’s kinda a hard look to pull off in reality. Its ok but I am not quite sure about the movie and some of the characters in general. Kinda an odd mix but oh well, still looks fun.

  4. Jim Jones

    Ah, X-Men. Seriously, how does someone mutate/evolve into turning into diamonds, or stone, etc.? The X-Men has to have the most absurd characters and premise in comic books EVER.

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