1. I find this report highly erroneous. As a high level Scientologist, Will smith is cootie-proof. Topless women have no effect on him. Oh wait, that was your point. Carry on.

  2. Of course he’s ignoring the half-naked chicks at the beach, he knows what Jada would have done to him later (aka jealousy flogging, and/or stealing their phone numbers from his cell when he wasn’t looking).

  3. “Will, look’it this! It’s a picture of my penis. I’ve never seen it myself of course because of my enormous gut. But I thought you might want to see a picture of it. I’m talking about my penis of course, because obviously everybody can easily see my enormous gut that I’ve chosen to expose at the beach despite the fact that you, a chiseled actor are wearing a shirt.”

  4. JC

    “Dude, that’s the best picture of an adult man lying on my daughter’s bed that I’ve seen so far this week!”

  5. Definitely married as he’s more willing to take picture with beer gut man than topless 17+ pussy. Pussified by Jada, 2014

  6. “Will, could you take a ‘selfie’ with me? People don’t believe me when I say I have black friends.”

    “Sure thing, Senator Paul.”

  7. suck it cleveland! suck it miami!
    hes here with us in IBIZA!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dox

    This picture just screams desperation.
    Tits out, hand up, expression on her face is almost pleading.

  9. kulta

    This picture just screams desperation.
    Tits out, hand up, expression on his face is almost pleading.

  10. Only a gay scientologist would ignore a topless Emma Watson.

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