1. MILF

    What a classy and age-appropriate outfit for the Kids’ Choice Awards, Kim! Are you going to wear a white sheet and pointy hat for the NAACP awards too?

  2. An open letter to Nickelodeon:

    Look, I don’t have kids, and I generally don’t give a damn about kids. But even I know that parading around sluts who shot and released sex tapes (notice the plural) just for the express purpose of stirring up preteen deification in little girls, all so Nickelodeon can sell more commercial time, will earn you your own circle in hell. May all of your daughters, wives and mothers release their own sex tapes, you human slime.

  3. The styling of the belt hides the titanium reinforcement nicely.

  4. Nickelodeon’s theme for the Awards: “Sell your sex tape, and you don’t actually have to have talent.”

  5. sideshow_bob

    you see what i mean?

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