1. reformed_druid

    “Teen Choice Awards”, why would you let your kids watch these air headed, no talent, famous for nothing, women in the first place. They are trash one and all.

  2. Paris Hilton showing off her “it will always be year 2000 to me” look.

  3. “And the winner for Most Positive Pap Smears goes to…”

  4. Jovy

    She forgot her Klan hood and robe.

  5. Coke is fun, kids. It’s slimming.

  6. sideshow_bob

    kids love sex tapes.

  7. Olya

    She soooo didn’t write that. Her usual reaction to any sort of drama, from the whole two espiodes of the her show I managed to get through, is to say, Like, I can’t deal! and walk out of the room. However, I actually believe the bitch DOES work hard now that she’s got all this trashy shit going on. She’s always doing appearances and photo sessions, taping shows, opening new shitty stores, etc. So the chick really does have to work at it. Did I just defend Kim Kartrashian? Somebody please. Kill me now.

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