1. rickardo


  2. lentista

    i saw her video and it sucks and is lame…

  3. Michael

    When is she gonna ditch this ape? The oxycodone pill business must be booming.


    Staged photoshoots? “Leaked” sex tape? I thought for a second that Spencer Pratt got a tan and Heidi Montag got pretty…

  5. glace neuf

    i think that fake 3some video was speidi passing the shameless staged photo torch to these 2 idiots…

  6. Dogbreath

    Yeah color is good when it’s a tan!! Many blacks have small weenus’s too.
    They are surprised when they see mine swinging at the gym then realize everything is exposed without the media to boost their ego!! Lol!!

  7. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Any idea when the movie will come out?

  8. Dogbreath

    Ask Rick’s Daddy ha ha ha!

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