1. Blech

    Toxo, there’s supposed to be only one kid at a time on the swing. You’re doing it wrong. Two people are only allowed on the same swing in pornos.

  2. Helen36

    People critisize her and in many ways,I get that (she went through invitro voluntarily even though she┬┤s single,she wanted a big family etc)..But,Id like to see how many women on their own could have any sanity left after just a week looking after 14 kids,8 of which are TODDLERS..all the same age.
    Its insane-madness.Sleepless nights,constant crying and screaming,no intimacy,a perpetually messy house,the chaos,the noise,the choures (washing,cooking,cleaning,bathing,bedtime etc etc etc).How many women can honestly say that all would be fixed with just a glass of wine once the kids are in bed??
    The kids life isnt going to be great..but hers in totally in the shitter now too.What man in his right mind will ever want to be with her? What kind of life does she have? Just imagine it for a seond.She made a bad choice and she has her regrets,but cut her some slack people,her situation SUCKS on so many levels.Children are blessings,I have 3 and I love them to death,but we arent supposed to have litters or herds of them at a time and Im sure that even the worlds best mother would fail once she was left alone to provide and care for 14 kids all by herself.As a mother,I can relate to the crazy,lost look on her face,because I know how I feel after a day looking after 3,so my hat goes off to her for getting to the end of each day without taking an overdose.

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