1. Turd Ferguson


  2. walnut

    if she only had a different face…

  3. Meet the new face of Uncle Sam. We’re doomed.

  4. still hit it

    jack daniels doesn’t make enough whiskey to make her look good

  5. Famous Plastic

    Ugh, the super pulled plastic surgery tummy always grosses me out…

  6. You can see “Issues” written all over her face and in those Crazy Eyes!! WoW, Sad, what chance @ a Normal life will these little Tots ever have?? Niente-Zero!!

  7. Bestview

    I guess i am a softie. I do feel she is trying, i don’t believe we have a media anymore that we can trust so more than half of the things we hear about her that sound drasticly disgusting are never true. Nobody has taken the kids away from her,and they would if they saw anything and i mean anything they thought was an issue. Wish her the best and hope the kids were not scared off by the paps and had a nice day.

  8. realitychick

    Poor thing….that’s one UGLY woman.

  9. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace.

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