1. Drew

    Her hand looks like cheap leather.

  2. Dave Smooth

    Exactly what I was thinking…her hand looks like its o on a 90 year old man! Maybe they are some sort of geriatric drug. hahaha

  3. SATAN

    Count me as the 3rd to immediately be repulsed by her hand.

  4. havoc

    The Claw……..


  5. kat

    probably her old person daily vitamins to keep her alive.

  6. She can’t afford manicures? Looks like she just crawled her way out of the grave. BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNSSSSSSSSS….yum.

  7. Jacob

    pills or crack

  8. Wow! she should stay inside with leather skin like that. Fcking gross!!!

  9. surgerylass

    and why does she have black lines under her finger nails ?? Nothing worse than dirty fingernails.

  10. Clamhammer

    That’s just some Geritol. No big deal.

  11. RebelMinion

    Is it just me or does that close up of the “Drug Clutch” look more like the cryptkeepers paw with a deathgrip on a baggie?

  12. Carla

    I can’t believe her nails are filthy!!

  13. Fannii

    yes, absolutely. just her! who always wants to keep her body in shape and make a better lifestyle and live healthier.. she loves candy!!! thats not random, you know hard candy -the album. thats candy, or vitamin. thats all.

  14. danadear

    Wow so fucking filthy. If you look. Mans hands think its that. Nasty leather lesbian fist . Blond butch twat in a barn been fisting brown beasts doing cackback boogy. Madonna you so yuck it looks like she sprawls it other than you or me. Egyptians have like really clean thin hands. Stunny Pharouk has womanly ones and he sure like really effing OLD to be her father! That jewish cunt Mad up a fit guzzled tha whole barrel cobra antidote after drinking bet she was so toxic half corpse shitting all night best she o.d. on spot I hate her. She cant make Egyptian no way how. That botox did her gud. Stab her 100 times.

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