1. Ruckus

    I could just suck the Period right out of that.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    nice baby hole

  3. Worst…upskirt…ever

  4. Fudge Tostada

    Beautiful ass. If she was my girl, she’d never buy another roll of toilet paper

  5. man who eats shit


  6. Ay Dios mio

    “need more voluminous drawers – still dropping my balls”

  7. Jimmy

    You can’t really see what’s going on back there. She’s got killer legs, that’s for sure.

  8. Truthbetold


  9. God

    What only God sees- is the future over the hill Meg Ryan in a tennis skirt> The genitalia wrapped in white plastic can be had at any trailer park, it’s standard equipment for the female model- and I use the term “model” loosely, as in the “model Y” ford

    And yes, I know you all missed me, especially thesuperficial writers knowing God was reading their blog.
    BUT, I have freed up my time granting wishes to sports-team fans, they’ve grown to become the bane of my existance. Sure, I’ll blow a side-wind to help your….what, I was just nodding off.
    So to let everyone know, I have decided to offer up the world a cure for alcoholism and obesity. I’ll have my angels get right on that- 3 months tops, it takes a while to change realities on so many levels to make it work> Then youtube videos, rewrite it all

  10. I’m thinking Arby’s

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