1. Good thing they brought a camera with them.

  2. Jimbo

    Damn Megan Fox is HOT

  3. Mena

    Why isnt she taking the pictures so we can all see her toe thumb?

  4. Bethy

    Let me get a photo. No one is going to believe this….

  5. Jade

    Damn, on premieres she looks like a blow up fuck doll and she chooses her free time to actually look like she’s worthy of all the beauty praise? Damn Megan, pay attention to the pro’s when it comes to candid pictures. Like…britney spears for example.

  6. boogie

    is that megan fox with Brian Austin Green?

  7. Goblinkatie

    Trailer Trash: You’re doing it right.

  8. dani

    are they really that dumb? they’re not even pointing their camera phone at them… theyre looking at the screen.

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