1. Grinder

    You are joking right? Is this the set of a PORN FILM?

  2. Grinder

    This is STUPID, the outfit gives him FAKE MUSCLES … but if his muscles were really that big he would have a thicker neck.

  3. KC

    The climax of the movie is an epic game of rock-paper-scissors. Superman wins because he has a backup rock in his pants.

  4. Jack

    Good God, what’s he been exposed to THIS time, Dicktonite?

  5. Stewie Griffin

    There is attainable muscle mass and then there is retainable, and within a couple of months after this film wraps up people will understand exactly what I mean.

  6. Aneeda

    Wow! How do I get a hold of some of that “dicktonite”? My boyfriend could use some.

  7. pixigoil

    Mmmhmm. Thanks misters :)

  8. amanda

    Settle down Superman! Everybody knows the super bulge is a Marvel trademark

  9. B

    Mr. Cavill must have assistants that accompany him to the bathroom as his doctor advised him not to lift any HEAVY OBJECTS.

  10. Ugh

    How would Superman even gain muscle mass on Earth? It would be like a normal person living in a world where everything had almost no weight at all. You could be the strongest person in that world and your muscles will still almost atrophy away. Never mind…

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