1. King Diamond


  2. Terry

    Wow, her skin is still flawless. What a shame that she died the way she did.

  3. amanda

    Crack is whack!

  4. Once you go crack, you never come back. Just die already.

  5. Alice

    We lost an amazing singer, I am a brasilian girl who loves great music and her music will never dies. I keep playing her music in my mind. I don`t care what many people say about you, but for min you were a person like every body else, strong and in same situations weak. I will miss you very much, hope you can singer for the ones that were also called by God. My condolencies for your family and hope your daughter can keep you close to her heart.

    Love you whitney

    Alice Martin

    • Whitney reality

      She was a mediocre talent with a few hits who got into some addictions. Quit talking about her like you knew her. Clearly she was in trouble for a long time. Why would you put her on a pedestal like that? She spent the money you spent on her songs on drugs and alcohol. It was her money but stop making her out to be this fabulous person. She was a human being that made bad decisions that cost her her life.

  6. Earl


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