1. Dr. Nappy

    Am I seeing things? Is her hand webbed there?

  2. RHawk

    For those of you who do not know sign language, she is saying, “Will blow you for crack.”

  3. coldsteel

    well she’s dead now, so sobriety is irrelevant

  4. James

    Leave these people alone, you’re part of the problem.

    • To what problem do you refer? Inherent in life on this world are millions of problems from personal weaknesses, diseases, disappointments, poverty…need I go on?

      People like you, who pronounce others “part of the problem” simply because their opinions or actions don’t jive with your own, are a whole problem unto themselves. The medical term for that problem is called “being an asshole.”

  5. Pip pip cheery-o

    Such a fucking waste, because she didn’t have the strength to handle her own life. Sad thing is, will her death teach ANY celebrity a damn thing? Hell no. My prayers to her family but this is just depressingly pathetic. Hope her kids stay off the drugs.

    • Meh

      Her daughter’s a druggie just like her. Just search “Bobbi Kristina Brown”.

    • Sorry, but I need to interject another thought here: I have read many, many posts referring to the fact, or implying, that Whitney Houston “didn’t have the strength to handle her own life…” or “she/they (drug addicts) just wouldn’t/won’t learn…” I even saw an article that was cheering people on to “take a stand to end addiction.”

      People seem to forget that addiction is NOT a life decision. It is a disease.Taking a strand to end addiction would be like taking a stand to end chicken pox!

  6. kayetee

    whatever the cause of her death,,, such a sad loss. She was so talented and beautiful. i hope her daughter and family find peace. She was truly one of our greats!!

  7. kayetee

    and I have to add that posting these photos is SO tacky. The woman was sadly very sick and spreading these pictures is incredibly inappropriate.

  8. Robby Brown

    Does the rest of her crack get divvied up in probate court (assuming it’s not in her will)?

  9. Sad, predictable, and painful.
    She was a real beauty once (hell, she still looks better than The LowHand on these pics) and, although her music wasn’t exactly my thing, she undoubtedly had some epic pipes – once.
    Rest in piece, ma’m. My generation owes you half our makeout sessions.

  10. elaine benes

    Every time Greek Parliament discusses austerity measures, a celebrity dies….

  11. me

    Crack sales plummet 43%…

  12. me

    Wall Street scrambling as crack stock (CRK) falls to lowest levels in over a decade. Millions of black people are losing their “getting old and kickin it paper stacks”.. National Guard ordered to restore order in the ghettos where looting and violence has broke out. In other news Bobby Brown releasing a new book entitled ” Foil or Glass which is Besta.

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